The World of Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets and Selling Your Music with Wyatt Christensen

Selling your music, or capturing leads isn’t easy… But it’s about to get a whole hell of a lot easier!

In this episode of Electronic Dance Money, we’re talking about the world of sales funnels, lead magnets, and selling your music with the legendary Wyatt Christensen from DAW Nation.

Wyatt has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and has gone to some of the biggest EDM production schools in the nation. To say he’s qualified is an understatment.

This guy might be the best marketer in our industry, and you lucky folks get to learn from him directly!

Stap in and get ready, because this is one ride you don’t want to miss!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Marketing your music
  • What a sales funnel is
  • How to create a sales funnel
  • Lead magnets
  • How to sell your music/products

and much more!

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What’s up guys? It’s Christian, your host of electronic dance money. Just wanted to say first and foremost, this is one of my favorite episodes I’ve ever recorded. I’ve got Wyatt Christensen from dog nation on the dude is a genius his marketing is levels beyond what I could imagine.
He’s going to be your that one of the best teachers in this episode for you guys. I’m so excited to have him on. But not only that, just want to let you know listen to the entire episode, listen to the full episode. And then once you’re finished with this episode, head on over to the donation podcast and play his most recent episode, or go to Envious audio.com slash Episode 42. I’ll leave a link on there for his most recent episode, we split this one in half, we decided that both of our audiences should probably hear this, what we have to say in here, so he’s sending his audience over here and I’m sending my audience over there go check it out, there’s going to be it’s basically a two parter. But if you play these episode episodes first starting with this episode of electronic dance money, then going over to Don nation and listen to that. It’s basically one continuous episode. But in this one, we’re going to be learning about one very specific subject while also getting to know why it a little bit better. And then over on his episode, we continue this one and we get more into the topics of sales funnels, lead sales funnels, lead magnets selling your product, awesome marketing tactics. It’s going to be great, great, great, great, great. So when you’re finished with this episode, I would say first listen to this episode, because this one’s going to set the scene for the episode over at dawn nation. We’re going to be kind of laying down the foundation here and then getting into some more of the fun, nitty gritty stuff. So without further ado, enjoy this episode of electronic dance money with Wyatt Christiansen from da nation.
Hey guys, welcome to electronic dance money, your number one business resource for making money as electronic musicians and producers.
All right, what is up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of electronic dance money. Super excited for this episode. This is going to be a really good one. This has been one that’s been in the works for a couple of months now a few months been waiting and working with my guest here and his assistant and getting a date scheduled and I’m so happy we’re finally doing this. My guest today is Wyatt Christianson of you’re the CO owner of domination and then you just host the domination podcast correct? Great freaking question. First off Hi everyone. I’m Wyatt. And to answer your question, I’m actually the full owner. I’m not the CO owner. And okay, I’m full owner and I run everything. Yep. Okay, I thought you so I thought you were partnered with a you five great questions. So um, so when we started when I say we Wow, okay, I would say we as in a competitive ninja legal terms you have to speak as a weak, um, I started domination. And then along the way I brought a five in to create a product with him underneath domination. And so we are co owners of the of the products themselves, but domination in general. I am I am the sole owner. That’s correct. Gotcha. Okay, I see. Awesome. I love it. Dude, how long and how long have you When did you start domination? It’s a great question. So I started it. In 2017. I was about to graduate from iKON collective. And I saw the inner workings with there and I knew the things that I love the most about iKON collective. And the thing I love most about it was the opportunity to learn from other artists that I came through, they come through iKON and you like once a month or once every couple of weeks, and that was the best part. Everything else was like house. Okay, but that was like, Whoa, and so in 2017 right before I graduated, I was like, I screwed on a job myself. You know? Yeah, and that’s that’s what it all that’s when it all came about. Yeah. Yeah, man. I mean, sometimes you see the way the process works and you’re like, shit, I could do this. Why, you know why? What am I do? Why not start something like this? Because I know and you know, with your background in marketing, which you know, let’s really quick briefly dive into your background in marketing. What are you self taught with everything? Have you just read a bunch of books and done research or did you go to school for marketing because your marketing is, I mean, a levels beyond most people. I mean, I think
Wish I had the marketing skills that you have. And I get I get complimented all the time for marketing. But I’m like, when I look at you, I’m like, No, I, I know nothing. Thank you, dude, I appreciate that. So if you look at, if you look at my story, from bird’s eye view, you’d be like, Oh, of course, that’s where you learn marketing. But it’s actually a little bit more complicated. So I actually came from I came from a very entrepreneurial family. So I grew up in a very small town of 244 people in the town next to it has 5000 people. And in the in the town with 5000 people is where a business where my grandfather and my dad started the business and it employs about 70% of the Valley. And, and so you think, oh, that’s where you learned it? No, I just fixed swamp coolers there until I was 21. So that’s not where it was. And then I did go to school, and I did get a bachelor’s degree in social media marketing. So you like, Oh, that’s where you learned it? Nope. I was actually teaching my teachers. I was actually that was like, No, actually, you guys are wrong. This is what you should do. They’re like, wow, are you serious? Yeah, that’s what you do. And so really, where it came from, was, it came out of a pain, okay. And this is, this is fun, because this ties into marketing, because marketing is all about solving a pain point or pointing out a pain point and solving it or desired outcome or so on and so forth. And, but the pain that it came from was, as, as I was getting done with iKON. I, you know, as, as most producers notice it, within their first couple years, they’re like, holy crap, like, it’s actually kind of difficult. Number one, to get your song out and to blow it up. Or, you know, or to also make a living off what we do. And it’s like, you know, as, as a husband, and as a father of two. That is, like, holy crap. Like, I like, number one, I don’t have a lot of time, like, I’m a dad, I’m a husband, you know what I mean? Like, I don’t have a lot of time. And then I have to, like, once you have a wife and kids, like the amount of money that you need to survive, is drastically increased when you have a family. And like, right, and it’s it’s no longer about you anymore, either. That’s right. That’s right. It’s Yeah, it’s it’s absolutely insanity. It’s absolute insanity. And so, from that pain, I was like, okay, so I had this I’ve always had, I don’t say how I always had, I can’t remember when but I had this realization that I was like, dude, these things that we carry around in our pockets, these these computers that we have that we sit at our desktops, these these things are so ridiculously powerful, like we can reach anyone, anywhere in the world, right? I remember, my mom went to Thailand one time, and we facetimed. And I just thought like, even 20 years ago, this wasn’t possible. And I was like, what the like, like, I knew that we like I had this deep inside feeling, or I had this feeling deep inside of me that we already had the tools to blow up anything that we wanted to that we already had the tools to create whatever we wanted to get it out to the people that really, really resonate with it. I knew that like that was a truth that I could not refute. And so I was like, but it looks like no one in the music industry knows what to do with that, like literally no one. Like I remember talking to my, my teachers, icons, what do you know, like, Oh, well, you know, basically just put it out and try and hit up playlists and maybe, you know, boost a Facebook post with 50 bucks, and so on. And so I’m like, that is a whole that’s like, that’s like the equivalent of like running an ad in a newspaper. Like, you just hope people see it right. And you’re just throwing money away, you’re throwing money at the wall and hoping something happens without actually testing or trying anything. Exactly. And for you know, I understand, like, for most producers, like, you know, like spending money, or really most artists for spending money like that’s, you know, it hurts, but it’s not that big of a deal. But when you have a wife and kids, I’m sorry, like, bro, it’s like, that’s the difference between having diapers for a month and only having diapers for two weeks, you know what I mean? It’s like, you know what I mean? Like, and so it’s like, I’m like, I’m sorry, that’s not a very good answer. You know, I, I drive down the street, to go to, you know, to go to a restaurant to go to Walmart to go to wherever, every single one of those businesses is not relying on that type of business model. They’re not like, I don’t know, hopefully, you know, hopefully, we build this thing here. And hopefully we make money. Everyone has like formulas and they have like predictable outcomes that come from it and and, and systems and I’m like systems you said it right there that it did you know, you know, I was gonna, you know, I was gonna bring that up. And so yeah, so I was like, but how is it that literally every business that I drive by has way more confidence has way more of a system than literally every single freaking person in the music industry. Right? And, and so it ate at me and ate at me. And finally, I had to literally, like I had to take a leap of faith. I was like, I’m gonna step away from the music industry for a minute. I’m gonna go learn business somewhere else because I really don’t feel like anyone in the music industry that at least I know of, is really actually knows what’s going on and tell you what, Dude, that was the best thing in the world for me, because this this is this is incredible. So once you separate yourself from this on a marketing basis, separate yourself from the music industry, you start to understand, holy crap. It’s like the music industry on a marketing basis is living in like an eighth world country.
Compared to all compared to every other compared to every other company or every other business out there, as I started learning about other businesses, especially online businesses, and how they marketed and how they were not only profitable, but I mean, like, unbelievably, unbelievably profitable, like, if I knew that you can make 20 $500 a month off of music, I would have passed out, let alone these businesses that are making like $250,000 a month, from their from their online businesses, you know, you see what I’m saying. And so from there, I was like, okay, they know what they’re doing people that are not people that have normal online businesses, they know what they’re doing, I want to learn from them. I don’t want to learn from people in the music industry, I wanna learn from that. I learned from them, that was the best thing in the world, because then I could take that information and bring it back to the music industry and is proven extremely profitable. And so that is really where it came from, is me separating myself from the music industry going and learning from other people outside of music. How did you grow that ecommerce brand? How did you grow your brick and mortar shop, but using you know, funnels? How did you you know, how did you do that? I saw that I saw the the the common thread the common denominator between everything. And I was like, there’s no logical reason why this wouldn’t work inside the music industry. There’s no way that the music industry is the one anomaly and all of existence where these tactics don’t work. There’s no way And guess what? I was right. I brought them back. work like crazy to say, I, dude, I love that. But that story is so unique. It’s way different from a majority of the people that have talked about this stuff. And if you’re 100%, right, this is something that I noticed too, when I started my own business now I come from, I’m a staunch listener of the six figure home studio podcast. I’ve recommended it a million times on this show. I’m sure some people have gone over to listen to it. I know some listeners have come over from the six figure home studio podcast and have joined me over in this podcast, which is awesome. I’m so thankful for those guys. But it was you know, when I when I started listening to that podcast, and I started doing more research on this thing of making a six figure making six figures with a home studio, it sounded so bizarre and so far fetched like no, I’ve I’ve obviously heard of record labels, having studios and just studio owners with a brick and mortar store where you know that you they have $100,000 studio and they bring it like that sounds awesome. But so out of the realm of what I could possibly do, and they’re probably making crazy amounts of money. And
that seems more viable. When you talk about Martin, you know, that seems more like a business. Um, and then when you look at electronic music producers or musicians in general, and you look at their marketing tactic, it has always felt almost like, well, there’s not really a great way of marketing, you know, you can promote, you can send your track to people, you can send it off to promo lists and send it to playlist curators. But if you don’t know people who know people, at big playlists or anything like that, you’re not really going to get anywhere. And
the same with you, man, where I was thinking that’s there’s no way that that’s not true. There’s a way to market this stuff. It’s just depending on like, who your target market is how you’re going to market stuff and what your product really is. And this is part of the reason I’ve talked, I talked about this a million times, you have to supplement your income for your career, because you need the funds in order to set up marketing campaigns and get merged, do things yourself, because that’s not you know, those things aren’t really being handed out anymore with record by record labels, there’s so i would i would argue that the record label market is so saturated now that I feel like there’s so many record labels that all have very low budgets. And there aren’t many huge labels that are accepting smaller people that have the big budgets that can you know, do major marketing campaigns with you. So you really have to start taking it upon yourself, but you need to figure out what a good product is that you can sell that can supplement that and marketing ties into that and what part of what we’re going to be talking about here in a little bit is about creating, you know that sales funnel or marketing your music to catch those leads, so that you can promote another product that you have. And this could I mean if you’re just a musician, just a producer this could definitely be merged. I’ve got a lot of stuff I actually want to talk about. In mention. Do you know who Chris Greenwood is? Chris Greenwood is manifest and yes yeah, so I actually took one of his marketing courses very very very early on in the beginning No shit how’d you like it? So very early on in the beginning so this is before I even this was before I even like separated myself from the music industry and it was like like life change it was it was like the gateway drug into into really started be like wait
my suspicions are correct. There’s something out there. You know what I mean? If I took it now I’d be like, okay, but you know, you compared to what I know now, but no now but yeah, still it was like that it was the gateway drug that led me to where I am now. I mean, and that’s kind of why I wanted to what I want to point to later on, but Chris Greenwood hat. I mean, he has figured out a way to make money, just selling his music in a very unique way and in a way that not a lot of people I think have ever really done before. And I mean, he makes he does I think he does physical sale, copies of CDs still does. Which is crazy, because you would think, who’s buying CDs, but he like proves a point that people are buying CDs I make? I think he said something like 10 to 20% of his sales are CD, which is crazy since? Yeah, in 2020. I mean, I think when
I heard about him was last year in 2019, maybe even 2018. But still like, that’s we’re still within the streaming world. It’s not like CDs went away. Two years ago, CDs really started. You think they started going away? Probably 567 years ago. But I mean, they’re still crazy. People are still making sales on CDs. But before we dive into everything, let’s kind of go into your background with electronic music. How did you go from just the average person to starting to listen to electronic music to producing to then starting domination. And then let’s get into a little bit about what donation is, as well as what your podcast is. Awesome. That sounds great. So like I mentioned, I grew up in a town of 244 people. In fact, for those listeners who really want to know what it is, and look it up, it’s super fun. It’s called fat Utah 244 people when I left there was one 243 people that is a statistical fact award. And so so I grew up here and being in the middle of Utah and farmlands. You know, virtually there’s there’s two things that you did you hunted or you played sports and that was it and I Lowe’s the both like I hated both of them so much. And so music, when I you know when we all came to the age of started listening to music that we listen to that we want to listen to not necessarily that our relatives want to listen to know that our parents want to listen to. That happened for me at a very early age and actually happened not with electronic music but with hip hop, which technically is electronic music, but we’ll get to that in a minute. I got into that and I got heavy into that. Oh my gosh, this this you know skinny little white kid from the middle of Utah listening to gangsta rap. Oh, it was a sight to see. And And who are you listening? Oh, my Oh, dude. NWA Tupac the game Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg? Everyone on the west coast. You know what I mean? And it was Yeah. Oh, like I actually have Tupac painted on my wall at my house. By fact, it’s super super creepy. Real quick. I don’t mean to interrupt, but it is so bizarre how similar our stories are I you know, when I’m listening domination, it’s everything I would say. It’s crazy how similar You and I are relevant because I was the same thing. I got heavily influenced by hip hop. I have kid Cuddy painted on my wall in my, in my bedroom at my parents house. It’s hilarious hearing this anyways, go on. Okay, that’s, that’s, that’s awesome, man. So we are. So I’m so I fell in love with hip hop. And I started rapping around the age of 13 as one does. And I actually got really, really good at it. And that I started making more music. I built my own studios multiple times, and so on and so forth, then, so I’ve been doing that, or I’ve been
out for about 10 years. That’s how I was it. 10 years is around the time when I was like 21 years old.
That I got married. And I started to fall in love with electronic music because I remember listening, man. I think it was I can’t Oh, yeah, it was it was all man. This is a long time ago, it was the adventure club remix of Craig view. And oh, yeah. You know, talking about class. Yeah, I mean, as a class. Yeah, by today’s standards, the sound design is outdated. But by those standards, it was like, I remember listening to it. And having this experience of how is it possible that pure sounds not not words, not lyrics, but pure sounds, could not only, like, open up this emotional cavern inside of me that I didn’t know was there but could actually, like, tell a story with it. Like, I could actually, like fill the story through sounds, you know what I mean? It was like, how is this what this is real. And so that’s when I really got into electronic music, which is, you know, a genre of music where the sounds, tell the story and I was like, This is unbelievable, you know what I mean? And so that’s when I had the dream. I was like, Okay, well, I want to do this. I want to make really dope sounds and I want to make really dope music. And I want to rap on top of it. And so that’s I started going down that path and I’m
Along the way, I realized that I had no idea what I was doing production wise. And so I went to virtually every single production school that that one could conceive of. I went to dubspot I went to iKON collective, I want to point out to their recording connections. I went to everything, you know what I mean? Like, there’s so many that I went to. And
along the way, of course, like, like I mentioned, I got married, which you think that if you get married, your, your monthly, your monthly expenses, expenditures? Would you know, just double? No, it’s not true. When you when you get married, you like quadruple, and then when you add another kid into that, you know, it’s like eight x at that point. It’s like, it’s like, well, how is this possible? What? You know what I mean? And so, so a lot of the way I got married, I had two kids. And that brings us back to where we were discussing, like, when I was going to iKON collective, um, how I was like, holy crap, like, I need to find a way to provide for my family, I was really hoping going into icon collect, I was really leading, going into icon collected that there was something that I was gonna learn along the way of how to turn this into a full time career. And I did I did To be fair, I did find something going to iKON collective that would provide a full time career for me, the unfortunate fact was that I absolutely refuse to do it, which was touring, I refused to do it, right. So I didn’t, I didn’t grow up, knowing my dad very well. And I absolutely refused to put my kids through that. I refused it. If I was on tour, and I got a call and it’s like, Skye just took her first steps. I would have imploded. You know what I mean? Or a risk. I respect that so much. Thank you. Thank you. And so I was like, No, it’s not gonna happen. I don’t care. I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna put my family to the wayside. You know, like, No, no, no success in the world will compensate for failure in the home period and a discussion. Yeah. And so. And so I was like, okay, that sucks. I just spent a lot of money coming to icon pleading that I was going to find a way not I mean, to increase my production skills, for sure. But going there pleading to find a way to provide for them, and everyone was like,
maybe start a Patreon, then you know what I mean? It was like, I don’t know, figure it out. And I was like, Okay, okay, this sucks. Okay, so but along the way, I realized something I remember when I learned and this is an hour segwaying into how we got into donation.
Along the way, there was one thing that a teacher said, right, that actually like changed my life, there’s a lot of there is a lot of good information there. But this is the one thing that actually like blew me away. And this is a conversation that I have a lot with up and coming producers, this is like the birds and the bees talk, okay, this is like, this is the this is the talk that you need to have right now maybe uncomfortable, but we need to have moving forward, which is if you want people to work with you, if you want people to love you, if you want people to to be around you and to support you, and so on and so forth. You have to bring value to them. If you ask if you ask value of them. It’s stupid you like you know, that doesn’t mean it goes against all of human nature, right? And so value adding is all about adding value. It’s right across the board. That is what everything is about. How are you adding value? That’s right. And it’s funny because the teacher just kind of like mentioned it nonchalantly one day like like it was as though it was not worthy to go into more depth on but as I when he said that, like my art, my eyes just lit up and I was like, I see I see the vision, I get it because all of a sudden, all these experiences in my life came together. Like I remember one time, I was an ex girlfriend’s house, and I did the dishes for her mom, all of a sudden, the mom loved me, and it has, you know, I don’t say has loved me ever since because I’m no longer with her. But you know what I’m saying? And so but you know, and also like, I think about like, back when I went on dates, like I understood, like, the more value that I brought to the person I went on dates with, the more they want to be around me, the more value I bring to my kids, the more they want to be around me, the more value I bring to my friends, the more they want to be around me, right? And it’s it’s human nature, right? Like, if there is someone that is making your life easier, those bring value to those bring experiences to you that that are beneficial that is taking pain away from you. You cannot stay away from that person. You know what I mean? Like that, that’s that’s, like, coded inside of you. And so, when I had that realization, I was like, holy crap. Okay, here we go. And so immediately I acted on that. And I was like, Okay, what pain point is iKON collective having right now that I could solve? And immediately I had an idea. I was like, okay, there’s two different versions of iKON. There’s the online and there’s the on ground. And the on ground is where they have really cool people really good producer, really big producers come through and ask questions. But that only happens on grounds. What if I moved it to online? What if I, what if I reached out to producers and and and and and had them do basically interviews like that through icon and I brought it to the director and the director was like, holy frickin crap, dude. Yes. Are you kidding me? What a great idea. I don’t can’t i can’t believe we haven’t thought of that yet. Frick. Okay, here we go. And so I started reaching out to people and we started connecting that way. And that’s actually how I met a five Fun fact.
And after a while, when I was
Getting close to graduation. I was like, why am I doing this for icon? Like, why am I doing this for a school that I don’t you know that I give a b minus at best to, you know what I mean? It’s like,
then like, why don’t I do this for myself? And so that’s when, at the time I was connected with multiplier, who has a big YouTube channel, and I was like, Hey, I have this idea. What if we start a series where we brought these artists on to your channel, and we had them dissect their songs, right? I already have all these connections from iKON that I’ve made personally, that iKON didn’t make for me, I made them personally. And we could release it as a weekly episode, I’ll schedule all the episodes, I’ll do all the video editing, so on and so forth. And he’s like, yeah, yeah, no, that’s a great idea. And I was like, I’ll take the free call. Yeah, yeah, he’s like, kidding me. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds great. And so I was like, you know, again, adding value to multiply. That’s why you want to work with me. And so that’s so we did, it was an enormous, enormous hit. So that’s where in the doc came from, that’s where the YouTube series in the doc came from, where we invite artists to dissect their songs. And then along the way, I was like, hold up. There’s a lot of people that I would love to interview that doesn’t really fit in the doll format. Like what about singers? Like what about, you know, a record label holders? What about XYZ person that’s in the music industry that doesn’t really, you know, can’t really dissect a song, so to say, I was like, and that’s where behind the doc came from, that’s where the podcast series came from, where I could just interview anyone that I wanted to, and not focus on technical side, but everything else that goes into music, right? And then along the way,
I was like, okay, you know, like, this is really hard, because people are like, wait, so there’s in the DA, and there’s behind the door. So like, is in the dot the company? Or is it the Siri you know, is really complicated. And so I was like, Okay, here we go, here we go. We’ll just we’ll just sketch everything. domination is the company in the.is, a series and behind the.is a series and we have products underneath domination, domination is the over ruler of it all, and so on and so forth. And so, then we had that, and then multiplier was like, Hey, dude, you know how I’m letting you release on my channel all the time. I don’t want you releasing on my channel all the time. And I was like, that’s fair. It’s your channel, I get it, I’ll start my own thing. And he’s like, high five good working with you, man. Good working with you too. But, and so that’s when we broke off and just created like our own independent donation. Everything does that. And those very long story but that is as your beautiful Okay, I love it. Man. I it’s so unique I that’s what I love about you is everything you do is very unique and different in you, you’re innovating within an industry that feels like it’s already innovated to the max. But like, there’s thinkers like you that come around, and really start changing the groundwork of everything and exposing kind of the industry within itself and sharing all of your knowledge, which is fantastic. And this goes into the book that I recommended to you when we were texting, that I’m gonna, I’m gonna get your address, I’m starting to do this, I’m gonna get your address, I’m gonna get the book, and I’m gonna send it to you. But it’s the go giver. And I’ve mentioned this book. This is probably the 1,000,000th time I mentioned it almost every single, every other episode, but the go giver is basically about giving without any expectation. So the whole book is a it’s a business fable, very short article, 130 140 pages, but it goes into like these really valuable life lessons that apply to business, but you can still apply it to your life. It’s one of my girls, my girlfriend doesn’t like business books, but it is one of her favorite books ever. Good. That’s how, that’s how good it is. It’s hard to put down but it’s just all about adding value giving to give and helping as much as you can, and how that like that you create this karma like effect that does come back to you. And you know, you can say it’s karma, but really it is just adding value when you add value to someone without asking for anything in return. They they respond to that and they understand it and whether or not they’re cognizant of it, they’ll remember that especially when they’re you know, let’s say like this podcast for instance, every once in a while I I give away as much free content as I possibly can, helping out producers so that they can go full time and then like I’ve listened to on your podcast as well as you know, I sponsor my own episodes where I talk about mixing and mastering so you know the next time a producer is finishing up a track and they go you know, I really need to get this mastered. They might go oh, you know who does mastering that’s right Christian from electronic dance money. Let me go to his website real quick. So it’s that type of adding value that sticks with people and they’re more inherent to provide value back to you as well. And whatever factor that is in it. I mean, it’s really just it’s helping people man, it does make the world a better place.
Place when you’re, you know, when you’re helping other people out. It makes those people want to help others out as well. Which, I mean, you’re just spreading great message there. That’s right. That’s right.
What and you know, I, man, I listened to you. A couple weeks ago I listened to or I think it was a it was a couple weeks ago maybe a few days ago, I can’t remember. Um, by listening to the Fenn gold episode of Donnie of domination and
that Oh, man, that episode was fantastic. But it was so well done. You hit on all the points that I’ve always had, I was sitting in my car listening to it being like, yes. Oh, just screaming at the radio, like, yes, this is so beautiful. You’re talking about building a team, you’re talking about how you know you don’t most, and this is something I mentioned on very often, very frequently on this podcast, I mentioned producers, all they want to be at all they want to be the mixing engineer, they want to produce, they want to master they want to market, they want to do all these things. But you can’t like that’s very unrealistic. You know, you do have to find people who are experts in that field that can just get things done for you. I, I can point to one of my clients who he came to me with, I mean, I’ve mixed and mastered a ton of his tracks. And then he stopped coming to me. And now he’s coming back, his mixing has gotten much better. He’s been doing a majority of his own mixing and mastering now, but he’s starting to come back to me, because he no longer has the time. So it’s in that’s a big thing. That’s a big player, as you start building momentum and getting better at this thing and getting a bigger following it. And nowhere, it no longer becomes about the quality that you’re putting out, it then becomes about the time that you need to save. And the majority most of the time, it’s way more worth giving someone a few $100 to do something for you that is done. Almost what feels like instantaneously, that you don’t have to you know, you don’t have to stress out about that you trust someone that you can give that. And I love that message in that in that episode. Because it is it’s something that not a lot of producers realize in it. I mean, I just I can’t dig that message. I can’t shove that message down the throat of producers as much like it just it really is something that needs to be taught to younger producers, because younger producers come in hungry thinking that they need to do it all otherwise they’re a phony.
And it’s sad. It sucks because it’s so not true at all. No, it’s not true. In fact, one of the this is fun, because you you you give accolades to my episode. And this is fun, because I can give accolades to Europe. So what we’re talking about your episode, we’re talking about how what what producers can learn from McDonald’s, right? And, ultimately, that tethered back to the book that both you and I have read, which is changed our lives, which is the E myth revisited. Um, in a nutshell, the entire book is about why most businesses fail in like, within like for like, what is it like 95% of businesses fail within the first within five years? Five years, three to five years? Yeah. And guess what, guys? You know, what’s in, you know, what’s inside of those inside of those 95? businesses, music producers, because guess what a music producer is it is a business, you know what I mean? And so and so the idea really, what it came down to is, what it came down to is that, that these businesses, they didn’t have systems for anything. And mainly, they were trying to do all the first time they didn’t have systems and the little systems they did they’re all trying to do them themselves. Right? They’re trying to the CEO is also the president, which is also the which is also the janitor, which is also the accountant, which is also the Baba and if that is not the story of every producer that’s ever lived. I don’t know what it is. You are the producer, you are the vocalist, you are the mixing engineer. You’re the mastering engineer, you’re the marketer, you are the accountant, you are the email answer you are the so on and so forth. Right. And so you suggest that that is what makes a good business that to suggest that you must do everything in order for your brand to remain pure for it to blow up. Oh my gosh, like like, Listen, like this is not a matter of opinion. This is a matter of fact, if you do that, you will get burned out and you will hate yourself because of it. Like how many producers Do you know Christian? And how many producers do I that? I know they come in bright eyed, bushy tailed raid, I’ll do it. I’ll do everything I’ll do. I’ll produce until you know I’ll produce 18 hours a day and I’ll do all the mixing do on the mastering only until you know like a year later where they’re like I’m actually miserable. This actually sucks. I am so depressed right now. You know what I mean? Like, like, like, like 80% of people I know. You know? It happens far too often. It’s what happened to me. This is my personal story. It’s what I did. You know, the podcast was created because I’m you know, I’m talking
About the I’m talking to myself from the past all the things that I didn’t do that I wish I would have done. And I would probably be way more successful as a music producer than I am now. But you know, what happened was, I overworked myself, I thought I just needed to be in the studio 24 seven, I was like, that’s what I need to do. I need to make good music and get good music out there. And yes, there’s, you know, part of that is true. But it was so bad to the point where I was in the studio, I was forcing myself to be in the studio for four hours every single day, I couldn’t come up with any good ideas, I was miserable. I was getting upset when I would close out my door and had nothing. And to the point where I got very depressed, I got I was starting to have anxiety, I had to go see a therapist because of this, like it was, it was serious, it was mentally draining, and it was so exhausting. It was very bad for my health. And it wasn’t until I took a step back where I got where I was like, you know what I need to stop, I’m just gonna stop producing because this is not good. Where I then realized, like, you know, there’s a lot more to life than trying to be successful music musician. And then when I, when I started to get back into producing, I took a pretty long hiatus like it was like six to eight months or so. And then I started to get back into it. And I was like, You know what, I work a lot better when I help out other musicians. So let me see if I can collaborate with people or teach them some mixing stuff. And so I started to do lessons. And I realized I love that, like, there was something and this is going into, again, with the go giver stuff. And just helping people out there was something that felt way better, being able to sit with producers and show them how to mix their track and see the light bulbs go off and then get so excited with how much better their song sound. And I realized, Oh, you know what, I could go into this mixing business. Let me try that. And that’s when I started to do more research on music business in general, marketing in general. And I realized, Oh, my God, this is everything that’s been missing, like this is my issue. This is why I got so fed up with producing is because I was so focused and fixated on one thing. And I was ignoring all of the other important things like promoting networking, marketing, like all of the very, very vital things to a successful career. And that’s what burnt me out. It just it completely burnt and I hated myself and I just completely stopped doing it. Which sucks. Like when I started producing because I loved it. I had so much fun and then it became an it felt like a job that I wasn’t getting paid for. And that’s what sucks you know, when it when it starts becoming this job that you’re not getting paid for that you feel like you’re a slave to because maybe you you have a really big ego that you don’t want to let down. That that can be a struggle, man that I mean, then you get into really, you know, you can get into really dark places with that. Of course, of course. Oh, I’m so sorry that you’ve had to go through that. I’m sorry. Yeah, just because I went through the same thing and it freakin sucks, dude. And so I feel your pain. But we’re out of that now, man. Well, I mean, yeah, we’re always learning. We’re there. We’re there’s always optimization. But like, we get the concept. Now, I really hope your listeners are getting that call. I really hope they’re crossing the Epiphany bridge right now. And they’re like
they are, you know, it’s fantastic. I’ve been doing the podcast for a year and a half now. And it was a slow burn and respectfully so I you know, you got to grind some times. And now I’m starting to It’s crazy. Within the past like month or two. I’ve had so many people hit me up talk like the podcast. This is amazing. I just found this. This is like everything I’ve been looking for. I’m like, Yes, dude, it feels so great to get those messages where people are like, this is incredible. I mean, they’re everything that I had been looking for is here that I need to start researching. And they’re, you know, they’re bingeing the podcasts, which is, it’s just fantastic. fantastic to see that people are actually getting value out of this sort of thing. Do you get the same response with your podcast? Oh, dude, yeah, no, yeah. Oh, so this is a, this was something that I didn’t realize that I even had. I mean, just because like when I get into work mode, like I get into work mode, you know what I mean? Like, I turn off all forms of social media, even though, you know, like, when you’re running a business, you really shouldn’t turn off social media because that’s how people connect with you. And so, again, having someone look over the social media was really important. I just didn’t do it until like literally last month. And so, um, but going through that and seeing how much it’s changed people’s lives. It’s just it’s just insanity. You know, I mean, to be like, dude, like,
to to to know, that I am bringing much like yourself I am bringing so much value to producers that because of the pain that you and I have went through that we can not only share our experience and help people avoid those, but help avoid them in the future by continuing to continuing to share those things that that have brought us pain and be like listen like if you see this this fork in the road, bro don’t go left go right for Frick yeah you know if you go let there’s there’s a there’s a frickin there’s there’s a broken glass car, her car made a broken glass broken glass life at the end of that road broken glass Cliff Frick. And so don’t don’t do that, you know, but you’ve go this way. And so that’s what we’re doing. And so to see that to see that genuine, that genuine feeling of being like, holy crap, dude, like I was gonna go down this route. And then you you stopped me from going down this route? Oh my gosh, thank you. It’s like, my job. Okay, we’re good. Yeah, we know. The other thing too, is the people who have already gone down that road. And then they hear an episode and they go shit, like, Okay, I see what the I’ve done this before. And it didn’t work out. And that builds the trust as well, because then they go oh, and you know, that’s, that’s what these you know, with these podcasts. It really is about building that trust. You know, you need to build trust with people. And if someone listens, if someone sits down and listens to your podcast for an hour, that trust is immediately established. So truss bashley when you’re you know, when you’re getting into, you know, personal experiences and you’re opening up and being authentic, you know, if you have authenticity to what you’re saying and how you’re how you’re saying things. People resonate with that they respect that and that’s another way you can build superfans. That’s right, it’s, it’s the same thing with musicians. You know, the goal is to build those superfans. And if you have super fans, those are the people that are going to spread the message. Those are the people that are going to want to help you out and stick with you and buy your merch, buy your products, listen to your tracks.
You know what let’s, let’s start to shift focus. And start going into originally what we were going to talk about was we were going to go into creating a master class, I am loving the synergy that we’ve got here, I’m probably going to want to bring you on for another episode in the future. So we’ve got, let’s let’s, let’s cut away from talking about creating a masterclass, we can save that for another day. And let’s, let’s shift focus and just kind of talk more about this marketing stuff with music. And, um, I mean, essentially, let’s get into one, if you’re a producer out there, and you have a product in mind, you have an idea for something, you know, maybe you want to get into the mixing and mastering realm. Maybe you want to get into the sound design realm, like what we talked about with
Zen world just a few weeks ago, if you’re wanting to shift focus into something that you’re really good at that you want to share with others, and you want to turn into a product, how can you create a lead magnet and a sales funnel, but more specifically, we were talking about this on the phone. Because this is something that both you and I have talked or have thought about and know that there’s something here and that’s creating a lead magnet and sales funnel with your own music.
I’m very curious as to what your experiences with this and what your ideas for this type of thing are. I’ve also got some some things I would like to bring up in a little bit as well going into talking about touring because you know, I’m sure a majority of producers here are not like us and would like to tour we’d like to play a lot of shows. So I have an idea about about creating lead magnets and sales funnels and whatnot for playing a show in a specific area through creating ads and whatnot. But let’s go I’m gonna kind of give you the floor go on. And I’m curious about what your experiences with lead magnets and sales funnels in terms of you know, personal music shirt auctions. So this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, like a lot and implemented it to some extent but not so full disclaimer, I have I fully implemented and tested at length the the strategies that I’m going to be saying the answers, not with music, but 100% with my own stuff like with like with my own products. So this is again, we are we are going to put on our big boy boots now. And we are going to put on our thinker hats and we are going to we’re going to commit to each other right now and say the music industry is not some anomaly style industry. The music industry is just like any other industry, things are not different marketing is marketing is marketing is marketing. Just because it’s music doesn’t mean that things change. Okay, so we’re gonna, we’re all we’re all running a business. We’re all running a business here. Whether you like it or not. We’re all running busy running businesses here. If you want this
To be a full time thing, it’s a business period. And so I know all the objections that come all but this is music. So it’s different. No, no, go to timeout. You can come back in a minute creative. It’s emotional, though. It’s about what you Yes. But so let’s move on if Yeah, if you if you want to be successful, if you want to sell stuff, if you want to tuer it’s a business, it’s a business.
And to you know, all but it’s emotional, but it’s creative. So as movies, guess, what’s profitable movies, guess what’s profitable books, also emotional, you know, any adult, are in general, do not tell me that music is the only thing in all of existence that can apply these principles. Don’t tell me that. And so. So yeah. So with that being said, there is one more thing that I need to clarify, which is for those coming in, that may not know what a funnel is, and how that compares to a website. So it’s very, very simple. Very, very, very, very, very simple.
A website is the equivalent to imagine you to buy grill, and you go to Walmart, and you’re met by someone at the front and they said, Hi, we’re Walmart, we have books and food and carpet, and rugs, and TVs and gum and all that kind of stuff. You’re like, Oh, thank you. Okay, you know, and then you’re like, do I do, right? a funnel is like you’re being met by someone that you actually want to talk to, you know, not the creepy Walmart graders. But like the actual someone that’s like, hey, you’re looking for a girl, I am looking for a grill. Well, there’s these girls that are really, really good. And there’s these reviews and those girls have those problems and blah, blah, blah. Oh, sweet. Or if you buy a girl you like, Okay, do you have like charcoal? Are you going propane or woody? Oh, shoot, I don’t even think about that. Okay, well, you know, here’s the easy and here’s this and are you more of a hamburger guy or a hot dog? hamburger? Okay, well, there’s these hamburger like, it’s like, it’s like, you cannot funnel slicks up the runway as much as possible, like, just takes out all the barriers, all of the point of exits, that like people could get confused about, it’s just like, it’s just, it’s like, easy, you just fall into it. You’re like, Oh, I get it. It’s just one thing. It has one purpose, it’s selling one thing, you know, answers objections, and so on and so forth. Right. Is that, is that a pretty good explanation in between? Yeah, yeah. And I’ll add on to that. So you know, when you’re looking at the top of the funnel, it’s gonna be obviously the widest part. And as you move down the funnel, it is literally the shape of funnel or think of an upside down pyramid, it gets smaller and smaller, as you get to the bottom. So you know, the top of it is a wide net, like you’re saying, you know, grills in general, well, there’s a lot of different types of grills. So we need to break down and find out what grill specifically you’re looking for. That’s right. So as you’re at the top, you’re eventually either going to stay in that funnel or go, this is not what I’m looking for, I’m going to go somewhere else. And so at that point, if you go somewhere else, you’re no longer in the funnel. But eventually, you’ll start moving down the funnel. And you’ll be talking about cold leads, cold leads are at the very top of the funnel. And as you get down the funnel, they become warmer and warmer until they’re extremely hot and ready to buy. So the buying part is at the very bottom of the funnel, and slowly as you move down, know, when you get to the middle of the funnel, you really start to realize that you have a problem in this area, and that someone’s here trying to solve it for you. And then as you get to the bottom of the funnel, they’re saying, This is what you get for this price. And I’m going to solve that problem for you. That’s right. That’s absolutely right. And if if you guys want to learn more about funnels, there’s a really great book that you can get for 10 bucks shipped right to your door. It’s called.com secrets, by Russell Brunson, one of the best books ever, in all of existence. Not to pick that up, I’m so excited. Like it’s really, really good teaches about the different types of funnels that you can use and so on and so forth. So I highly encourage you for everyone to check that out. So now the question is, okay, how do we use funnels to grow our music, right? Again, music industry is no different than any other industry. We can use funnels to grow our music, and you should it’s the future you should totally do it. So now the question is, how do we create a lead magnet? Actually before we before we get into the lead magnet, what we want to do is what’s called a funnel map, a funnel map is like okay, what is the overarching bird’s eye view of the funnel, and in my experience from all the funnels that I have ran, which has been a lot by the way, the funnels that I would suggest is this at the very front of the funnel, the very first page of the phone will actually start at the very very very, very beginning which is an ad you run an ad through through Facebook through Instagram through YouTube through Snapchat through tik tok wherever you want to run the ad right and this ad leads to an opt in page a page where you get some form of their information an email signing up for a messenger bot attacks you know like getting getting their numbers put onto a text message list so on and so or just something some form of of of traffic that you can own letting that lead exactly collect that lead. Exactly. And so that’s the first part and then the part after that after they’ve after they have given you something right they’ve given them some some form of of contact. The next part in the funnel is the next part of the funnel is them is you getting them more indoctrinated into
to your community into your world, right getting them to show up on your Twitch streams, getting them to join your discord channel, getting them to our sorry, Discord server, getting them to join your Facebook group getting them to something like something immediately you get to put them into a community where they can or they can be fostered and where they can be really turned into to some hot leads at that point. And then at the very end of the funnel is when you pitch them something to buy, most of them won’t buy, but some of them will. And later on Remember, you know because they’re in your community and you have their information now you can warm them up over time, in order to get them to become paying customers in some fashion or another. And so, for example, if let’s let’s let’s do a real live example right now I’m going to pluck someone out of the ether that I know that I really like, let’s say Tim shalford you know, Tim shalford I don’t know Tim shalford Okay, he’s amazing, amazing. Chill producer. Oh my gosh, incredible. Okay, so let’s say that Tim Shelford releases a song. Let’s say that it’s called. What is in this room? Um, okay, don’t make it creepy. Wyatt. There’s a baby. Yeah, that’s right. You’re in your nephew. I’m in the neck. Right now. Freak him traveling. I forget that. I’ve got soda water soda water shirt, Tim shalford. So soda, soda water, high five. Okay, so we got we got soda water. So Tim Schafer is going to run an ad promoting his song, it’s like, Hey, here’s the song, it’s really dope. I’ll send it to you, you know, whether it’s like a digital download or just like if you want to listen to I’ll send you a link to whatever whatever platform that you like to listen on something like that, you know, whatever strategy you want to go with. With that. Then they go, they click on the ad, they’re taken to the next page, they enter in some type of information, an email, they click a button and connect their Facebook Messenger, they put in their text message, whatever it is, write whatever you want, whatever type of lead you want to collect. And then after they do that, they’re brought to the next page, which is like, by the way, Tim shalford. Like, like he has this really dope discord channel. And you know, in this discord channel he gives about gives out a bunch of exclusive stuff does, you know feedback, live streams, and he does lashings about this this than the other and they meet every week and do this blah, blah, blah. It’s like a community. It’s like an actual, like family. And it’s like, if you want to join you totally can you just have to click this button right here, it’ll automatically join you to to this community. And it’s like chewy, yeah, like, I resonate with Tim Shelford, like, I really believe in this type of music that he’s making and his and what he stands for, and so on and so forth. Like, yeah, like, sure, like, why not, let’s do it. It also would be, I would also encourage you that to give them some type of incentive, if you sign up for or if you join my discord, if you join my twitch channel, whatever, actually sends you something else that you didn’t know, you’re gonna, I’ll send you another song, I’ll send you another sign, I think you’re really gonna like or I’ll send you a lyric sheet or just something, you know, they mean like, fill fill in the blank. So this is where this is where the adding value really starts to come in. You want to add as much value as you can up front to make that lead as warm as possible. That’s right, that’s right. And then let’s say let’s say they do say that they they sign up for the community somehow, then you pitch something on back. And by the way, this is this is, by the way, this is gonna work really well with Coronavirus going on. By the way, I’m actually doing a live stream show tonight. And tickets are three bucks. And if you come through, I’ll give you a shout out. You know, like I’ll have a whole list of everyone that came through and shout you out. Thanks so much, john and Jerry. And and apparently everyone has the J name in it. You know what I mean? Like, you know, like, you can do that. And you just sell them something small. It’s like, yeah, just come through like this three bucks. You know, it’s not much I’ll give you a shout out, you know, again, adding that value. So sure, yeah, that sounds great. Like, why not? You know what I mean, most people won’t do it, but some people will. And this is how you can not only have a funnel that is going to get people to know about you to get people to find out about you to get your name out there. But if you have something on the back end, that’s actually making money. At minimum, this should break even, which means that you’re getting free leads, you’re getting people to find out about you consistently for free. And in the best circumstances, you’re actually making a profit off just off the front end, you know what I mean? And then of course, well, the the end goal is, of course, to get really profitable, which is once they’re in your world, then you have something inside of your world that’s more expensive, you know, like, they’re in their community, like oh, by the way, I have XYZ I have this, that and the other that you could sell them I have private lessons, I have these really extra special live streams, I only allow 50 people in because it’s a bubble blah, blah, blah, right? And it’s it’s 50 bucks a ticket or whatever, you know, I mean, you have something much more expensive on the inside, but still like that in and of itself. I mean, even even, like, even at the bare minimum to have something that consistently every single hour of every single day having, it’s bringing people into your world and you’re breaking even dude, then it’s like, sweet. Alright, I’ll send you 50 bucks. I’m getting 1000 people per day to find out about me
Well, and I’m breaking even so it’s like, I’m not, I’m not losing any money. What if we crank it up to 500 bucks, I’m still breaking even. But now instead of 1000 people now I’m having, you know, five, or whatever I can remember the numbers, it’s a lot of freaking people find, yeah, you know what I mean? It’s like, oh, shoot, this works, you see how this all gone? Mm hmm. And you know that this is something that I’m, I find, I’m finding really interesting them really wanting to dive into more. And it’s the lifetime value of someone who might be a listener of your music and how you can run ads to capture a listener, and you what the cost of that conversion is. And if you guys don’t know what conversion is, a conversion is basically someone who does what you want them to do. So if you’re, if you’re running an ad, to get someone to sign up on your email list, the conversion would be them clicking on the ad and signing up for them actually signing up for the email list, that is someone who is converted over into a lead. So I’m finding, I’m very interested in finding out what the cost of a conversion is. And then the lifetime value of that of that listener or customer client, whoever it is, especially with music and like strings, because there’s not really a good way. And you know, this is a great product idea that, hopefully in the future, can be developed by someone. But being able to track someone when they listen to your song, how many times they specifically have listened to your song. So you can track how much money they’ve basically generated for yourself. Because then you can start to determine the lifetime value of that person. So if it cost you $3, to get that person to, you know, convert into a fan, and they religiously listen to your music, well, then, you know, maybe they need to play your song 100 times for you to break even on that. So then you get into some really interesting numbers here, where you can see how ads for your music can actually work pretty well. I have no idea what that would look like. It’s it’s dude, it already exists, except the music industry won’t let it be implemented. And that’s, that’s the that’s the thing that sucks is because what you’re talking to technology exists, I use it every day. Yeah. Um, so there’s, there’s actually two different companies that you can get there that you can sign up for that, that that would do that in a sales funnel. One is called hieros. And one is called wicked reports. And it’s literally exactly what you just said, like, it’s the attribution model, right? It’s like the attribution or what’s the lifetime, you know, kind of story of the customer? How many times have they come to this page? How many times have they have to see this? And did they see this, this video over here? And do they go to your YouTube channel, and so on so forth, the technology exists, Spotify will not allow it to now implement it, you know, I mean, if it literally, it would literally take a grand total of 20 seconds, Spotify 20 seconds to allow us to just put one small little pixel onto this page onto our Spotify pages. And so we would know, okay, this person came here 30 times they listen to this, blah, blah, blah. And then they went and bought this. And you know what I mean, it’s like, that’s that day that needs to be implemented in this world of streaming, where we’re Spotify is expecting artists to make money off of streams. And listen, you know, a lot of people, I don’t know how you feel about this. I know, a lot of producers hate Spotify, because they think they rip producers off. I strongly disagree. I think Spotify takes a major loss, most of the time, they don’t make a huge profit. And when it what it, what it really comes down to is, you know, the record labels are making a majority of the money because they usually have hold the majority percentage. So they’re making most of the money there. And producers aren’t getting a big cut out of that. And I mean, at that point, you have to weigh out. Okay, well, do I want to go with a record label? Who’s going to help me who’s going to help, you know, hopefully, will help fund more of the marketing side of things and get me in front of people that I wouldn’t normally be in front of? Or do I want to go with collecting all of the revenue and all the stream money myself, and I will do all of the marketing and all of the promoting and, you know, you have to weigh what you want to do if you have the team available to do it. If you have funds available. There’s a lot of different factors that play into that. But regardless, this definitely needs to be something implemented within analytics. I mean, it is Come on, it’s lunacy to be like, Okay, well, I want to run ads for my music, but I have no idea if I’m making money out. There is absolutely nothing. The only thing you could possibly think of doing is literally tracking the amount of clicks you get every day compared to the amount of stream plays you’re getting every day. But once you start getting into the big, high numbers, that’s much more difficult to track, especially if you get playlisted. I mean, you can’t differentiate who the you know who’s coming from ads and who’s not. So it’s a very difficult thing to track but that’s got to be implemented.
I mean to be it’s, it’s it’s lunacy. But you know, going back into sales funnels, there is a, there’s multiple different kinds of sales funnels, and there’s multiple different kinds of buyers as well, different buyer personalities, there’s people who are more willing to wait to buy something, and kind of invest more time into researching on topics, and we’ll take a long time to buy that, and then there’s kind of buyers in the middle of that. And then there’s buyers who are like me, who buy instantaneously, I will go to I’ll do it, dude, I, it’s, I’m a webinar whore. I love webinars, I love learning. Not only that, but they always get me at the end where, you know, when I buy a webinar, or I buy a course, I should say, I always invest the time and go through the entire course, because I want to get my money’s worth, I never know if I’m gonna learn something very valuable. But the, they get me every single time when they get to the end, and they give their pitch where their product is 50% off, and I’m like, boom, I’m holding out my credit card before they’re even mentioning a price because I know it’s gonna be a crazy deal. And those are very rapid quick buyers there. And that’s what webinars are really made for are those quick sales funnels, the entire webinars a sales funnel, you know, when you when you get the ad for the webinar, that’s the top of the funnel, they’re going, Hey, do you struggle with this? Well, I’m going to teach this for an hour for free. Just click on here, enter in your email address, blah, blah, blah, they’ve already collected my email address, they’re adding me on to an email list where they’re going to start another sales funnel for me, just in case I don’t, you know, go through the webinar and buy. But then through the entire webinar, they’re adding value, that’s the middle part of the funnel, they’re solving the issue for me. And then at the end, they present me with another problem, which is kind of an bigger overarching story. And they go, we solve this, you know, all these problems within this course for this price. And at that point, I’m at the bottom of the funnel, I’m a hot lead, and I buy into it, and I convert. So you can have that type of sales funnel on my website, I have a sales funnel from top to bottom, if you go to my website, if you go to Envious audio.com, you can see my sales funnel, I present you with a problem that you more than likely have which is mixing and mastering and I talk to you about services I provide why I want to share how I’m providing value. And then I showcase my work so you can go Oh, wow, I want my song to sound like this. And then I have a contact form that I want you to convert in. So there’s you can have and then we’ve and we’ve all we’ve also talked about this in previous episodes, specifically about email marketing, email marketing is all sales funnel based, you know, you get someone in there you have an email marketing campaign of five to 10 emails or something where you’re providing value you’re providing, you know, you’re you’re showing problems that the person has with solutions. And then towards the end of that you’re going to market and offer a service or something where they’re going to convert into a paid lead of some sort. Yep, yep, no, you got it. You hit the nail on the head, dude.
Awesome. Sweet dude, Wyatt. Yeah, well go ahead and plug away. Awesome. That’s right. Selfish trade. Here we go. Okay, yes. Yeah. So um, if you if anyone that is listening right now wants to consistently learn from producers that are actually crushing it in industry, like learn how to, you know, like, how did you five make that sound in that song or how did how to cry wolf do this thing and his song or, or so on and so forth. If you want to continually learn that I would highly encourage you to go over to our in the DOS series over in the dog nation YouTube Channel, as well as on the dog nation podcast. So you can partake of that over there you also i’d also highly encourage you to check out our behind the dog series, which focuses more on the emotional philosophical branding marketing side of music, I highly encourage you check out that. And if you’re like, on the next level, you’re like, Okay, like I need, I need like the like an enormous amount of really, really, really good knowledge, I’d highly encourage you to go over to domination dotnet. And check out our courses over there we have a very, very, very legendary sound design course with a five or he shows his exact overarching techniques of how he can continually create an unlimited amount of sounds forever for the rest of his life that will never get old. So and that the whole course is about the techniques to plug into that it’s really really, really cool. We also have another course that we just launched with cry wolf, as one of the most creative people on earth. And it’s all about a system on how to be creative every single day no matter what no matter what emotional stage you’re at in life, no matter what kind of finances you have, no matter what is going on your life you can be creative every single day. And his system will teach you how to make 30 songs in 30 days like it’s it’s actually stupid. Like I was making it with him. I’m like, are you sure you can deliver on that and after at the end of it at the end of it? I was like, okay, dude, like, you know, this was really good. And so, um, anyways, there’s those are there
I also have a lot of other courses I’d highly encourage you to check out. However, if you wanna check those out domination dotnet is where you can partake of those over there. I’m gonna hop off the selfish train now that’s okay.
If you guys want a good representation of what great ads look like and what a great sales funnel looks like, I was telling Wyatt, when we were first on the phone discussing this episode, go to domination dotnet. And then I mean obviously stay there to check out you know, get the buy the courses, definitely buy the courses. But if you’re interested in looking what we’re seeing what a sales funnel looks like, just go to their website, he’s got a facebook pixel set up and within a couple of days, you’ll be scrolling through Facebook and you’ll see donation ads pop up and his ads are fantastic. I was telling why every once in a while I go back onto domination dotnet just to get sucked back into the funnel so that I can see what he’s doing and see how he’s running marketing stuff because I learned a lot from that stuff. One of my did there’s two ads that are fantastic there’s a there’s an ad here locally in Austin that I get on social media by aces jujitsu if you look up aces Jiu Jitsu in Austin, Texas and go to their website you’ll get sucked into their pixel they have a hilarious ad that they run
on social media but you have I don’t know which ad is better your ad where you’re dressed up as a cowboy in the class is the best thing I’ve ever seen he’s so hilarious in so good. Are you still running that ad? Yeah, yeah. So it’s the beat Farber ad. Yeah, yeah, we’re actually launching three more ads just like it Yes. Oh, my God, dude, you got to send them to me just yeah, cuz they’re hilarious. Oh, it is that one of your best ads? That that is by far like the best ad so you’ve ran ads, you know how much pushback you get on ads. That was the ad where everyone was like, okay, like I got nothing bad to say it’s the go to comedy. It is comedy that is there’s so contagious dives into this about emotion. There’s a few different emotions you can drive out of people that get them to buy into a product or make a product go viral. Those who care share. So anger is a great emotion you want like really mind stimulating emotions, anger, comedy. Sadness is okay, but not a great one to go with. And then like excitement stuff, comedy is by far like one of the best ones. But that’s why you’ll see like clickbait articles that get people angry. Those are the ones that get shared the most because anger is a really strong emotion that keeps that mind stimulated. So man I love I just had sad love that ad if you guys want to see those ads, just get another sales funnel by going to the website. I’m sure you’ll start seeing them.
Anyways, man, Why thank you so much for coming on. This was I was looking forward to this for a while now and just leading up to all the talk we’ve been doing. It’s just fantastic to have you on. I’m so excited to see everything that you you’re doing with donation where it’s gonna go. I mean, congrats to you, man. Kudos, your, your goddamn machine. Keep it up. I love it, man.
Thank you, dude. And I just want to end off on actually giving you praise as well, because I sent you a text yesterday. And all’s I did. You’re one of the few people in the industry that actually get it. Okay, and you are and so for all of the listeners of this podcast, you are in very, very good hands. And I was listening to this like it is very, very, very, very rarely happens. I’ve talked to virtually everyone in the industry by virtue of my podcasts, and very rarely do I talk with someone that’s like, okay, like, you get it like you’re like, you get the mindset you get the systems you get the concepts that goes into like a thriving career, you get the music industry, like left to its own devices is broken, but we can make it into something better. something much more thriving, you know, I mean, like you get it and so everyone that’s listening, you’re in safe hands, I highly encourage you to keep listening. Thank you so much. Why I appreciate it. And dude, we’re gonna have to do this again. But yeah, this was awesome. It was it was so great to sit down with you man. Awesome. Thank you so much, dude, I appreciate you having me. All right, take care. Well, that is it for this episode guys. I hope you guys really enjoyed it. This was such a an awesome conversation to have with Wyatt is so badass super kind. He knows his stuff. Go check out his podcast domination. To continue this conversation. I mean, not just to continue this conversation, but there’s so much there’s so much knowledge there. I mean, just a an entire back catalogue of amazing producers that you guys can learn from highly suggest it but if you guys want to hear more about this topic with marketing your music, creating sales funnels, getting your lead magnet set up
Figuring out how to sell your product. Go check out his latest episode on dog nation, we decided to split this episode in half. So if you want to continue this conversation if you want to figure out how to utilize that sales funnel for you into really jumpstart your music sales or whatever your product is that you’re trying to sell, go over to his podcast look up donation. Wherever you listen to podcasts, it should be the most recent episode. But if you guys can’t find it, head on over to Envious audio.com slash Episode 42. All of the shownotes will be there including all links to everything we talked about in this episode, as well as the links that were we talked about in the episode on domination and there’s there will be a link to the domination episode for you guys there as well. Again, I highly, highly, highly suggest you guys go check that out. I promise you’ll want to finish this and find out all of the awesome wonderful secret sauce because it is so so great. So if you enjoyed this episode, head on over to donation, listen to that. Also go to Apple podcasts, rate and review the show let me know how you like it, what you hate about it. be as honest as you’d like. But I’d love to see your guys’s feedback. If you’re struggling with mixing and mastering if you want to sound like the pros if you want to get tracks mastered and mixed, so they stand up to all the biggest names that you could think of go on over to Envious audio.com, scroll down to my contact form fill it out. Let me know how I can help you. Let’s get talking. Let’s figure out how we can make your career 10 times better. Other than that, the next episodes coming out and Christmas little gift for you guys. It’ll be a good one. It’s a fun one got another guest so you guys get to you get you get guests two to two episodes in a row. Really, it’s actually going to be three because the next one is going to be a two parter that long. It’s that good. Anyways, thank you guys so much. I appreciate all of you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. And I’ll see you next time on electronic dance money.

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