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Make your track better than great and get your track signed

Make your track better than

great and get your track signed

As a bedroom producer…

It’s difficult to get a good mix

Mixing isn’t always that straight forward. Sometimes you spend hours mixing and mastering trying to get everything balanced with no luck.

It takes forever to finish mixing

Most EDM producers want to do one thing and one thing only… Produce music. But if all you do is mix, when can you write new tracks?

You might not have the skills

Not everyone is going to be the best at mixing. If you’re fairly new to producing, then you might not have the tools or years of experience to know how to mix.

But that can all change… Imagine this:

You’ll get the best mix every time

You get the best possible mix every single time. You don’t have to stress if this mix will make or break your track because it will make it every time.

Mixing takes less than a day to finish

Forget about spending days or weeks trying to finish a mix. You’ll have a fully mixed track ready within 24 hours for you to start sharing.

You don’t need any mixing skills

You don’t need any background in mixing because I have the years of experience you need. EDM mixing and mastering is what I do best.


Click After/Before on the player to hear the difference!

Why listen to me?

You have questions, and I have answers

I’ve been in the music industry for over a decade now. I’ve produced just about every genre as well as mixed and mastered those genre’s 10 times over.

My mixes and masters have released on some of the biggest labels in the industry.

Nothing makes me happier than helping other EDM producers with Electronic Music mixing & mastering.

I have 1 goal and 1 goal only; to help you get your track exactly where you pictured it to be. After we’re finished with your track, I’ll even help you get it signed to a record label.

Hear it from previous clients

Christian is really a pleasure to work with and makes the EDM mixing & mastering service a breeze. Can’t recommend his services enough!


EDM Producer

Christian was critical to helping me achieve the sound I wanted on my Mastering. Thanks Christian!


EDM Producer

Christian was so great to work with. He goes above and beyond just mixing/mastering and does whatever he can to help in the best way possible.


EDM Producer

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