How do you get more play for your EDM Tracks? The age old question for musicians! It seems so difficult, yet so many other artists make it seem so easy.

There are a couple of things that drive traffic to an artists track.

  1. They’ve got an established audience
  2. The record label they’ve signed to can do a promo push for them

If you have neither of these, you may feel stuck in limbo. Like there’s no escape from the nasty <1,000 plays you see on your tracks.

So how do you get over this struggle? What can you start doing right now to set yourself up for success?

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More Plays for EDM Your Tracks Through E-mail Marketing

If you’re not sure what e-mail marketing is, it’s pretty simple. It’s a list of people that sign up to receive various updates from you (marketing, tour annoucements, etc.)

This can range from giveaways, to free songs, or even shows that you might be playing in their area, but this is entirely up to you. Think about the retail sites that give you a coupon (20% off your first order) when you enter your email.

Consider your e-mail marketing list as a way for you to get direct access to your target market, or the true fans that want to follow you, immediately. If you have any sort of fan or business page on social media, those sites now require paywalls for you to get in front of your fans.

Even paying your way to your fans doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will see your stuff.

However, if they sign up for your e-mail list, that’s a physical thing that you own. It will be sent to their inbox, and they will have the opportunity to see it.

That doesn’t guarantee that anyone will open it, or even click on anything you put in your e-mail. But, it still gives you the opportunity to get in front of them.

People check their e-mail at least once a day, if not religiously throughout the day. This gives you more than a single opportunity for them to see the things you send them.

Now imagine if you had an email list you’ve been consistently growing for 5 years now. Your e-mail list is now at 20,000 e-mails. You have a new track come out and you send 1 single e-mail to 20,000 people and get 10% of those people to stream your track.

That’s an instant 2,000 streams! Not to mention that those people will probably add your track to their playlists, or share it with their friends, turning them into multiple listens.

If those same people stream your track just twice in 1 week, then that’s 4,000 streams from 1 e-mail!

Get your e-mail list to 100,000 e-mails and you’re looking at getting more plays for EDM tracks right when your track is released!

Want to learn more about e-mail marketing? I have a podcast episode dedicated to this very topic! You can check it out here – Electronic Dance Money Episode 021 – EDM Promo Lists & The Key to E-mail Marketing Part 1

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Promo Plan for Getting More Plays for Your EDM Tracks

Not sure what a promo plan is? It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a promotional plan that you create for your release. It’s everything that you need to set yourself up for success!

Without a proper promo plan in place, your release can struggle.

If your release struggles, then Imposter Syndrome starts kicking in!

As an artist, what exactly should be in your promo plan to prep you for your release?

  1. Cover art for pre-release promotion
  2. Advertising budget for pre-release advertisement
  3. Setup a pre-save link for your track- ask your record label if you sign the track
  4. Video content – dance videos, lyrics videos, etc. – for post-release promotion
  5. Days when you will reach out to blogs/content creators for pre-release promotion
  6. Days when you will reach out to Spotify playlist curators for pre-release promotion

These are just the main elements that can tremendously help your release and set you up for complete success.Interested in learning more about a promo plan? Check out this episode of my podcast, Electronic Dance Money Episode 019 – 5 Tips to Help You Conquer Track Promotion.


If you want more streams, you need to prepare your release and set yourself up for success. It takes work and strategizing to do this. Don’t forget about time!

You more than likely won’t be able to build your e-mail list to 100,000 people overnight. Unless you have thousands of dollars to throw at advertising. Take your time and build your e-mail list one e-mail at a time.

A promo plan should be your bible. It’s the holy grail that will separate you from the amateur, and the real professional. Treat your releases like your job. Don’t fumble your way through it and settle with the, “New track out today! Check it out here!” post. That doesn’t do anything for you!