When you think of music production, what digital audio workstation(also known as DAW) do you think of? Perhaps its Ableton, Logic, or maybe even Garageband.

Unfortunately, that list of notable DAWs is only set to keep growing as industry giants continue to grow every day.

Certainly the biggest DAW on the internet right now is FL studio. Everywhere you look from bedrooms to professional studios, FL Studio is dominating the scene. All of this, on the backs of its incredible roster of users and accessibility.

In April of 1998, Image-Line Software would release the initial version of what may be the most dominant digital audio workstation of this generation in FL Studio.

The list of producers and musicians who use FL Studio is star studded. The roster ranging from artists like Avicii, Martin Garrix, Murda Beatz, and so on.

Star Power


Speaking from experience as an artist, when I began my production journey into the world of EDM, I did not have to look very hard to find the first DAW to work in, as some of the biggest names in the scene had already been working in FL Studio for years.

What is perhaps the biggest and most impressive draw for the Image-Line flagship product is the always growing availability for project files.

If you are looking for remakes of popular tracks in the community, chances are the first results on youtube will be projects done in FL Studio, boasting free FLP’s for others to download and learn from.

In an article with DJMag, grime producer Dexplicit stated that most producers who used FL studio lacked the professional studios and often also lacked the know-how for their productions.

“FL allowed us to make music on any PC we had in the household. We didn’t know about compression techniques etc. For instance, Lethal Bizzle ‘POW’ had no compression, EQ or anything. I just balanced the levels and exported it.”



It is that exact accessibility that has contributed so much to the success of the DAW from the early 2000’s on. The aforementioned accessibility can be sourced from both the large availability of FLP’s on Youtube. This includes a few interesting videos.

Digitial media outlet, Future Music Magazine has published videos on Youtube featuring artists such as Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

Since both artists were users of FL Studio, the brand got quite a boost when their careers really started to take off.

The two videos, at the time of writing, have combined for almost 18 million views, and remain the most watched interviews on Future Music Magazine’s channel.

The accessibility certainly doesn’t stop there, with FL getting lifetime free updates to people who have bought the product, as well as a full forum where you can reach support staff, as well as other users, Image-Line has made it quite clear that community is what keeps the DAW afloat.

The trial version of FL Studio came with incredible accessibility, with no time restrictions, no restrictions on exporting, no restrictions on plugin use – the only caveat being that you are only able to load projects after purchasing the software.

Final Points

From the star studded roster, to the unparalleled accessibility, FL continues to impact music. More artists find themselves using FL Studio everyday, like Brooks, Mesto, Julian Jordan, and so forth. One could argue that this pool would be more diluted without the major players and factors touched on above.

As the music industry grows and expands, the popularity of FL Studio will continue to grow.

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