4 Healthy Habits to Help You Achieve Self Actualization

As we all make our way through life, the one thing that just about everyone strives for is self actualization. The ability to give something your all, dedicate your time and hard work to honing, perfecting, and mastering a skill or craft to be the best that you can be.

For EDM producers, that’s just about the only thing we can wish for.

However, before you can get there, you have to make sure that you have established healthy habits that can allow you to get to that point.

Healthy habits are the foundation for a happy and healthy life. Without those, life can seem painful and rought. A majority of us are just a couple new healthy habits away from getting to that self actualizing moment.

So what is holding you back, what bad habits could you exchange for healthy ones? Not sure what a healthy habit is? Then check out this episode of Electronic Dance Money

What You’ll Learn:

  • What self actualization is
  • How to self actualize
  • Healthy habits to follow
  • Why you should focus on healthier habits

and much more!

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Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris – https://samharris.org/podcast/

Waking Up Meditation Course – https://app.wakingup.com/

Joe Rogan Experience #1109 – Matthew Walker – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwaWilO_Pig

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Hey guys, welcome
to electronic dance money, your number one business resource for making money as electronic musicians and producers.
Yo, Yo, what’s
up everyone? Welcome back to another episode of electronic dance money. I’m your host, Christian cassuto. Hope you guys are doing well today. I’m doing pretty good hanging in there, working a bunch getting ready for the holidays. Coming up. Well, I’m recording this on Wednesday. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving here in the US. So just getting in as much work done as possible before the long weekend, the extended weekend relaxed and hanging out with friends and family. But anyways, today’s episode is going to be more in line with the I guess. So I’ve been thinking for the past few days since the last episode where, you know, we were talking about the hero’s journey. And I brought up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and bringing bringing self actualization as well as esteem into the question of things or realm of things in terms of you know, leading a successful life or having a successful life having a successful career, whatever it is, that you’re wanting to do whatever, however it is you’re wanting to self actualize? You know, we, we dipped into the meaning of that. And, you know, that’s the peak of the hierarchy of needs. So this one’s going to be going more into this episodes all about basically healthy habits. Now how can you get healthy habits to help
bridge that gap
of creating strong self esteem while raising yourself up to the peak of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so that you can self actualize and healthy habits really drive right into that, and this is something I’ve been working on for years now is trying to develop good healthy habits, to make sure that I’m healthy, both mentally, physically, emotionally. It all, you know, if you can achieve a nice healthy state, in each one of those categories, it really does push you It’s surprising how much more efficient you are, how much more effective you are. So I want to dive into that, because it’s not talked about talked about a lot unless you follow certain people who really do teach those kinds of things. Now, the first thing that we’re going to be diving into in building healthy habits, that man has really changed my perspective, over the past couple of months. This is something that I’ve really started to dive into that I’ve always wanted to dive into. And I tried a couple of years ago, but it didn’t work out for me at the time. And what we’re going to be discussing in this first section is about being mindful and trying to achieve mindfulness. Now what is mindfulness? mindfulness is a quality of conscious being or the awareness of your mind and things around you, and being present with yourself in your emotions, being able to, you know, decipher the different meanings of thoughts and emotions that are constantly running through your head. And being able to understand them, recognize them, accept them. And really take a look at those. And when you get into this, this mental state
focusing on your awareness of the way you’re feeling the way you’re reacting to things, or the reason why you might be feeling a certain way when you when you can achieve this, this mental state, you really get this clarity, this better understanding of yourself, that can completely change your perspective in not just the way you see yourself, but the way you also see others, the way you can react to others, the way you can accept other people’s well for being who they are, and possibly why they are who they are. And this can go a long way. In the music industry, when you start dealing with more people when you start dealing with more egos. It’s also a really good way to help check your ego. You know, checking your ego is going to help you get to that strong self esteem theme and get to that self actualization. A lot of ego driven people don’t have strong self esteem, they have low self esteem. And that’s why they have such a big ego because they’re trying to compensate for that, that self esteem issue that they have, they’re wanting to feel good about themselves when they don’t. And having a big ego helps kind of patch that with a band aid, but it does not help them self actualize, and do the best that they could possibly do. And mindfulness is a way to break that barrier for yourself, it’s a way to push you to limits you never thought you could go to it really helps you with patience as well, which is something you need to have in this industry, there’s a lot of really great benefits that come from mindfulness, controlling your emotions, not reacting to things as much. Or if you do react, it’s not necessarily in a bad or negative way. And this is something that I’ve struggled with for years is the reacting to things, you know, if something doesn’t go exactly the way I want it to, usually, in the past, and something I’m still working on now is I’ll react to them in a bad way, in a in a negative way for myself and others around me, something that’s not positive. So this achieving this mindfulness, this practice of mindfulness has really helped to push that in, when something bad happens, I’m able to sit there and analyze what’s going on. Wait, why do I feel this way? Let me take a look at this emotion. Okay, and then it subsides much quicker, I’m way less reactive to things. When that emotion kicks in my my mind is starting to almost just right away flipped to Okay, hang on, wait, let’s think about this. There’s no reason to react this way. It’s okay, if this, if this went wrong, let’s just correct it or do what we can to fix it. If it’s out of my control, then there’s no reason to react to it in a bad way. So how can we get to this level of mindfulness in this mental state, there’s a couple of things that you can do that will really help you out. Um, one thing that I’ve been doing is meditation. Meditation is weird. And it’s one that I tried, I tried meditating, getting into meditation a couple of years ago, and it didn’t work I didn’t, it didn’t catch on. For me, I’m a very add person, my mind is constantly racing, which is why I want to achieve this mental state of mindfulness so I can calm that down and slow down. So it’s hard for me to focus for just 10 minutes, and just focus on things around me. And in my mind, until recently, I was like, You know what, I really need to go at this, I really need to try to work on this. And it’s done wonders for me. I’m about a month into like, full on meditation multiple times per day, for five to 10 minutes at a time.
And it’s incredible what it can do. Now a lot of people think that meditation is kind of sitting down and like clearing your mind of thoughts, which that is not the truth that is not at all what it’s about. Meditation is all about, just focusing on the thoughts that are coming in, looking at them, trying to analyze them and see where those thoughts are coming from. And then where do they go when you start focusing your attention on those thoughts. So when you’re meditating, you’re really looking at the space around you, you’re taking in all the sounds, you’re noticing that you can’t control when a sound starts. And when it ends, you just want to notice it. Notice different feelings, the feeling of you sitting the feeling of what what emotion do you have? Are you tired? Where’s that? Where’s that tiredness sitting? Is it in your face? Is it in your chest? Does it make you feel heavy, and you’re noticing these things, and you’re just looking at them? And eventually you’ll get lost in thought and a random thing. And once you notice you’re lost and thought you analyze what am I thinking about? Why am I thinking about that? And then you can turn back to something like breathing where you focus on the you don’t force yourself to breathe, but you focus on the feeling of breathing. Where do you feel your breath coming? Is it coming in through your nose? Is that where you focus your attention on that? Or like for me, it’s the rising of the chest. These are really basic techniques of meditation. Now, it’s hard to get into meditation. If you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You can watch some YouTube videos. And there are some resources out there. But the best resource I can give you is Sam Harris’s waking up. app. It’s an app on your phone. You can go on his website as well you can sign up. He does an introductory course for meditation guide Had meditation.
For I think
it’s about five to seven days for free. And then there’s a one year, there’s only a one year subscription you can buy into, which is $100 for an entire year. But there’s with that introductory course in that course, is actually I think, 28 days long. So you go through every day, do about 10 minutes of meditation, guided meditation, where he walks you through what to pay attention to, what to look out for, and it is fucking
The, the best part, too, is that if you, if you can’t afford that hundred dollars for an entire year, you can email them, and they’ll give you the subscription for free. Because in that’s kind of the message, this is the go giving message that Sam Harris plays into. And he’s he, he believes so much in meditation and mindfulness, that he’s willing to give out this free subscription to help people with their, you know, their there’s their state of mind and getting them to a mindful state. Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and has a really great podcast, I think it’s called waking up as well, where he talks to a bunch of different people. But he is huge in the meditation world, huge in the mindfulness world. And he has a bunch of conversations on the app where he talks to people about mindfulness, about consciousness, he has a bunch of different types of meditations that he guides you through, the dude is fucking incredible. There’s a lot of really good stuff on there. A lot of like, really awesome ego, like destroying the ego and stoic messages. And just, I mean, he’s such an amazing thinker. And I highly recommend you guys check this out. The The other thing you can do, which I know couple people do to really help them get into a state of meditation like state in a state of mindfulness is yoga. Yoga is not something that I personally do, but I would really interested in getting into it. I know a lot of people who meditate while they do yoga, there’s a bunch of different types of yoga, that can be really intense. And other ones are much more relaxing, where you can get into that kind of that really easygoing, flow state, I think restorative Yoga is the biggest one where I think like, at the end, you do a corpse pose for 10 minutes, which is literally where you lay down on your back. So and they basically fall asleep.
I’m wanting to get into yoga,
more than one reason, which we’ll get into in just a little bit. But Yoga is another really good one, you get a good workout with that stuff, too, which is part of this episode we’re gonna be discussing is working out because that’s a really good, great healthy habit that can get you to be way more productive than you otherwise would be. So I’ll Um, I’ll include a link to Sam Harris’s app or website, I guess, for waking up. And yeah, I mean, this state of mindfulness is I think, something everyone should achieve or try to achieve too, because it really does strengthen your esteem, your self esteem, its strength strengthens the respect that you have for yourself, which is going to help you self actualize in the end. So let’s move into the next topic, which is going to be about diet. And diet is a massive, massive player in the emotions that can drive you the way you feel the way you wake up. And I’m sure most of you this is probably going to be a shorter one because I’m no, I’m not a dietitian. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not an expert in this field. But I can tell you what I know from my experiences,
the biggest thing so I’m a type one diabetic. I was diagnosed when I was 15, almost 10 years ago now. And so I take insulin every day. And I have to continue doing that for the rest of my life. So you know, when I was younger, when I was in my teenage years, I didn’t eat the health the best I took care of myself. You know, I made sure I checked everything and I was dosing the right way. I made sure I was good. I was fairly active. I wrestled in high school and worked out, did some lifting. And but but I didn’t always my diet was never the best. It wasn’t until I was about 20 that I started to pay attention more to my diet, and I started to change things up. And one thing that really helps me out with like, with fluctuate fluctuating energy levels, like throughout the day, I would wake up really tired, I’d have a little boost around noon, and then I’d start crashing around three or four, and then around six or seven, kind of get up again. And then like, usually around 10, or 11, I’m still awake, and it was difficult to go to sleep. And that was just about how, how I ran every single day. What really helped out for me was intermittent fasting. It helped me out in multiple ways. First way being that the my energy levels were much more consistent, I was able to focus for longer periods of time. Um, and for me personally, like my blood sugar’s looked so much better, a lot lower, a lot more consistent, not as rapid. And a lot of that has to do with obviously, the fact that I’m not snacking all day, I’m not eating, you know, a meal in the morning and meal in the middle of the night. But I would do usually about 10 hour fasts from like 10 to, or 12pm to 10pm. So I would only eat within those periods. And yeah, I mean, intermittent fasting was awesome, I loved it. I haven’t been doing it as of recently. But I should probably get back into it. Especially because I really enjoyed it. It really did help me out a bunch. But more recently, what I’ve noticed or how much carbs have been affecting me. And again, in multiple ways, if you don’t know much about diabetes, carbs, carbohydrates are the main driving factor that you have to pay attention to. So it’s kind of what you’re basing all of your insulin doses on is your carbs, carbon take, how much how many carbs are you eating, and that’s what scant determine how much insulin you’re gonna take. Now, carbs are a really interesting one,
it can heavily affect the extended period of time, or I should actually say the effect effectiveness of insulin. So the more carbs you eat, the less effective insulin is going to be a it’s like carbs, kind of override insulin. So if you’re eating lots of possible thoughts of breads, lots of lots of candy.
It can kill
your blood sugar throughout the entire day. I mean, I’ll run extremely high, and take a shit ton of insulin, and I still won’t go down. And it can be crazy at times. Now, not only that, but whenever I eat carbs, that happened, that’ll happen. And that’ll play. Play on for a couple of days where I’m struggling to maintain my blood sugar. But then I’m also noticing again, much like the intermittent fasting, the my energy levels are I crash hard. So going back, so like going off of a carb diet, heavy carbon intensive diet has helped out a bunch as well, you know, I tried to stick more so to the, to a heavy carnivore diet, a more meat oriented diet, as well as I think Danny and I were talking about this, and a few episodes ago, when we had him on the show back in June. Yeah, it was it was a little while ago, but he was talking about how he’s been on a carnivore diet. And I’ve been pushing that a little bit more and much more consistent with energy, a lot easier to focus on. And just feeling, especially with how much I’m working out now. That energy level can remain much, much, much more consistent. But the point is, is your diet is going to play a major, major role in the way you are And the way it affects your mood and your ability to do things and we need to be doing things as producers. And as business owners you have to constantly be doing now obviously you should be taking breaks. And that is extremely important. But you do have to make sure that you can have a good consistent amount of energy throughout the day so that if you’re working, working a day job, you can still come home and you can still work on, you know production. You can still work on your business, you can still do the things that you need to do and get them done and done in a timely manner. So do research into your diet, man, I mean, start cutting things out. Bring things in, eat at different times of the day and track that stuff. You know, track your energy, see how it works, see how you feel, I think My Fitness Pal is a really good app for that sort of stuff, you can completely track all of your meals, you can track your weight, you can track your, you know, your carbon, take calorie intake, do all of your macros and micros, which if you don’t know what that those are, that’s basically what I’m talking about here, your calories, how much protein you’re taking vitamins, everything, um, and you can track that stuff and look at it on a graph. And, you know, you can write notes for days, this is how I felt at the end of the day. And then you can review that every week, or every month. And you can see, look at what you ate throughout the day. How did you feel at the end of the day? Okay, well, you know, if I this, this and that on this day, and I had better energy, maybe we should be looking more into that type of diet. And obviously, everyone’s different people react differently. You know, I know people who can drink a 12 pack of soda in a day and stay up till three in the morning, wake up at seven in the morning and just go all day. There’s freaks of nature like that, which is insane. But that’s possible. A diet is extremely important when we’re talking about effectiveness here. And being able to really, I mean, get shit done, which is what we’re wanting to do. Let’s dive into the third topic here, which is going to be working out which plays right into diet. And was kind of what I was talking about earlier with yoga if you’re going into Yoga is an awesome one to get both that mindful meditation, mindfulness and meditation while also working out because there are some intense yoga classes you can take that are fuckin ridiculous person, like if I’m going to get into yoga, I’d probably just get into restorative stuff. I want to take it easy when I’m doing yoga, I still want to get those nice stretches and stretching is great. Especially if you’re doing high intensity workouts outside of yoga. So if you’re doing like a live lifting, if you’re doing heavy cardio stuff.
Right now what I’ve been getting into, which has been so much fun. So like I said earlier in high school, I wrestled for a while. And then a couple of years ago, a few years ago actually, almost four years ago, I was in Seattle for about a month working with my buddy and my buddies like super into mixed martial arts and was competing for a little while one handful matches. And so he his gym, he was going to they did a bunch of training in judo, Jiu Jitsu, boxing kickboxing. Um, and I was going with him for a little while, I think it was I think I went to like four classes with him. And it was awesome. You know, I have about 10 years of wrestling experience. And I want to eventually, who constantly watching fights. Super excited for this upcoming fight on Saturday with Mike Tyson. And Roy Jones Jr. It’s gonna be ridiculous. It’s gonna be an awesome boxing match. Super excited recently.
I actually
just joined a Jiu Jitsu gym the other week. And so I’m starting to get into heavy jujitsu. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while my dad’s been wanting me to do it for a while my dad is also super into mixed martial arts. He trained in Jiu kundo for a little while. And so for years and years and years, my dad’s been like, you need to get into Jiu Jitsu, like, I’ll pay for it. Blah, blah, blah. Just really wanted me to get into it. So I’m like, finally. Okay. Now’s the time, get started and then do it. I’m ready to do it. And so I joined and holy shit, what a great workout that is. You’ve learned, ah, an extremely valuable skill. It’s much more cardio oriented, but it’s also you know, there’s some strength that’s involved with it. My body hasn’t been this sore for a minute, who every day it is sore. I am doing the stretching stuff I need to do but damn, does it feel good. There’s not a you know. It’s been interesting. So like, since I’m super new to it. I don’t really know anyone at the gym. I’m starting to get introduced to people, people at the gym that I’m going to her. Awesome. They’re all super cool. But I would be like super nervous going in. Because I’m out of my comfort zone. jujitsu is much different from wrestling. And so it’s weird, like I’m familiar in the space but not at the same time. So I don’t know what to anticipate. But when I’m done with a class,
I feel
incredible. I’ve been doing more evening classes, so it’s like 630 to eight that I’m going in after the class on Bucky. happiest shit. I’m super excited. I’m really just, I’m very enthusiastic and it feels great. Now I lifted for a while, um, before COVID I was on a year and a half streak of lifting, doing heavy lifting for about five times a week, sometimes six.
And, you know, I
dropped I think I dropped like 10 pounds and built up just a shit ton of muscle was feeling great, but it was tough to go to the gym. I don’t know what it was. But I like the gym start getting boring lifting kind of started getting boring. I wasn’t super interested in it. But jujitsu is different. That’s one where I’m like, I guess it’s because I’m also learning like a really unique life skill that can be really effective in certain areas. But also the competitiveness of it, um, you can, you can pace yourself a little bit more than you can working out. You don’t have to feel like you’re doing more than other people. It’s an interesting one. Regardless, it’s humbling as shit to it is so humbling when you’re fucking rolling with someone. And they Rolly they wrap you up like a goddamn pretzel and make you feel things that you never thought you would feel before by twisting your fucking arm or twisting your leg and it fucking hurts. And, you know, you’ll you can roll with people who are smaller than you and they’ll fuck you up. I mean, they’ll get you into a choke within seconds. And you’re like Jesus, that super humbling, it makes you respect people a little bit more. And it makes you you know, going into the confidence thing. And self self esteem really helps build your confidence makes you walk a little bit taller. Knowing that you have the skill that you know, no one can really recognize if you have the skill unless you’re in a fight, you’re probably less likely to want to fight with people to understanding that other people might have this ability, the humbling aspect of it is really interesting.
But working out in general,
is super good for your your mind, your body, your soul, all across the board, your emotions, and everything, there’s been a shit ton of science that’s been dug into working out and how effective you can be. A lot of people like to work out to start the day. I’m not a morning person at all, I need to get eight hours or more sleep, sometimes nine hours of sleep, otherwise, my day is gonna suck. I used to try to wake up at like five in the morning to go work out. And I would crash you know, most people would have a high the entire day, I would like wake up a little bit. And after an hour crash, I’d be dead all day just I want to go I want sleep all day. And that was it with a combination of a healthy diet and working out and it just didn’t work out for me. I need to work out more in the afternoons or in the late evenings and I feel great for the rest of the day, I can get a good night’s sleep, and I wake up way more energized. And that’s just how I work. And that’s the same with working out when I was lifting, I would work out around noon, around my lunch hour and workout for about an hour hour and a half to doing some heavy intense lifting. And I would feel good for the rest of the day. And then I get a great night’s sleep. And I’d feel energized. I know. But again, there’s a lot of people that like to start their day off that way, find out what works for you. Regardless, you should be working out, especially in this day and age, a lot of people are working from home. And if you have a second business or you’re a producer and you’re also working from home, that means you’re going to be sitting in your chair for eight hours. And then sitting in your chair probably for another two to four more hours. So total of almost 12 hours every single day. And that was that has been me since COVID started I needed to go do something and I you know, like I said I was lifting before, but they’re making you wear masks in gyms. And I think that’s stupid. And I’m not going to do that. Um, so I I opted into. I was like, I need to do something I’ve been wanting to get into Jiu Jitsu you obviously don’t need to wear a mask when you do Jiu Jitsu, it’s not gonna work. So I was like, that’s what I’m gonna get into. And it’s been phenomenal. Like loving it so much. So find what works out for you. But work out, go do something, go for a walk, go for a run. Walking especially helps out with creativity. There’s been a shit ton of studies on walking and creativity as well as problem solving. A lot of really good studies on that sort of stuff, do some research, find out what works for you, but definitely go out and do something and I can’t I can’t express how Important that is for your mental clarity for your emotions for focusing. And in your mood. It’s like, you know, when when you start talking about getting into mindfulness with meditation or yoga, implementing that with a healthy diet, and then also implementing that with some exercise every day, you know, an hour of good exercise, you’re starting to build a machine, a really well oiled machine, that you’ll thank yourself, not only now, but later, especially.
and final topic that we’re going to be discussing is going to play into all of these. And something that I just mentioned before and that sleep by far, I think out of all of these sleep might be the most important thing. It’s a tough one, you know, all all the topics we’ve talked about today with developing healthy habits so that you can achieve this strong self esteem, strong respect for yourself, and then also getting to that, so that you can get in self actualization and just go at whatever it is that you’re wanting to go at. Sleep is one that most people neglect, especially if you’re in this industry. And you’re you let’s talk about high tier DJs for a second. When you have to, when you’re on tour, and you’re going to a new city every day or every other day, or every few days, that’s exhausting on your body, you’re in different time zones, you’re getting, you’ve got a you have a flight that leaves at six in the morning, you get there at three in the afternoon you get you’re probably eating shitty, you probably didn’t get full night’s sleep before you go do the show until one two in the morning, go to sleep, wake up at six or seven, get on a plane and go to like, you’re doing this constantly, all the time. It’s rough for your body, you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re groggy, you can be confused. You’re way more inclined to screwing things up. And not only that, but when you are sleeping, sometimes you’re sleeping on the plane. And not only is getting enough sleep important, but the quality of sleep that you’re getting plays right into that because if you’re not getting quality sleep, you’re not getting good sleep, you’re going to be groggy, you’re not going to be running full steam ahead at 100%. There’s a great episode that my girlfriend Marty and I listened to when we were on a road trip to Dallas, on the Joe Rogan experience. It’s Episode 1109 by Matt with Matthew Walker, who’s a I think he’s a neuroscientist. By now I know he focuses on sleep. And it’s like a three, three and a half hour episode and it is mind blowing. He gets into some crazy studies and facts about sleep. That is unbelievable. I can’t remember what it was. But I think he said something like if you get under six and a half hours of sleep or seven hours of sleep every night, you can decrease your life expectancy by like 10 years or something. It’s pretty intense. How important sleep is and how much people neglect it. And especially musicians on the road. I know I used to neglect sleep. If you’re younger, you probably neglect sleep. But if you want to really be pushing yourself to limits throughout the day sleep is by far one of the most important things, not just the amount of sleep but the quality of sleep as well. I’m not even going to say anything other than that. And just tell you to go listen to this episode, the Joe Rogan experience where there’s a real expert that can give you real data real analytics on this topic. And I’ll include that episode in the show notes at Envious Audio comm slash Episode 41. But believe me when I say sleep is probably the most important thing, it’s one you can do immediately. You know, sometimes it’s hard to get into a good diet because either you don’t have enough money or you already bought groceries. So you know working out sometimes you maybe you need to get new shoes, maybe you need to get a gym membership either. There might be some extra steps in between actually being able to do the thing that you need to do. And then there’s can also be some lag time in between when you start and when you actually start to see good results. Sleep is one you can almost see immediately. You know if you get one good night’s sleep, you can see how that affects you in the next day. You know meditation is one that takes a while as well, because you have to be doing it for a consistent amount of time takes enough practice to realize what you’re looking for. And what you’re looking at To then really be able to effectively get into that mindfulness state. But sleep is the one thing on this list that you can do today, you can do tonight, and see results tomorrow. And over time those results multiply
and exponentially grow. So be sure to go get a good night’s sleep tonight, you
know, get your eight hours, it’ll help. But that is it for today, guys, thank you so much for hanging out. In the next episode, we’ve got a really good special guests coming on. I’m super excited for you guys will appreciate that episode. It’s probably someone you’ve heard before. Hopefully, if not, go check him out because you’ll enjoy him. But I’m gonna leave that as a secret for the next episode. And then after that we have another guest where we’re going to be talking about some copyright stuff. We’re gonna be talking about some live streaming stuff as well. So I’m super excited for those episodes. Those of you in the US you probably had Thanksgiving yesterday. I hope it was good. I hope you enjoyed your time with your family and friends. And I’ll see you guys next time. Oh yeah, as always head to Envious audio.com slash Episode 41 to check out the show notes. If you like the show, share it with a friend. If you want to share your you know how your feedback with other producers. Give the show review on Apple podcasts rate it. Let people know how you like the show. What your favorite parts are, what you don’t like about it, you know, let other people know there’s anyone you’d like to hear on an episode or you’d like to tell me how you like the show or you would like to come on as a guest head to Envious audio.com slash podcast there’s a form on there. If you scroll down, fill it out. Let me know what you think. Let me know if you want to come on or if there’s a topic you want to hear whatever you want. Anyways, thank you guys so much. See you next time. Have a good day. See ya.

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