How well did your last release go? Pretty good, ok but could you have done better? Did it flat out, fall on its face? If it didn’t do as well as you’d hoped it would, what do you think went wrong? More than likely, you struggled in some way shape or form with your actual promotion.

Today, we’re going to be discussing how you can setup every single one of your releases for success by implementing a strong and calculated promotional plan. It’s time for you to learn how to promote EDM tracks like a professional.

Before you can start to promote EDM tracks like a professional, you need to learn what a promo plan is.

Promo Plans

Promo plans are exactly what their titles say. It’s a plan that you set up for the actual promotion of your track. There are 2 parts to a successful promo plan:

Pre-release promo – this is all of the promotional tactics that you implement for your track about 2 – 6 weeks prior to the release. I say 2 – 6 weeks because if you sign a track with a record label, sometimes they don’t want to start promoting until 2 weeks or less before the release. However, if you’re self-releasing, I recommend you at least start 4 weeks prior to the release of the track.

Post-release promo – this is all of the promotional tactics that you implement for your track about 2 – 3 weeks after the initial release. The post-release promo is a little bit shorter than pre-release because the hype building is usually where you’re going to collect the majority of your listeners.

However, during post-release, you’re basically giving out fun little easter eggs to your fans, this includes dance videos, music videos, lyrics videos etc. Mostly video content, and mostly interactive for the listener/viewer.

By the time you’re done with your post-release promo, you should start to gear up for another round of pre-release promo; if you’re on the grind and have another track in your back pocket. Now you’re starting to promote your EDM tracks like a professional!

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Pre-release Promo

When it comes to pre-release promotion, you want to make things exciting and hyped. After someone who isn’t already a fan sees your promotion they should think, “OMG I need to hear this track now!!!” If your message does not convey that, then your track is either A. not ready for release, or B. your message isn’t clear.

Your message needs to have a story behind it, show some personality over the lame, “released a new track check it out here!”

Put some thought into your message before you ever even think about posting it. This is what is going to set you apart from promoting your tracks like a professional, compared to looking like an amateur.

Before you can even write your message, you will need to decide what exactly you want to use as promotion. Obviously, before you even make a post you’ll need the cover art. For most of you, this is going to be what you’ll use to do the majority of your promotion.

As stated before, if you’re releasing through a record label find out what their promo plan is, and specifically, when you will receive the cover art for you to use to promote.

If you’re releasing by yourself, I highly recommend you hire a high-end graphic artist that works within the EDM world doing cover art. This ensures that they nail your image with little to no revisions.

Next, you’ll need to decide if you want to create video content for your ad. I would say that you have no choice in doing this, but that would be a bit authoritarian of me. Most content nowadays is moving directly to video, people want to watch a moving picture, especially one with music.

Tik-Tok is becoming one of the most widely used social media apps with well over 1 billion downloads in the app store.

Producers can immediately upload their track to Tik Tok through Distrokid, and millions of dance videos are uploaded to the site every single day.

If you don’t see this as a massive opportunity for your music, then you’re missing the forest for the trees. Find dancers in your scene, videographers, choreographers, whoever they are you need to friend them up immediately. Either pay them or work out some kind of exchange of services if payment isn’t realistic for you.

Now I would say that a lot of this video content should be used as post-promotion, but you can use brief 10-15 second clips for pre-promotion as well. The point is, nothing hypes people up more than a really good trailer whether it’s a video game, movie, TV show, festival, or even your music. Jump on the bandwagon and start creating video content for your music for the world to see.

In addition to creating video content BEFORE your track is released, you’ll also need to submit your track to blogs and/or playlist curators.

These people are constantly bogged down by hundreds of e-mails per day from other people submitting content. So that being said, you need to outshine the rest. You want to submit 3 – 6 weeks before your track is released so that they have time to review your content/track to see if it lines up with their business. I would say submitting 6 weeks might even be a better idea. However, you need to make yourself look worth their while.

If you have a really good track set for release, great cover art, a great music video/dance video, a good lyric videos; basically all the things to make your release look the best. You’ll be 10x more likely to be approved by those blogs. You want to set yourself up for success in these situations, so don’t undercut yourself.

Post-release Promo

Post-release promo is in more of the celebration setting, rather than the tiresome – yet exciting – preparation and hype that comes with pre-release promo. If you want to promote your EDM tracks like a professional, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. When focusing on post-release promo you can be a bit more relaxed, you don’t have to post as often and usually only lasts 2-3 weeks.

This is where you’re going to be posting your big daddy content, music videos, dance videos, videos of fans playing your track, lyric videos.

Are you starting to see the common denominator here? VIDEO CONTENT. Nothing works better with post-release than semi-long-form content like a good music video that you can promote for a couple of weeks and then an additional sing-along lyric video for the fans the next week.

If you’re active on Tik-Tok you can hire some dancers to create a 1-minute long clip using some of the most popular dances on Tik-Tok with your video. Use multiple people, post multiple times throughout the post-release plan and if you’re successful, you will have initiated a firestorm of a new dance routine being shared, re-created, and embraced all throughout the Tik-Toksphere.

on takes work, if you can’t hire someone to do it for you, then you need to set up and tell your own story. Put time and effort into it, and people will see and appreciate the hard work. This is just what you have to do if you want to promote your EDM tracks like a pro!


I’m sure a lot of this sounds fairly convoluted and might be leaving you in a place of, well great I have an idea of the direction I need to go in, but I still don’t know how to put the pieces together. Well, I’ve got you covered, sign-up for my mailing list and you’ll receive a copy of a promo plan that I’ve put together for you. It’s a 10-step guide that will set you up for complete success. Still not enough detail? Check out this episode of my podcast – Electronic Dance Money Episode 019 – 5 Tips to Help You Conquer Track Promotion. In that episode, we cover everything I talked about here in more detail, plus some additional details.

Regardless, if you study the promo plan, this article and the episode I mentioned above, I guarantee that your release will be astronomically more successful than previous ones.

Promotion takes work, if you can’t hire someone to do it for you, then you need to set up and tell your own story. Put time and effort into it, and people will see and appreciate the hard work. This is just what you have to do if you want to promote your EDM tracks like a pro!