Why The Hero’s Journey is The Answer to Your Marketing Needs

Today, we’re talking about why the hero’s journey is the answer to all your marketing needs.

Take your journey in this episode and discover the ins and outs of the hero’s journey. How can you apply this tactic in both your music and your marketing?

Most people assume that the key to marketing is a  nice big wallet, but that is far from the truth. If you want the secret sauce to marketing, it’s all about positioning and ad copy.

If you struggle with effective marketing, it’s probably because you lack the hero’s journey in your writing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the hero’s journey is
  • Why you need to use the hero’s journey
  • How to apply the hero’s journye
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

and much more!

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – https://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html

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Hey guys, welcome to electronic dance money, your number one business resource for making money as electronic musicians and producers.
Hey, what’s up
everyone? Welcome
back to another episode of electronic dance money. I’m your host, Chris shrink sceeto Hope you guys are doing well
We got another episode, no guest today, but I do have an awesome guest coming in. What’s today today? I’m recording this today on Tuesday the 10th I’ve got an awesome guest leave coming in on the second Wednesday. And that episode might the episodes either gonna be out on now I guess that one would come out on Friday the 11th of December. That one’s gonna be a fucking awesome episode. You guys are gonna like that. I hope you are. Anyways, today. We got solo one. Now we’re gonna be talking about something I mentioned a couple of weeks ago with I think it was with Zen. With Frankie Yuria Zen world. Yeah, I’m almost certain. Yep. Yeah, we talked we briefly mentioned I briefly mentioned the hero’s journey. And you know, writing your marketing, focusing on the hero’s journey, making it about,
not about
you, because it’s not about you, you’re not the hero. It’s all about making the hero’s journey about the hero in the story, your consumer, your listener, your customer, your client, whoever that is, on the other end, you’re trying to grab the attention of they are the hero and you’re simply just an NPC in the side story guiding them through their journey. So I wanted to dive more into that topic. Because this is a really interesting one, one because if you’re running a business, it is how you create a successful business. It’s why people want to come to you because you are such a good guide, and you’re not the hero, you’re allowing the other person to be the hero. But to because if you’re an artist creating if you can create the hero’s journey for your listener, if you can market your music, to be directed towards the hero of the story not being you but the listener by them relating to your music and your time, you’re tapping into a crazy amount of power in psychology. And you’re gonna get these super fans that will always listen to your music and always share it because they can relate.
Now first, let’s
step back and talk a little bit more about the hero’s journey. There was a book that I brought up back on episode 16, where we talked about how to get more streams with your tracks. And in that episode, we kind of dive into creating a promo plan and marketing your music and I brought up a book by Donald Miller called Building a story brand. And this is the book that kind of it’s the it is the book that guides you through the hero’s journey. So if some of you went in, read that book, awesome. Hell yeah. You’re you’re grinding away you’re at it. That is a perfect book to read about how to build a story through your brand and how to market to your client, your customer, your avatar, in that book. And also there’s a PDF guide that Donald Miller created. Eight he talks about the hero’s journey, and how there’s these seven points within a hero’s journey that you need to nail on in order to get the hero’s journey correct. Now, if you look at just about any big movie that’s you could call them action movies, fantasy movies, sci fi movies. Star Wars is one that I brought up a couple of weeks ago when we were talking with when we were talking with Frankie, and it’s my go to because it’s set up so perfectly when you look at like the original Star Wars movies. Who is the hero of the story? Obviously, it’s not Darth Vader. It’s not Obi Wan. It’s not Yoda. These people are not the it’s not laya it’s not Han, it’s Luke. Luke is the hero. Now, when Luke is brought into the scene, he doesn’t really know who he is or what he’s really doing until he’s faced with a problem. And that problem is that the Emperor Empire came in and killed his aunt and uncle. And he’s kind of at at his wit’s end at this point. And he has an issue and it is the Empire. And what happens next after that, he meets Obi Wan, Obi Wan is his guide. He’s the guide. Now, when you’re thinking about this hero’s journey,
you’re not
Luke, you are Obi one. You’re the guide for Luke Luke is your client or your customer or your listener Obi one then gives Luke a plan and through this plan, Obi Wan then gives Luke an action to take, which is then going to either lead him to his success or his failure. Now this repeats again in Episode Five in The Empire Strikes Back with Yoda. What’s the problem that Luke is given? Well, he needs to become stronger in the force. Who does he mean Yoda his guide, Yoda gives him a plan which is to become stronger in the force, he gives him actions to become stronger in the force, which later is going to end up leading to his success. Ultimately, at the end of Episode Five, it leads to his what seems like a failure because the kid says sorry, spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched episode five of Star Wars, but at the end of it, it leads to him getting his arm cut off by Darth Vader, he flees, but then he comes back in Episode Six. And again, spoiler alert, he ends up defeating the Empire through the skills he was taught by Yoda in Episode Five. That’s how the hero’s journey works out in every single movie, Lord of the Rings happens the exact same way. One of my favorite movies, tron happens the exact same way. All of these movies, books, anything that has a good story to it like that. It sets up this hero’s journey. Now, when you’re watching these movies, or you’re reading these books, you feel like you’re the hero in the story. You are Luke, you want to be the hero. Everyone wants to be the hero. Your customers and your clients or your listeners are the same way they want to be Luke, they want to be the hero. They don’t want to be the guide. They don’t want to be the villain. They don’t want to be the NPC or the side person that’s not really involved. And they want to be the main story. So your listeners need to feel that in your music, your clients, they need to experience that you need to be the guide and you need to give them the plan that’s going to lead them to success. Give them the plan with the action that is going to lead them to success. If you can mark it like
you’re going to be the king of the world. I will provide the PDF guide that Donald Miller created to demonstrate the hero’s journey in the shownotes if you just head to Envious audio.com slash Episode 40
Oh, yeah, that’s
right. We’re on episode 40. I totally forgot about that. Hell yeah, guys. Give yourselves a pat on the back if you’ve listened listened to every single episode. Thank you so much to if you have listened to every single episode. Anyways, going back to what we’re talking about, though, I just gave an entire breakdown of the episode four, four and five star wars but if you’re following along and really listening, you can see how this hero’s journey is set up. And you can probably imagine, the way it’s also set up in these other fantastical movies and epics and stories like Lord of the Rings, like Tron, like the matrix, the hero’s journey is everything when it comes to your business. If you cannot translate that, it will not work.
If you cannot translate that your business will not work out in the end you as an artist won’t work out in the end. Now I have to give credit where it’s due. And my inspiration for this episode came from the six figure home studio podcast episode 101, where they talk about the hero’s journey. And this next step that I’m this or this I guess this next section that I’m going to be talking about was something that Chris brought up in the episode and was a big theme in it and it’s about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And when I was listening to this episode, I was really I was really inspired by this hierarchy of needs and thinking about how can you guys as artists, how can you apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs along with the hero’s journey to get more if you’re a producer to get more listeners if you’re a business owner I strongly recommend going and listening to that episode because that episode is more focused on business owners. And this one’s this episode’s a little bit more focused on us producers trying to get more listeners and get more fans. But I’m gonna bring, I’m gonna talk to Chris cuz I’m Chris is my business coach. And I’m actually helping him out with group coaching and marketing, as well as doing some one on one lessons with some of his students to teach them more about marketing and help them out with marketing. So I’m gonna talk to Chris about getting him on a guest episode. And maybe yes, just going all in on the on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, because it’s a very, very interesting topic. This Hierarchy of Needs is what everyone needs in order to really feel like an actual person, like they’re doing something like they’re healthy, they’re happy and healthy. If you can’t meet these bottom, like two or three, you’re in a really bad position, probably in a third world country. But the first are very basic needs, which are physiological needs, you need food, you need water, you need warmth, you need shelter. And I guess shelter can kind of play into the second one, which is safety needs, you know, security, employment, resources, money, you need these things in order to participate in society really, for the most part. Now, the third one is getting more into psychological stuff, which is love and affection and belonging, that’s friendship, interpersonal relationships, good relationships with your family. And then going more into the psychological effect of life would be esteem, which is feeling like you’re respected. You have status, you have recognition, which, if you’re a producer, most of us are searching for that. And then you have self actualization at the very top, which is achieving one’s full potential. It’s going all out on whatever it is that you do. One big thing that Chris and Brian in the six figure home studio talk about in that episode, Episode 101, is about how a lot of musicians and usually a lot of people in general, have those two flip the self actualization and esteem, they think that esteem is at the top and that’s what they’re going for. And they think that they’re, they’ve already self actualized. So now they’re going for prestige, they’re going for respect, they’re going for being the best at what they’re at, but you can’t self actualize. until you feel like you have that self esteem you feel like you have that respect. Because if you feel like you have that if you have strong self esteem for yourself, then you’re actually able to self actualize and you’re able to meet your full potential in your creative capacity and going 110% take your self esteem out of that, and you can’t self actualize.
Think about that.
If you have shitty self esteem, you’re not doing the best that you could possibly do. Put great self esteem in there. And now you’re working with something so remember that because I you know that that was a big part of the episode that they talked about. And I don’t really want to dive into that as much. Because like I said, if I have Chris on we’ll we’ll dive into that. But the understand this, this hierarchy and how it works, as it applies to you, especially as producers, you need to make sure you’ve you feel you feel good about yourself, and you feel like you have respect, because then you can live it live to your full potential and work to your full potential. And the reason I bring this up, though, is not for you is not to talk about how you could be better. I mean, really it is I do want you to be better this is for you to be better. But the reason I bring up this hierarchy of needs is because I’d like to flip the script and look at this in the way of your listeners How can you use the you know, you’ve got the keys to the kingdom now. You’ve got the secret sauce here on creating a hero’s journey to how can you also apply that plot apply the hero’s journey to this hierarchy of needs. Well, let’s talk about the third and fourth tier to the top which is
love and belonging as well as the the esteem needs. Think about most people who listen to electronic music. Most of them have this this and empathetic part of them where they have great friendships or they want to have great friendships. They love people. They love the music. You know, think of the hippie at the festival that loves everyone. And they’re all about that. And what’s, what draws that out of them. Think about what draws that out of them. What is drawing that out of them, when we’re talking about like electronic music, I mean, obviously, it’s the music, it’s the B, it’s the, it’s the melody, even aggressive music, you know, dirty dubstep hardstyle. Most of these people, I would, I would argue most of these people feel like they might have low self esteem, or they have high self esteem. But they would like some recognition, they would like more respect, they would like status. Almost everyone wants that, especially listeners. That’s why they share new music because they want to be a part of that in crowd, you know, they want their friends to respect their musical choice. They want to feel like they have status within music, when sharing music. These are the things that you need to be thinking about when you’re both writing music, and you’re also marketing it. How can you dive into that drive into that? How can you move that forward? How can you apply that to your story in your music and your art, because if you can tap into both the hero’s journey, as well as tapping into people’s esteem needs and their needing their, their their willingness and needing to be loved and in a group and feeling like they belong somewhere. If you can tap into those, that is a powerful marketing tool. This is why I’ve talked about you know, when you’re promoting your music, talk about your this is kind of gonna play opposite of the building the hero’s journey, but you, you if you can talk about your story, and why you wrote a song The way you wrote it, there’s more authenticity behind that and more people can relate to that. And they can feel like they’re the hero in that in the journey there. They can also feel this intimate connection with you that they didn’t have before and they probably don’t have with most people,
the way your music and the way you market it can be the thing, the catalyst that helps other people build strong, intimate relationships and friendships with people. That’s how you can meet people’s esteem needs by them feeling like they’re worth something through your music. And if you can market that if you can make posts on social media, if you can create videos, if you can create a music video that highlights that and shares that that’s far more powerful than anything else out there. It’s far more powerful than throwing $500 at ads. However, if you can write that message that makes people feel like they have strong relationships, or that your your your music can meet those needs, then they’re going to that $500 in your in your ads is going to be way more effective. Or that post that you make for promo is going to be way more effective than this is. Like I said earlier, this is how you create superfans, if you if they feel like your music, brought them closer to a friend, ooh, oh my god or closer to a family member, or your music made them feel like they were worth something that I mean, think about that is I’m sure many of you can sit here and think about songs that have done that for you. And I’m sure that’s one of your favorite artists, because they were able to meet these hierarchy needs for you. Something that’s going to motivate you and push you and make you want to be a better person playing to those needs. And do that with the hero’s journey in your writing and the way you you write ad copy and the way you write things on your website talking about your story, or applying it to the listener. Have you ever felt like a B or C then this song is for you. So let’s do a quick review. Go back over what we’re talking about. We have the hero’s journey. Now the way the hero’s journey is broken out in story brand is there’s a character with a problem that meets a guide that’s given them a plan then gives them an action. And that action then leads to either their success or failure. Remember that and apply that. That’s how your hero’s journeys gonna work in your marketing and all of your writing that you do. And then you’ve got your hierarchy of needs, which again, you can apply to the way you write your music. You know, the emotional sense that comes from your music, the the heart and soul behind your music, but then you can apply that The same tactics within the hero’s journey to meet people’s hierarchy needs, you’ve got your basic needs, food, water, warmth for physiological stuff, you have your safety needs, security, money, resources, then you move into your psychological needs which is the the love and belongingness that you need intimate relationships, friends, family, interpersonal relationships. Then you need to meet your esteem needs. feeling like you’re worth something like you’re respected, you have status you have recognition, and from that point on, you can self actualize and achieve your full potential. Remember achieving your full potential is also is just as important for you as it is to your listener they want to achieve their full potential they want to self actualize, so help them get there help your listeners self actualize by meeting their belongingness and love needs, as well as their self esteem needs. That’s it for today’s episode, guys, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope this was a good explanation. I hope you guys can apply this stuff. It can be extremely effective in every single facet of your career. Whether you’re going the business route, or just the producer route, apply the hierarchy apply the hero’s journey and you will go so damn far head to Envious audio.com slash Episode 40 to check out all of the show notes go to facebook.com join the Facebook community electronic dance money community. If you love the show, if you hate the show, let me know tell me what can be improved or why you love the show go to Apple podcasts or iTunes look up electronic dance money rate and review it please please please let me know how you are liking the show how
you’re applying things. I’d love to hear. Hear how things are going. If you need any help had Envious audio.com fill out my contact form let me know what I can do for you. Let me know what you’re struggling with and I can point you in the right direction Envious audio.com slash podcast if you have someone you’d like to recommend for the show or if you’d like to come on the show and you have something you’d like to discuss. Anyways. I hope you guys are doing well. Those of you in the US have a good Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. Hopefully nothing burns down but yet we’re having a crazy time over here in the US but hopefully things will get better soon. Thank you guys so much. Stay safe and take care.

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