Liberating Your Life as a Producer With Cinco Sound

We have our first returning guest! Danny, from Cinco Sound, is back on the show!

If you don’t remember who he is, he’s from the very first episode. Danny is a hip-hop producer who specializes in making beats.

5 months ago, Danny made a major life changing decision to pick his life up and move to Equador, this decision was entirely motivated by The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.

He’s back on the show discuss why he wanted to move, what the 4-hour work week is all about, how you can impliment it, and ways to improve your lifestyle!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What The 4-Hour Workweek is
  • How to improve your life style
  • Ways to make a more happy life
  • How to make a big move like Danny

and much more!

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Hey guys
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Hell yes. Hell yes. What is up everyone? I’ve got my cup of coffee. It’s been a good day and it’s about to get even fucking better. We’ve got a return guest from the very first episode, Danny over at cinco sound What is up my dude How are you doing and welcome back?
What up? What I’m good man. I’m it’s good to be back. It’s great to catch up with you again. And yeah, man. I’m super stoked to to get on this episode and just kind of talk about life and see what’s going on man.
Yeah, I know, dude, this one is definitely going to be I mean, there’s a topic We’ve got a topic, it’s in the title, we’re going to be discussing. You know, actually, as we’re recording this episode, technically, I don’t have an episode title in mind, but I have a feeling it’s gonna be something along the lines of liberating your life in freeing yourself of the ties of a normal job, a normal, quote unquote normal job and a quote unquote normal life. as producers though, I don’t think we have normal lives. I don’t think any of us want to have a normal life, especially if you’re wanting to be an aspiring EDM DJ. I mean, shit, even if you want to be a hip hop producer or hip hop rapper, I don’t think you want a fucking normal life. And, Danny, I think you have altered your life completely and you don’t any you no longer have a normal life. So we’re going to be dissecting parts of the four hour workweek. And the reason why we’re doing that is because I actually just recently reached out to you bees. I had a leader call reached out to me who was a rapper that needed a producer who produces hip hop beats. And you were the first person I thought of because of our first episode, which, if you haven’t listened to the first episode, it’s all about how you can make $2,000 a month selling beats, which is in certain parts of the world, a wonderful living so definitely go check out that episode if you haven’t, it’s a great one with Danny drops a ton of knowledge. But anyways, I had this client who needed this app. So I reached out to Danny and was checking in see how he’s doing and damn Did you drop the craziest awesome bomb on me? And so I decided to bring him back onto the podcast so why don’t you update all the listeners and just what have you been up to? What have the few months been for you? And yeah, what were what have you been up to man?
Okay, so since that last podcast like I don’t know how long ago that was, but I think a year a year ago damn over a year. Wow. Okay, so yeah, it’s been a process of basically moving to do this full time now the last time I was on the podcast, I had a like a little party and I was like a buffer I would go there like once a week maybe sometimes like once every two weeks, but for the most part, most of my money came from either recording mixing and mastering and then I was still doing like the whole beat thing on the side. I was still in my bed I’m like moving my mic around because I have no mic stand I didn’t bring into this country. I’m gonna try I’m a very animated person when I talk I’m going to try to keep it as close to me as possible. But it just it’s been a process of essentially trying to narrow it down find my purpose and be like okay, what is it exactly I’m trying to do. We’ve heard time and time from you know, Brian and Chris, from six figure home studio that you want to niche down you want to be like a specialist. You want to be like a like a dominant person in whatever you’re trying to, to perceive So, so yeah, it’s just been a process of elimination. So recording was like the first seem to go and then we might go into this later into the podcast but like yeah essentially moves my studio to a different country. Like long story short, maybe we can talk about later in the podcast too. I kind of went through like a terrible breakup. And I was just kind of lost for a while I almost quit this whole music thing again, because although I was averaging anywhere from 2000 to $3,000 a month in Canada, like in Kenai, Canada, but like in Toronto, where I was living that where the cost of living is super expensive, like that just isn’t enough and it’s like you barely scraping by like that definitely made my relationship suffer with my with my ex. And also like my mental health too. I was like, man, like I’ve been doing this for so long, like how can I How can I take this to a next level and I couldn’t let go something I couldn’t let go of recording because even though I want to let go of it and just really only focus on making beats and selling it, I couldn’t let go of it because I needed that income. So yeah, after that break up. I was like no defeated I was lost and then this four hour work week book that I bought a while ago on recommendation from again those two guys Chris and Brian. I don’t know what prompted me to just start reading it I was like, I finished my other books and I’m like, Okay, let me just get started on this one and see where it goes mad at a chapter and and a half, not even two chapters into this book. I was like, I know what the fuck to do. I know where to go. Like I booked my plane ticket. I don’t even think to apo booked a one way plane ticket. I didn’t think twice about it. Like, I was like, I’m gonna fucking do this because I was looking at my income and I was looking at like different countries. And I was like, okay, Ecuador makes sense. I speak the language because I’m Latino. I’m half Ecuadorian half el salvadorian. I was dad who lives in Ecuador and I was like mad if worse comes to worse. I have like a little buffer in case shit. It’s a family him. But ya know, like, you know, he just when I did come here, he just helped me set up, get my own place. And then I’ve been here since I’ve been running. But but ya know, I decided I’m like, Yo, I’m going to go to Ecuador. Cost of living is dirt cheap with the money I’m making just from online sales and an online mixing and mastering projects. Like I’m going to be really good and I know and I’m gonna have all this extra free time no distractions from like friends family obligations freaking girls hitting you up trying to like get you oh you’re single now I’m like nah Leave me alone like I should I should to do so. So yeah, like that that was kind of the plan and like you know, maybe I should have read more of the book because literally the first chapter and and or maybe the first two chapters of the book are very it just kind of gives you like a broad perspective and while like on on it’s changing and shifting your mind on like hate like like why not why try to you know, work so hard till you’re six years old and then retire when it’s like you can you can live that retirement type of lifestyle. Earlier on you can be part of, quote unquote, the new rich is what I think the word that he says. Isn’t that so?
Yes, yeah. First of all, I want to just tell tell you how much I respect what you’re doing. And how bought It is to do I mean, it’s it isn’t it isn’t because in this day and age, it’s your we’re probably living in the I mean, granted, ignore COVID and all that stuff, but the time we’re living in, if you want to pick up your life and leave and go somewhere else right now is probably the easiest time to do it just in the general scheme of technology and whatnot. It’s much easier to do that and get a foot somewhere else. So congrats to you. That’s fucking incredible. But yes, a Tim Ferriss who’s the author of the four hour workweek, which I’ve talked about it briefly in other episodes before, but the new rich is a theory that he came up with when he was writing this book, and he came up with this, the idea of this book, I can’t remember the full story. I haven’t read the book and actually about a year or so. So I need to reread it, but he talks about the way he came up with this book was he was in his car. The idea of this book, I think he was in his car, like on the verge of committing suicide, I hating his life hating his job. And I believe he had decided to basically pick up his life and just leave and went to London or somewhere in the UK, and ended up living his whole living. The rest of his three years now, I shouldn’t say rest of his three years, ended up living the next three years of his life there in the UK. And I think it was there that he was writing the book and he came up with the idea for the new rich and one of the ways he and but yes, the whole, the whole first chapter, the whole first section is all about that about changing your mindset and changing it to this new rich philosophy and idea. And the old, the entire the way the book is set up is he’s got this method called deal that he basically lays out the definitions for and how to incorporate them in your life and It stands for definition, elimination, automation and liberation. And it’s a really cool concept. So the whole first section is about defining who you are and like how to get out of this mindset of this same like we said, quote unquote, normal life that people are expected to live and fuck working till you’re 60 and hoping that you have retirement, why not try to retire now become the new rich start some sort of company that works for you passively, as long as you set things up properly. Now, a lot of the the like, the meat of the book is that is setting up like he talks about the way he set up one of his like a brain supplement company, and it basically just ran itself and he only had to work a few hours a week just doing very minor tasks and we’ll get into some of that and a little bit but the new rate is one of the coolest things. I don’t know if you apply this but But one of the really cool things that he does in terms of thinking like the new rich is breaking down how he makes money or our how he looks at money. And he, I think he uses the idea of a Lamborghini. And what he does is he breaks it down from the entire cost of a Lamborghini, what it would cost to own that Lamborghini per year, then per month, then per week, then per day, and then per hour. And so you break it down. And if you can break your bills down into this into this mindset, and you can look at how much money do I need to make per day to live, you come to realize that you actually don’t need that much money per day to live, it might be a couple hundred dollars per day, and you know, over the span of 30 days, that makes what like four grand, so it might even be less for some people. But if you can get into this mindset and you can build a business structured around this becomes really interesting. It becomes it you start To realize that it’s actually a lot easier to live than you might think. And doing things like what you did where you pick up your life and move to a country that is the cost of living. It’s so much cheaper. That lifestyle starts to become 1000 times easier when you start realizing I only need $40 a day to live on anything and then you go, Oh, shit, this whole thing became way easier.
100% man way easier like you’re at a when we started as a zoom call, like right before we started recording this podcast, like man, like you look really happy, like glowing. I’m like, Yeah, man, like, I have no stress right now. Like, I came from a shitty dark basement where my fucking rent was 1200 a month and I had to split it with a roommate because I couldn’t afford that. And you know, just like no natural sunlight. It was cold. Sometimes they were like leak and like why would come in like a lot of my money was going to car repairs and like the cost of maintaining a car in Canada. Ridiculous. And in Yeah, that come to this country where again, dirt fucking cheap like my daily cost of living here is probably under $40 a day, man. It’s everything. Everything included bro it’s like that’s food rent that’s you like man like my water bill and my electricity bill here is under $10 a month like is stupid is crazy so and even my internet even like even my phone plan like little things like that and it just it gives you so much breathing room and it gives you like fuck you money where it’s like I’m not taking any more like projects I don’t want to work on and slowly like removing services that like you know, you may have liked but you just like not like I really want to focus on this one thing I’m really really passionate about So, so yeah, man. It’s been just amazing, man.
Yeah, you know that you bring up a really good point. And this is a point that actually Brian and Chris bring up pretty frequently on the six figure home studio podcast and it’s the it’s niching down and when you don’t niche down, or you save that one word First of all, if you say that you do everything you what that says is you do nothing at all. So if you say you record you mix, you master, you edit vocals you produce you, that means that you do none of those things, you’re actually kind of bad at a lot of things or you’re okay at a lot of things. But it’s much better to like you said be the specialist in one thing. And the issue is when you get wrapped up in things that you might not necessarily want to do, like recording, but you realize, fuck, this is like an income source. I don’t know if I can give up it becomes way harder to pull out of that sort of thing. Especially when you’re doing a lot of different things. You know, you’re doing mixing, you’re doing mastering, you’re selling beats and you’re recording and then you look at Well, I like a number of these. But recording is where I’m getting a majority of my income. What you You almost in a sense are kind of setting yourself up for failure because you’re doing something that you don’t necessarily love. But it is your fixed. It’s what drives All your income so you get wrapped up in this thing and, and it becomes very stressful when you need to pull and rip that band aid off so you can transition. But it is important to notice, okay, when can I get out of this? I don’t want to do this anymore. I need to niche down. Let’s start eliminating services. When you’re tied down to major obligations and major responsibilities, like you were talking about with living in a very expensive area. You need that income. You can’t niche down at that point. But when you free yourself like you did, and you go, fuck this, I’m moving to Ecuador, and all of a sudden you go my cost of living is $30 a day less than $40 a day. I can cut recording Fuck that. I’m done with that. Let’s work on mixing, mastering, oh, I don’t want to mix anymore. That’s too much work. I’d rather do a quick 3040 minute master and then make beats while I’m chilling on the fucking beach and let’s see what’s up. Did you know there’s there’s actually another good point too, that you mentioned in which is we can we can briefly get into it. But toxic relationships especially, that I think is something that is it’s I mean, it’s in the culture of I think every music music genre, it doesn’t matter where you know, whatever music type of music you write whatever genre you specialize in, I guess in life in general, there’s many many toxic relationships. The responsibilities that come with that shit are horrible on your I mean when you have this buildup of just resentment for someone resentment for where you’re at resentment for the services you’re providing, it builds up you become a toxic person, life end up sucking this like thing that you thought was magical and that you love just starts to dwindle away slowly but surely
Mad 100% and I’m not going to blame my ex and say she was talking like yeah you know like nobody’s perfect I think she’s actually a great person to live
yeah and I’m not saying the person but just the the people together when you make a relationship that in general the relationship itself is toxic not necessarily the people are bad or anything it’s just you know when you build this rough thing with someone
Yeah, I was just gonna say I was definitely toxic in that relationship like I was definitely a part of reason is because again, I was just so focused I was like trying to get out of this rat race to try to find something that worked that oh isn’t you know miserable fucking waking up every morning like Oh God, I gotta like, I got four or five hours of recording sessions. So we didn’t get to finish that mixing, mastering Oh, I don’t have any time to work on that beat that I’ve been trying to finish for so long. And then on now like and then you know, things happen with the girl now she wants to go out somewhere and it’s like, Fuck, like I you know, do I neglect this? Oh, she’s invited me to some like family event. Okay, like I kind of want to go but at the same time, like I really need to finish this project and it just, yeah, man. I guess I was definitely toxic and I don’t He wasn’t ready for like a serious, committed relationship. I think right now in this stage of life, especially if you’re a young man, like, you should be extremely selfish with your time and like in with your energy, I don’t think you should be trying to share that with anyone until like, you’re set until you’re like, Yo, I’m, I’m good, I’m actually happy, and I can share this happiness with someone else. So again, I was young when I got into that relationship. It was almost a four year long relationship. We were living together for about a year and a half. And, and yeah, you know, it’s just in the beginning it was like awesome. And then over time, you know, as you get older, you know, there’s questions or start coming up like that, like marriage kids, are we going to get out of the shitty basement like are we going to find a better spot and I’m like, okay, like, Toronto is kind of expensive like I you know, I was more driven my income comes from recording I can’t go too far up into the country because she was to live in a country because she was a dog trainer show. She had a bunch of dogs in the house, which are also giving me stress as well. All the dog hair on the noise Hello, smells. So So yeah, no, and I don’t blame her for that. You know, like I was I got I was young and I’m still young but but ya know it just it I think I think I just needed to get really focused and and any that relationship even though at the time like was making me miserable thinking they were gonna find something like that again. Now I look at the bigger picture I’m like no like that was necessary I needed that and I’m so happy it happened and and I wish her the best hope she’s doing good. And yeah no it’s just like yeah you’re right toxic leadership specially in the audio community like we heard a time and time again like it’s it’s yeah man like we’re introverted, I’m introverted, even though I’m talking a lot right now I prefer being alone. I like being alone. And she asked me to go through a problem going on. I’m about to talk about it like I can deal with it on my own issues ago you never share anything and I’m like,
here we go. Yeah, yeah, it’s you know, it is an interesting and the interesting thing in the audio and you know, I would even broaden it a little bit in say more so the entrepreneurial community because I mean, if you’re, I’ve talked about this time and time Again, you’ve heard me say this on a million fucking episodes, and I will continue to say it. But if you’re a producer, you’re running a business, that’s your you are running a business. You’re trying to make money doing something you love, you need to be in that business mindset. So I would say it’s, you know, it’s us as business owners as entrepreneurs. We are very dedicated to doing what we love. We’re dedicated to wanting to run the show the way we want to run the show, we want to run our own business. And so when you start running your own business, and you get in that mindset of being an entrepreneur of running a successful business, you start to live and breathe it. And if you don’t set prior, if you don’t set set up proper boundaries with yourself in that business and also, if you don’t communicate those boundaries as well with your significant other year go You are bound to have issues. This is you know, this is actually opposite of what we’re talking about. I am in a very healthy relationship with my girlfriend where she respects what I do. She understands what I do. She understands how much work it takes and how much time it takes. And she is 1,000% behind me, helps me with a lot of stuff. On top of that, I actually had her on an episode like 10 episodes ago, I think, where she’s in the financial world, and she came on and we talked about personal finance, because that is a major topic of discussion that needs to be discussed with producers that isn’t discussed, actually people in general. And so this, you know, this is something that we work on together financials to make sure we’re saving up money so we can buy a house in the future so we can do all these things that we’re wanting to do it. I mean, it’s it has, we don’t have to that’s one thing that I think a lot of relationships struggle with, too, is the money aspect. And so that’s something that’s not even really talked about in a negative way in our life, because we have our financial situation set up properly. So it’s like, you are able, I will I’ll go again, because I don’t I don’t think you’re saying that like it’s not possible. To be young in an unhealthy relationship, it’s entirely possible. But I do agree with you in the sense that if you’re a young man or young woman, you know, 18 to 2122, I think it’s very important for you to focus on yourself. I mean, if you’re 18, pick up the four hour workweek. If you’re 18, you should be reading this book. Because if you can set your life based off of this book, you’re going to be insanely successful by the time you’re 30 if you’re gonna live by it, and as long as you know if you can find someone who you who is kind of on the same path as you in those turn in that term of life, when you’re in your late 20s, I think again, you can build a very successful relationship and a very successful life with that person.
I agree, man, and I applaud you for having a good healthy relationship. I guess like what you mentioned, like good communication. I think that’s so important. That’s Something that was definitely lacking in my last relationship. And part of that, again was like a shame. You know, it was kind of like, Oh, I wish I was making more money. I wish I had more time for you. But it’s like I had to, like do these extra things to get to that point. And, you know, I maybe didn’t communicate properly enough. Or maybe she just got impatient. She was like, Okay, I’m not waiting any longer. So, so yeah, no, yeah, that,
yeah, that’s the thing too, is I mean, you can’t, you can, you can communicate as much as you need to or want to or think you can’t, or think that you need to. But I mean, the other person is their own person. They’ve got their own goals, they’ve got their own dreams. And if you can’t meet that expectation, I don’t necessarily think it’s entirely up to you to meet that bigger picture for that other person because you’re either going to do meet it or not. And so I don’t think someone else should sit by expecting you, consistently to change or become this person that they’re wanting you to become you know, especially when you’re young when You’re young entirely. I don’t think that in the scope of things. Does that make sense? I represent like,
you still trying to figure out your identity. Yeah. So trying to figure out your purpose, you know, that’s something that’s big, like, you don’t have a purpose. Like you’re kind of aimless, like depression starts to seep in. So So yeah, man, I completely agree.
So I mean, I guess we might have kind of nailed on it a couple of times. But what was the big influence for you to just pick your shit up and move to another country?
Matt? So let me just start by saying that, like, I’m not this ballsy. Dude, that does crazy shit. I’m actually very conservative. I’m kind of an over analyzer overthinker. And part of me hated that. I was like, I hate that. Like, I can’t just enjoy the moment. I can’t just like be present and not be thinking about 20 steps ahead. It’s like no. So So that was something that was always kind of conflicting me in my head. And you know, when my excellent left, I needed a new roommate luckily like just coincidentally like one of my homies that like that’s been one of my best friends forever was coming back from Alberta to Toronto. So he’s looking for a place and I was like, Yo, this is opened up you want to move in with me so and this dude is just like this complete opposite of me. He’s super spontaneous. Always going on adventure doesn’t think twice about shit very irresponsible, but like he just like his life is just way more interesting in mind just from like, that kind of, you know, cosmic adventure book kind of personality type that he has. So being roommates with him definitely helped out a lot because I was thinking about the idea and I expressed the one day he’s like, yo, you should totally do it. And again, meeting scared as hell. I’m like, you know, like, I just, I couldn’t see myself leaving, like my home like the nest that I’ve known. And the book just exercise really helped us with the book kind of went into this thing where it’s like, okay, write down on a scale of one to 10 like, what’s the worst possible fucking thing that could happen? And obviously I could probably get robbed the club I mean, cartel could probably find me like and hold me for ransom. Somebody could break into my house to my laptop and oh, did a whole show was done. Passport could get fucked up to like all these like negative so I start writing it all down and then it’s like, okay, on a scale of one to 10 like, what’s the probability of it actually happening? I’m like, I honestly probably like three or four. Like it’s not it i don’t think i don’t see that happening. I don’t see that the metric the Ecuadorian cartel finding, finding a Canadian and like, okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna take that guy’s money like, I don’t really have much money, he’s like, wait, so I like I like Alright, you know what, like, okay, so I did that and then and then like, he also goes into saying it’s like, okay, now on a scale of one to 10 like, you know, one being like, eight should happen in 10 being like the most, like fulfilling, impactful thing that can possibly happen to your life, like, would this be like a 10? And I’m like, Yes, this would be a 10 because for me, leaving home, venturing out on my own traveling another country, like I speak a bit of Spanish not a lot but like okay, this, we’re not To learn more Spanish, and just get to know myself more, I figure my Yo, this is like a 10 out of 10 opportunity and the likelihood, the likelihood of it happening is almost a 10 as well. So I’m like, okay, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I’m still young, if shit hits the fan, I’m sure I can probably like, scrounge some like money, or put up some, like, Link like, helped me get back to Canada. And I like a reset and then like, you know, still not be 30 years old and then and then figure my shit out, become an electrician or a welder or whatever the fuck after. But I was like, No, this is this is my time. I’m young. I’m doing this now. Like, I’m not I’m not waiting around anymore. And, and yeah, it was that book. It was like, I think was like, halfway into like, the second chapter where I was like, I was like, I gotta do it. I got to do it. And then like, and I just did it. I just went online for the cheapest plane ticket pick the day. I was like, I’m gonna give myself a month before this. So I think was like February when I was like reading that. So I booked my plane ticket for March 5. I’m like, Yes. Let’s do it. Hey God because like COVID sir like, right before, like right after it was like it was the process of me getting okay but my dad helped me look for a place and then you know getting my shit set up getting my internet in, like literally the day after I got my internet stall boom like quarantine and like it was like a hardcore quarantine. It wasn’t like we had a curfew that started from 2pm to five in the morning. You can’t be outside you can get imprisoned, like all these crazy all this crazy shit. So that kind of bummed me out but at the same time like men all this extra time that I have now like I can’t leave like there’s no distractions like there’s no point in making a tender like I can’t even go and see these hoes so I’m like you know what, let me just like go hard in the paint well my business and and trying to figure out exactly what it is like I am supposed to do in this in this audio industry and yeah, man. I feel like I figured it out. So yeah,
the what you’re talking about to Tim Ferriss, the, you know, I forgot what it’s called. But that thing that he has, you do Where you figure out what’s the worst case scenario? What’s the best case scenario? And you know, when you when you talk about the percentage of the worst case scenario, and you say, oh, there’s a 3% chance that I would get robbed and kidnapped or wherever you can flip that and also say, it’s, there’s a 97% chance that I’m not going to get robbed, or in that you go, Oh, that looks a lot better. That’s survivability of rate. I’ll take that. So but I’ve done that a couple of times. And he recommends that you do this with any major life decision that you’re trying to figure out. You know, you can talk to your friends as much as you want. You can ask your parents what they think you can ask your colleague what they think, but it does ultimately come down to what you think how you feel what you want to do, and this is the best exercise that you can do. He actually did it. I think it was a TED talk on this. It was either a TED talk or just a talk that he did. I will go in find out on the internet and put that on the show notes and sadio.com slash Episode 34. So you guys can go watch that. And you can do that for yourselves if you don’t want to buy the book, but buy the book for sure, definitely buy the book. But it’s a, it’s a really good exercise to do. And Nine times out any a majority of the time that I’ve done this exercise or a more majority of the time where I asked, you know, I talked to my parents pretty consistently, I have a really good relationship with them, thankfully. But I asked my mom all the time, like, what do you think about this? Should I make this decision or do that decision? And she gives me great feedback, but almost always, she’s like, I think you know what you want to do already? I think you’re just looking for someone to agree with what you’re wanting to do. My mom almost always plays devil’s advocate. So I’m like, Fuck, but she’s like, you’ve already made up your mind. You always make up your mind before and I think a majority people do that as well. You know, you might have been asking your friend about this because you want your friend to be like, Yes, go do it because you just need someone to say just fine. Do it even though deep down inside you the whole time you’re probably like fuck I think I really want to do this but I’m scared a shit I think a lot of people are in that same situation and I think this exercise forces you to go you know yes I am deciding to do this I know I want to do this all the odds are stacked with me and not against me as I might think. And it makes it a lot easier to just be like, fuck this I’m doing it whatever who cares like the worst case scenario like you said, you’re going to buy a plane ticket back home after a month and no harm no foul. The worst thing I in my opinion, the worst thing that you could possibly do with your life is live in regret and live in a what if scenario or a you know, I wish I would have just tried this one thing because when you’re 80 years old, 90 years old, and you’re on your deathbed, that’s all you’re going to be thinking about and when you know when the when, when the time is over. You’re gonna be wishing You had just fuck I wish I would have just moved to Ecuador and broken up with that girl to see what the fuck happened and I mean look at you now six months later and you’re fucking five months later and you’re glowing dude so
yeah then yeah that I thought I completely agree all the points that you said man like that regret I think that was one big motivating factor too I was like I’m gonna hate myself if I don’t do this yeah and and my mind was set my mom was like don’t do it like it’s dangerous like this scared me and my aunts were calling me Why are you gonna go to Ecuador? The reason why we came to Canada because it’s safer and I was like man relax like it’s but but ya know, I had to just ignore block it all out like my mind was out. I’m doing this like I’m fucking doing it and yeah, man like I’m so happy it did. It’s literally the best decision I’ve made in my 20s I would say it’s probably the best decision I made in my 20s 100%
Yeah, I you know, do you follow Gary Vee at all?
Man? I’m trying to like detox from that I’m trying to detox from obviously because Okay,
why is this I’m curious
I love Gary Vee. I’ve read like three of his books. I read Jab, Jab, Right Hook crushing it and crushed it. Like I, I love him as a person, but I’m trying to like, again, I’m trying to like, get so focused. Sorry, I keep looking my microwave. I’m trying to get your good, okay. I’m trying to get so focused on what I’m trying to do that, like, I should try to ignore advice from certain things. I’m like, yo, if you’re not in my industry, where you’ve already kind of lay like a level of success that I’m kind of that kind of want, like, I don’t really want to hear what you have to say like, occasionally I’ll listen. Yeah, you know, occasion listen to you because you know, like, like Gary Vee like, instant, like,
inspiration, energy, inspiration, right time to work.
Exactly. Like you want to get like, pumped up, like listen to David Goggins or like Gary Vee like, Okay, I’m
David Goggins. Oh my god.
Yeah, man. That book is incredible to can’t hurt me. I read that like, right after the break. Oh, that really helped. But, but uh, but ya know. So, so yeah. No I I tried to like ignore a lot of external influences and really just try to like focus really on people that like have made it in my industry and like trying to like follow their advice which has been helping because because yeah even like even like the YouTube tactics and trying to get more people to watch your videos and trying to find the right people click on your video to eventually buy a beat like you know there’s a lot of like weird information out there but I just trying to find like the right ones that fit what you’re trying to do listen to that put your head down Don’t over analyze overthink shit, I think a lot of like, was that was his genre called self development. I think a lot of that is is good to kind of get you out of the negative mindset. But after a while, like once you’re kind of in that good positive mindset. Like if you continue reading that stuff and like, and spending a lot of time watching those videos and reading those books. It just becomes procrastination. It just becomes like you just kind of putting out putting off things that you should be doing by making yourself feel good about listen to that stuff, but I think it does. come handy sometimes like, especially like if you’re kind of in this negative hole and you need that kind of, you know, positive reinforcement from other people. You’re like, Oh, yeah, you’re right. Like, I got to get back on my path. But I went on that path. Okay, now now just sit down, focus, get to work. Don’t don’t spend two hours listening to this podcast or sit down reading a book. I think reading books now are like, really inefficient to like, I’ve changed my mindset on reading books as well. Yeah, man, because, especially when it comes to like,
serious about what books you’re reading.
So, okay, well, I’ve read like psychology books, like the 12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson. I read a book on how to change my mind by Michael, are you
reading a lot of like self help type books?
It was before and then I don’t know if you want to consider four hour workweek self help is kind of like because in the beginning, it’s kind of like motivation, but in it halfway through the book, it gets really practical. Haven’t you finished the book yet? I’m like, I’m like more than halfway in. But it gets like really practical and tactical. And I was like, Damn, but no, I don’t read Like nonfiction, okay, so I would
I’ve got some books to recommend to you then because so i agree i think i do agree with you about Gary Vee. I think in I would even push as far I don’t think it’s necessarily healthy for people who are absolutely not even in the business. Well, actually, you know, I don’t know. I think he’s changed his messaging a lot. He and he shifted his focus. He’s he’s got a lot of criticism from people saying, well, you’re telling people to act a certain way, but not everyone’s gonna act that way or not everyone wants to do that. And he’s shifted his focus to start focusing on wealth. I’m talking about the people that are bitching and complaining about their life, yet they’re buying new Yeezys they’re bitching and complaining about how they have no money and how unfair it is. But they’re buying, you know, new shoes or buying lavish things getting a new car and he he’s based I think he’s his main focus is saying, Well, if you’re bitching about that stuff, Stuff Stop fucking doing that get off your ass actually work for some things and get some money and I do agree with part of that messaging but i i do agree that it is I think he does sometimes breed a bad habit and people who are very you know, they’re like you and I were sometimes I’ll get in this mindset where I’m like, oh shit i need to be grinding more I need to be working more which in fact I need to not I need to actually work less so that I can rejuvenate and make sure that I’m working as efficient as possible.
Um but
going off of why I asked if you asked him I think this is going back to what we were talking about before and we’re gonna I’m gonna circle around to the book stuff. But what I do really like about Gary Vee you mentioned that your family was like no no Don’t go Don’t go what I do love about Gary Vee is he is very much so. Fuck what your you know, don’t fuck what your family wants you to do. Do what the fuck you want to do, because I do think That’s important. I still think it’s important to talk to your family and let them know what you’re doing and make sure if you have a healthy relationship with them, but I, there’s a lot of people I know who do things because their parents want them to do them, not because they want to do them. And I think I in fact, I think I know people who are relatively successful who are in that state because their parents forced them into something that I don’t think they necessarily wanted to do. But they’ve accepted it and they, but I think over time, they grow to love what they’re doing. And I think as long as you’re happy, that’s all that fucking matters. But I still don’t think you should get your happiness from doing what your parents tell you to do, ultimately, at the end of the day, and actually, I had Crespo and Landis on the last episode from wired sound Academy. They’re also producers and DJs. But Crespo is going to school and like he was four credits away from grad Graduating, and he ended up leaving to pursue DJing. And it turned out very successful for him. But his parents were not happy to say the least. But if he didn’t make that decision, he wouldn’t be where he’s at more than likely and he’s loving what he’s doing and he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So there’s an important thing in that and like you might disappoint your parents in the meantime, but what is best for you and what you want to do with your life. Now, circling back to the book thing out when we’re done with the podcast, I’ve got some books to recommend to you. I’ve been doing more reading than I’ve ever done. I’m reading like a book every week or two ish. I’ve gotten I’ve spent too much money on books. I’ve actually been doing a shit ton of courses as well. But I’ve been doing more. More of a business books just straight up business books, things about marketing brands. Setting up a business. What a successful business looks like. All that kind of shit, which I think you would be, I think you would like reading and I’m curious to find out what you’ve already read as well.
Ya know, so I think I should definitely look into more practical business books. I find that I get a lot of value just from podcasts cuz like sometimes like yeah, listen to like the author of a book, kind of just lay it all out there for you with the two hour podcast. And you know how to and I’m pretty sure either like it probably take me like two or three days to finish maybe like 400 500 page book, and like really trying to sit down and focus especially now well, just dopamine so hard to just sit down and focus and just read an actual book. A lot of my books now I actually just do audiobooks now so I’ll listen to like when I’m on my walks and stuff, but um, but yeah, I know I find that listening to a podcast, getting information from that I just retain more and it just gives me like just the right amount. It’s like, okay, I don’t need to overanalyze and overthink shit. But if I got the information, I’m just gonna just take action, try it out, test it out, it fails. Okay, on to the next idea on to the next thing.
Yeah, I agree with that. I think I’m the same. I’m very well this is this is actually why I have to read books. I can’t listen to books because I’m very just add, like brains going a million miles per hour flipping from one thing to the next, which is why I have to read and I can’t listen to books, but podcasts are very, very valuable. I think they’re still underrated with a lot of producers. And hopefully, if you’re a producer listening to this podcast, you’re realizing how valuable podcasts are. But there’s so many other podcasts out there too, that are just as valuable hope hopefully, this podcast is valuable to you. But if it is, there’s a million others out there. They’re just as valuable. If not, I would argue a million times more valuable like the six figure home studio podcast, the amount of value in that I mean, amazing It’s unreal. I wouldn’t be where I am at winning that podcast. I would not be where I am at without Brian hood in the profitable producer course I would not be where I am at this podcast. This podcast that we’re listening to right now would not be a thing without Chris Graham, the masterful Chris Graham from the six figure home studio podcast. He’s my business coach. He’s the one that came up with this idea. He’s the one that came up with the name all of the credit to him. We wouldn’t be here without him. So I mean, just to show you if you think this podcast is valuable, this is show this is how valuable that podcast is. This is how valuable those hosts are. If you if you should be listening to any podcast, it’s 1,000% the six figure home studio podcast
thousand percent agreement like like you mentioned, like I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that podcast because like I, I’ve taken a lot of their information that they’ve given on that podcast, I applied it to my own website, applied it to the way I would Cold approach people apply to even now like I’m in the process well actually I just hired an assistant I’m still training here. So all these things that I’ve learned from that podcast and also like the book recommendations, so I’m read you know the go giver and I’m still thinking about that book that mentality I applied
the go giver every single fucking day in everything I did go give it again a book I just recommended last episode, I think a couple I recommend that book monthly. It’s so good.
Yeah, man, that one and the E myth revisited every goddamn dude. every goddamn entrepreneurs gotta read that shit. I should do I ever was gonna read that shit bro. That is
by recommending I drive in recommending the E myth revisited for like two months now. I’ve got it right here
right next to me. Crespo who I’ve been working with Gino and Carlos over at Los padres. You guys already know you guys know these guys if you’re listening. They’ve been on the last few episodes. I got Gino just bought the book and he’s just read the first chapter yesterday. I was telling Crespo. I was like, dude, you need to I mean this is a book you should be starting with it is the one thing that’s going to make you successful as any small business or any entrepreneur is the E myth revisited. actually taking that book seriously like you said practical business books that you can apply that are going to actually make you successful. They’re so fucking important. There was something else I was gonna mention too in regards to that I think I can’t remember but yeah, I mean the go giver fuck the go giver so good.
Um, anyways, sorry for this I mean, dude, this podcast is probably mostly going to be I don’t know
I don’t know what I’m going to title this podcast. It’s got to be some good cuz we’re going off on these just making a positive creating a healthy lifestyle. I think that’s making a healthy lifestyle as a producer. This is all stuff we’re talking about here and ways you can create that lifestyle.
Yeah, man, like and even it goes beyond that man. Like being here in isolation has given me a lot of time to do like a lot of research and things I’ve been very interested in but maybe didn’t have enough time to look at into while I was grinding it out in Toronto. So like things like diet, for example, things like things like going on a dopamine detox like things that I’ve never heard about that, like I’ve been able to, like really dive in to and like really, like learn more about so man like things like, like fixing your gut, like I’m on a carnivore diet right now. And I feel fucking incredible I feel incredible like and you know what my diet before Are you eat very healthy. I mean, I was no processed foods all whole food, mostly steak eggs. Like lots of greens like spinach, a green peppers and why not just really healthy ship but I always felt like crap. I’m like, what’s going on with me like and it turns out that like, I think I have IBS I think I have like an intolerance to fiber. And because I wasn’t I wasn’t eating grains like rice or bread and stuff. Like I was never digesting properly always felt like I had brain fog and I was like, man like I you know, messing up my mental health. I decided to just go on like a carnivore diet just cut it all out and immediately I was like, well my sleep is better. I feel like my testosterone has gone up to like I just feel a lot and you have a lot more like balanced energy to like there’s no more crashes throughout the day there’s no more like, midday crash. Oh my god. I feel sluggish and tired. I better make a cup of coffee or take a nap. No, there’s no more naps anymore. It’s like no I just want to work more now and then something as simple as literally fixing and healing your gut and then also like you know, fixing your sleep like I was sleeping in his room that like no curtains and like the wind like the light was fucking up like it was not creating any like melatonin release. So yeah, I got these blackout curtains boom, I was knocked out like a baby I’ve seen like a lot better now to Yeah, like, again, like a lifestyle as a like as a producer as we’re sitting down alive. And sitting down with a cancer man like this is like horrible for you. And like learning about like going on walks like now after every meal. I go for a walk. It’s supposed to help with insulin sensitive tivity helps will help you digest your food better so shit yeah man yo I would highly recommend people look into like the vertical diet by Stan efforting he kind of goes more into about that and yeah I’m seeing results my I don’t get like sluggish after meals or meals anymore period because like I only eat meat it’s like a savage right now but um but yeah so so if this podcast is until a how to optimize your health and your lifestyle but whatever let’s take it there who do well diet
is very important this isn’t this is something that a lot of people just you know this is one of the issues that I have a major issue that I have with the way the US is dealing with the coronavirus thing. The only thing they’re talking about right now is we need to be locked up inside we need to be wearing masks. We need to be social distancing. This is all that they’re talking about. You don’t hear a single person talking about how important it is to have a strong immune system how to develop a strong immune immune system how important working out is how important your diet is your diet is everything now I since we got locked down in the US I was fuck before I was working out four to five times a week I was actually just doing a like like a big gain process where I was just I was eating so fucking much but I was lifting way heavy and I was gonna go throughout this this workout regimen that was gonna be like four or five months long and then it was going to go into a massive cut I think it would actually be right now that I would be doing a huge cut but they shut down the fucking gyms I got lazy I got stuck inside and I start eating like shit and I have not stopped eating like shit I have my body has gone to dogshit and I’m like, I gotta do something about this and I’m actually going to start researching this stuff but I’m
a mom I’m a
I’m about to start cutting out fucking carbs and basically all grains and all that shit because that needs to go It is so fucking bad diet is so important I’ve actually, since what like the past two months I’ve been taking an insane amount of insane amount of vitamins by taking a multivitamin every day I take a vitamin D every day I take fish oil every day, I’m starting to take five HTP every day because that helps a lot with dopamine or no I think with serotonin production and helps with mood stabilizing mood. I mean, I need to start taking more magnesium which I’ve started as well. So like there’s a lot of weight in that alone, I’ve noticed has significantly helped me in just the way I feel. Now I still feel like shit some days and I think a lot of that has to do with not fucking exercising at all, not going on walks not going outside a lot, which needs to be you know, that needs that stuff. Should you should at least the baseline should be covered. You should be taking you know 30 minutes walks every day, a couple of them going outside for an hour alone, getting some sunlight and just walking helps out very, very significantly. There’s a lot of good research on that stuff, especially with developing creativity as well.
The real talk so important, vitamin D, like, that’s one thing, like they’re telling us to stay inside and it’s like, well, you’re making us worse because no one’s going out anymore. No one’s getting vitamin D, our immune systems going, but 100% agreement health, man, like when you when you fix like those two things, like your diet, and your sleep, like just everything just gets better man every day, like even like even your performance in the gym gets better. But like, that’s something that that’s something that important, like, you know, it’s your your focus and your energy that you put towards your business. Like that’s what like, to me, that was the most important thing and, and yeah, I’m figuring it out because I thought I was eating healthy and you know, doing the carnivore diet is kind of like an elimination diet. So you cutting everything out and slowly reintroducing things back in. And yeah, like that just kind of helps me know Like on this one my body works really good on and this what it doesn’t work good on and and yeah you just try to be disciplined and do it every day and I think my results have gotten better like I can work a lot longer now than I did before before it was like man by 6pm I’m done I’m like I’m not working anymore but now it’s like I can go till nine but I have to stop myself purposefully because I’ll be in bed mind just racing I’m like I can still work and it’s like no you gotta you gotta sleep because like if you don’t sleep then it’s like you’re worse off tomorrow so like trying to literally like turn my brain off an hour before going to bed. At the force myself do that now
winter when are you when do you like go light out? Like are you? Are you When do you put down the phone when do you turn lights off in your house before you go to bed out so this like right before bed?
I know it’s usually by like nine I start to like dim the lights, dim my screen light. Everything we have like a timer so everything goes into like the like the blue light blocker whatever night mode. Exactly. And then by 10 I tried to be in bed And I also one thing I started doing, I don’t use an alarm clock anymore, because I learned some things about if if your alarm clock wakes you up at some point during your deep REM sleep, like, whether it’d be like five minutes before you’re supposed to be waking up or like, you know, 10 minutes before you supposed to be waking up. It can actually like create like a giant cortisol peak and like that can actually stress you out for a day and give you less energy. So like if you just wake up naturally, you wake up and like my internal clock I’m always waking up around like anywhere from 530 to six. So like when I wake up I’m like, I’m up and it’s like, oh, like this is what I’m supposed to be up and then open up the curtains or like let the light come in. And then I’m good to go and I don’t even need coffee anymore in the morning before I used to be dependent on coffee. I see like all fuckin I can’t function without this frickin cup of beans but like me Yeah, yeah, man. But like if I don’t know just those little things like you just, you just go out and like now I just drink coffee is kind of like like a like a little treat it’s like well I kind of want to it’s a it’s a noon and I’m I’m pretty good today. Let me just drink some coffee and you know just enjoy this this warm cup so, huh yeah, yeah.
Um I yeah man diet is so fucking important so we’ll we’ll we’ll slide over now we’ll get away from diet people but this is I think it is I we can both agree it’s something that you should not take out of the conversation it should be a part of the conversation it should be things that you’re it should be something you’re consistently researching consistently trying to change develop and make better because the diet change Oh, wow. It’s It’s incredible how much the diet will actually change in your life and make major improvements just starting there. Let’s get into a I think it’s still fair. It’s gonna be a difficult question, I think to tackle and it’s how producers can utilize the four hour workweek because, like we said before, This, you know, the books not made for producers. It’s not made for musicians. It’s made for people who want to get free of the rat race people who want to travel the world, people who want to be in the new rich and you know, retire now and enjoy your life now. But that’s not to say that there’s not things that you can utilize as a producer still somewhat in the rat race. One thing I will say for me, I’m very lucky one thing actually okay if you work an office job right now, which I think, you know, if you’re working from home, you probably work in working office job. One thing that Tim Ferriss talks about is getting you to a point where you are, you’re working from home 100% of the time if you’re working in an office, This frees up your time significantly if you can achieve this. The blessing in disguise with Coronavirus is your problem. You’re hopefully if you’re working an office job, you’re working from home full time right now. I was already lucky I was working three days out of the week from home. But now I’m full time from home. I can do a lot of things in my free time now and during those business hours to do things that I need to get done, and a lot of producers can utilize this as well, if you in you know, the purpose of this is so that you can become so efficient at your job that your boss trusts you to work from home full time. And with that time, you can then adjust it and utilize it the way you need to to set up your business properly to do things for your business to make sure that you are you know, creating possibly the side business that will passively work for you so that you can free yourself up from this other job that’s tying you down. This also allows you to kind of move freely around the world without anyone needing to know where exactly you are. If you’re working from home full time they trust you. They aren’t paying attention to you. Who’s to say you Don’t have to be across the world all still continuing to work. So they’re in. If you’re a producer, you can see how or a DJ, you can kind of see how this could benefit you. Because this frees you up to be able to, I don’t know, tour, I don’t know, go around the world and play shows and do things that you want to do. Well, I mean, where do you see I think that’s a very significant one where producers can utilize the book is getting them out of that space in into a more freed up role at home so that they can finish tracks or do whatever. What do you what do you think what, how can a producer utilize the four hour workweek?
Yeah, so, again, the title The Four Hour Workweek is kind of a it’s kind of a good misleading title. It is. He mentioned in the book, the reason why it was called the four hour workweek, essentially, they were split testing Google ads to see which one performed better and it turns out the number four hour workweek performed better than two hour work. or eight hour work week or 10 hour. So the whole point of the book is to reduce the amount of time you’re working, basically work smarter, you know, not harder. So, so yeah, like there’s a lot of like practical advice that you can get from that book that just kind of teaches you how to outsource and automate certain things. So if that’s something that interests you to definitely like, That book is gonna give you a lot of information that I haven’t even finished yet. Because, again, like there’s so much knowledge in there, you’re like, Holy fuck, okay, let me just do one thing at a time. So, yeah, I’m in that process right now of of getting that assistant, but
the virtual assistant is a huge one. Why don’t you talk a little bit about that, because you’re actually going through that right now. And a virtual assistant is, I think something producers could definitely utilize. Although it depends on where you’re at in your career. Because if you’re a small town for you know, if you’ve you’ve you’ve only released a couple of times, and you’re barely opening up shows that it’s not time it’s not time to get a virtual assistant, but talk about what it looks like in the book getting what he talked about, about getting a virtual assistant, talk about why you needed a virtual assistant and how you went about that, because I think that is a very interesting topic.
Yeah. So, the virtual assistant essentially just kind of like, acts like to give you more time. So, like, you can be doing more important duties and tasks in your job, why you can, you know, basically outsource and delegate, you know, things that just take time that you can really train anyone to do. So, personally, for me, I’m like, okay, I want to start being more active on social media. I, I’ve made sales through people messaging me and hitting me up to social media, are we making a post and getting some kind of attention? I’m like, man, I want to do more of that. But like, that takes a lot of creativity out of me. So like, I want somebody to help me out with that. And also, I’ve done cold outreach, using Chris not Chris. Sorry, Brian’s on Bandcamp method got results from that. I’m like, man, I can duplicate this. I can get someone to do this. Instead of me sitting down doing I can pay someone $5 an hour to do this. And and yeah, you know, like I think the return is going to be better for that. So like, you know, I actually centered those videos. We’re going to be going over it one more time I read set up all the accounts for her and stuff so, so yeah, no, that was that was one of the big motivating factors have made me want to get an assistant just for someone to help me out with that specific process and get more leads coming in for the beat side because right now I’m pretty busy with the mixing side. And I’m actually saying no to projects, but I want to get more people coming in for people who want to hire me as like, hey, make a custom beat for me or, or you know, just get awareness for my brand is like, oh, like there’s this guy named cinco that makes like pretty dope synth pop urban pop type of beats, check them out, you might like some of his beats or whatever. And then from there, get a new client and you consistent fan or customer that comes back and like purchases more so. So yeah, that was it because I play around with Google ads and I play around with Facebook ads and like it’s still really tough for me, like, it’s so tough to even measure like, hey, like the results I’m getting from that. But I’ve gotten results from cold outreach sounds like, Okay, I know this process works. I could do it myself, Well, I don’t want to sit down for four hours and try to find the right 30 people the message and Yep, and then, you know, be in constant communication with them. Let me hire someone else to do that. And, and yeah, that’s essentially what what I’ve what I’ve done. So, you know, just hopefully by like, next week, this girl’s going to start, you know, getting into that process of, of, you know, just hitting up artists being more active in the community, engaging more in the music community, and just increasing my awareness of my brand. So, so yeah, like that. That was that was a motivating factor for getting
getting a personal assistant.
There’s a lot of things that business owners do, that are low level tasks that are, you know, they don’t require a lot of energy. They, they don’t require a lot of energy, but sometimes they require a lot of time. Which means we want to eliminate that to free ourselves up to do the high energy tasks that give you a lot of value that give you a lot of in outcome and on your investment, like you get positive things out of it. So this is what hiring a virtual assistant is really all about. And you can that I mean, you can hire virtual assistants in India that you pay four or $5 an hour, and as long as you properly taught set up what they’re doing, and you actually, I’ll plug the E myth revisited here, because if you read the E myth revisited. One One of the things that Michael Gerber talks about is structuring your business in a way where you create the franchise prototype, which is we we actually did a whole episode on the franchise prototype, I did an episode on what producers can learn from McDonald’s and their business model because everyone can learn something From it’s very impressive, but like I was talking about in that episode, if you draw out what these job descriptions are of what you do, and you write down every little thing that you have to do to complete that job and you write down how long it takes, I talked about this, you can value out that time you can find what is the dollar per hour to do this task. And you’ve got the job description down that you can now outsource to someone else for them to do. So this is where the virtual assistant would come into play. And if you get a really good virtual assistant, someone who I do think it’s important that you can communicate in the same language very well and you don’t have any barriers. That way. If you can get that person and you can grow with them and build a relationship with them. You can start getting to a point where they could be setting up promo plans for you. Goodbye to promo fuck proud you don’t have to do promo anymore, which I think every producer hates doing, but it is the most important thing for you to do when you’re coming out with new music. So you could get to a point where you’re like, we need this, this and that for promo I want to post on these days and you can trust that person that they’re going to get all the requirements done, they’re going to schedule all the posts. You don’t have to fucking touch it. That is something that is high, high level of energy to do, but there’s a big outcome that you get out of it. But it takes a lot of time to do. So that’s something that if you can get to a point where you can outsource that stuff. It is unbelievable the amount of value that mean you are potentially freeing you up of like, like an entire day’s worth of work of promo, eight hours of promo could be entirely freed up from your schedule. And you know, it’s handled, you trust the person that’s doing it. You can the amount of relief that’s taken off your shoulders and your chest is unbelievable. You’re freed up to now work on your business or make more tracks
100% and like, this girl also has like, light graphic design video editing chops to, oh my gosh, thank god perfect. So like any sort of like cover art need for every single beat that I put up or like I told him like look just like research my YouTube channel, see like the kind of way that I like doing it and then from there like I’ll give you my templates and then and then you can just go and do it for me now and and yeah, so that’s another thing that she’s gonna be helping me out with in the future like I want to be able to outsource mixing, like I want to be able to like literally only do producing and then like when the beats done I’m like oh just be done. Let me find my person in Thailand or whatever that can mix a song pretty fucking kick ass for like 2030 or 40 bucks. And in that way I don’t have to sit down for three or four hours or five hours. going hard trying to make my own beat because I usually tend to take a lot longer because it’s my own song and I’m always like overthinking shit. So, so yeah, no, that’s definitely like the next process a thing that I’m going to do, but like you know, baby step at a time, I just want to test this thing out first and see how it goes.
Yeah, the the other section of the book too, that we I mentioned actually, at the beginning that’s part of deal is the automation section. And you’ve heard me talk about this 1000 times before, there’s so many tasks as producers that you can automate. Again, this is what I talked about as well, when we were talking about the E myth revisited in the episode. When you when you, when you draw out the job description, and what tasks you’re doing for each of those jobs, and you write down the dollar per hour that takes to do that, you start to realize that there’s a lot of things you can automate. There’s so many things that you can analyze and automate and you can review this monthly every month you can go in and look at your jobs and be like, Oh, I didn’t realize I’m doing this one thing now that I can now automate and outsource or do whatever and it’s, it’s done. Automation is fucking key. That’s how you’re going to become efficient. That’s how you’re going to become net positive. That’s how are you going to free up more of your time? That’s how you’re going to be able to live the new rich lifestyle
100% I completely forgot because I’ve been doing this for a while already. It’s actually the very first thing I did. When I got down here. I was cleaning up this house and I was like, Man, it’s taking me a few hours to do like more than three or four hours to like clean all the floors windows, clean up my sink like
hire someone I did.
I hired someone $15 a week she comes in does my laundry cleans up my entire house. It makes me look and it just it frees up all that energy and mental headspace and it just being in a clean environment. I’m like, ah, like it just it just it makes me think clear so and I don’t want to ever fucking do that ever again. So I was and also she doesn’t do it anymore but she used to meal prep for me because before I used to eat like chicken and stuff, but now now I just cook all my steak like raw like like that. So I just cooked in the past she doesn’t do that for me anymore, but like that helped me out too when she was meal prepping all my meals too. So yeah, fucking fucking Amen.
Yeah, automation is fucking key. It is the one thing it’s what takes you from being an amateur to a pro. It really is. It’s what sets aside the the winners from the losers are the people who can automate as much as possible because it frees up your time. Do you use Zapier for anything? You know what I was using it to integrate like an autoresponse from pipe drive, but I’ve actually stopped using pipe drive in the CRM for a while just because like, I think I got what I needed out of it. I got a consistent flow of mixing clients coming in.
But I’m going to be going back into that because now I’m training this girl. We’re using HubSpot now. But yeah, I’m trying to go how to use a CRM. And I’m gonna see if I can reintegrate that with with with HubSpot. So. So yeah, no, I didn’t go deep into it. I know there’s so much more you can do with it, but like I just I wanted a quick autoresponder. It’s some someone hurt Someone did certain keywords where it’s like oh, like what is the price exclusive license and it’s like immediately it’s like it doesn’t autoresponse it or somebody bought a beat for me already then I immediately have like a an automation that basically fills out their name it gives them like hey thank you for purchasing this title beat name and it just and then from there and all the fucking worry about like saying thank you all the time. It just does it for me. Yeah. So yeah, yeah. Zapier is
very, very powerful. Powerful. I think I’ve talked about I know I’ve talked about before, but if you don’t know what Zapier is Zapier is it’s an automated automation system that connects apps with other apps that normally would not be able to connect with each other and talk to each other and you can create automation systems that are I mean, you can create you can make it do like 30 different things within a split second. So if you look at a task that takes you 2030 minutes, and you realize that it can all be automated and it can all be on him With Zapier, you can take a 30 minute task that you might be doing every day or every week and turn that into a split second task that you don’t touch and it automatically generates for you passively in the background. The value in that is unbelievable, because you freed up your time and you you don’t have to hire anyone for its zap yours. It’s just fuck, it’s so powerful. There’s, there’s unbelievable amounts of power in that. So I think we’re slowly coming down to the end here. I just I want to get into the last segment that I want to talk about is how people can kind of follow what you’re not just not, not necessarily follow your story, although we’ll you know, we’ll plug your socials and whatnot but follow your lead in the sense of how can people do what you’ve done because what you’ve done is you’ve drastically changed your life in five months and you for the better for I mean, I don’t think you would I don’t think you would ever want to change what you’ve done and I think it’s probably made you a better person than you’ve ever been so I How can producers or other artists do the same thing What What tips do you have to give them how do you how do you go from fucking I’m going to pick everything up and move How do you approach that now obviously you had your dad in Ecuador so that’s you know that’s important but i think you know, people are still able to move to places where they don’t know people
hundred percent so I mean, I was really like getting interviews not interviews but appointment set up with people in different apartments and whatnot so so I guess first of all, is like figure out like, what is it that you want to do? Like, are you do you want to be like a 100% mobile? Nomad, not Nomad, but you know, someone that that can work from anywhere really like you want to you want your business to be 100% online, if that’s the case, and if you’re already making, let’s just say, $1,000 us a month. You’re good to go, man, you can you can go To the wealthiest countries and you can be living very comfortably and you’re gonna have all this extra free time that you can put you put towards putting it back into your business as opposed to like having to grind and hustle and some other job is not benefiting you at all and your purpose. So number one, get very specific what it is that you want and if it is a Hey, like I want to be able to do that and you’re in a position where it’s like hey, I don’t have a girl here that’s holding me down or all these other like things like you know if you’re in a position and I would say 100% like do it you know and and where to start is number one like a four hour workweek. talks about different countries are really dirt cheap to live in and whatnot like I will actually plant into Thailand first because there’s already a big like nomadic community there so like when you go there even though you don’t speak the language A lot of people don’t really speak English is a lot of tourists there and speak English as well. It’s like you actually be probably better off moving there versus like trying to find some other country to move I
yeah, I mean, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I think I saw a video where You can live in Thailand for like $10 a day. It’s dirt cheap.
Yeah. Like it’s actually more expensive like a king for $10 a day. Yeah, it’s actually more expensive for me to be living here in Ecuador than it is to Thailand. But like, I, I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of scared. I was like, going there completely like, like, No, I don’t know anyone there like, so I was kind of like, you know what, there’s purpose behind me coming here to Ecuador. You know, I want to polish up my Spanish. I’ve been saying this for years. I’m like, Oh, I’m going to like, learn how to speak better Spanish and like, you know, I just didn’t have the discipline to sit down and like, listen to Rosetta Stone, or sorry, do Rosetta Stone or go to some Spanish course and in my local community. I was like, if I come here, I have to learn Spanish like I had. And yeah, it’s helped on my Spanish bass view. I can speak Spanish a lot better now. So that was like it was like it was killing a couple of birds. Sorry, a couple of stones. Wow, I can’t even talk birds with
God damn it. Fuck that.
I didn’t fasted for like nine hours like I’m sure be eating right now but like, whatever but yeah, you’re killing a couple of uh, I’m gonna try to go with a stone there we go couple birds with one stone. Exactly. So So yeah, like that was a The reason behind going Ecuador so so behind the so before doing that like if you have a passport like either American or Canadian like you can basically go anywhere like that everyone’s gonna fucking take you in. But but ya know so I remember I was like looking up for apartments through Facebook marketplace and and just like already like asking questions like hey like what would you require to move in and they’re like oh like you just need like first and last and it’s like they’ll ask you what kind of occupation you have and like all like, you know, I’m a producer. So there is no like, monthly salary that we make like there’s so much that I can make like four or 5000 us and unlike other mines where it’s like only 1800 it’s all over the place. And then they’re like, down like all the people that have messaged like that was fine with them like that. That’s already more money than doctors are making down here anyways, they’re like, okay, fine, please come here. Please write down Cuz like they want people and they want especially if they know you’re coming from Canada immediately assume you have money like always print has money. I don’t
mean interrupt again. But
Barb, I think it’s Barbados was a Barbados that is paying people to paying people from the US, you know, let me Yeah, it’s Barbados, okay. Yeah, Barbados is currently paying us residents to come and live in Barbados, they, their unemployment rate is at something like 42%. And they need to boost up the economy. So they’re investing in people who I don’t even necessarily think you need to be super wealthy, but they’re investing in Americans to move there to work there. If you can work remotely and just live there, just pay your rent there, buy your food there, buy things from the country to boost up the economy. And if you’re a business owner, there’s no better place to go there. Then that type of that type of area because there’s people who need money, there’s people Who need jobs there? And so I’m sure you can find people who will be dedicated workers that you can hire for dirt cheap. So you’re helping a community you’re helping people in need which is very significant and you can be really freeing up your time and making yourself more efficient. But anyways, I’m sorry, I don’t mean interrupt, but just wanted to make that point. Right. Real quick right there.
Yeah, hundred percent like, I believe if you’re making like over 50,000 us like don’t let you and like you’re like, oh, you’re making 50 grand a year money a visa. You don’t
need a you don’t need proof of ID or anything.
Yeah, they let you in. I was thinking about it by like that. Now my mission here isn’t done. Like I was literally just in the process of like, scoping out someone to become my sister and then that thing opened up. I’m like, I’m like, ah, next time, but uh, but but ya know, so there’s websites also like expat. For example. I use it a lot in it that helps you kind of find like a safe country. It’s usually like, hey, what the cost of living is like how much you’re going to be paying for like Food and yes
x x pat
i think it’s called x pack. I remember I was like looking at it a lot before I came here. So yeah, it’s like what the average cost right is and from there it’s like you can you can kind of do the numbers in your head it’s like oh, like if my cost of living based on what I know right now how much I’m going to be buying for food how much you know, like my internet what that’s gonna cost. travel costs, like taxis, for example. Like I was thinking of getting a car here, but like, no, it’s like it’s almost stupid to buy a car because transportation is so cheap here like everything’s Uber or cabify. Or even taxi
gas is probably insanely expensive. They’re
in Oh, no, it’s actually really cheap. Your gas Okay.
Oh, really? In Canada, it was okay. When I left
Canada gas is like $1 27 a leader here. It’s $1 50 a gallon. So it’s like, it’s way cheaper. So So yeah, I know. So Oh, my God, I couldn’t get a car but I’m like, I’m like man, but like, I don’t I don’t want to complicate my life. I actually kind of like want to live like a very minimalistic nomadic, whereas like if I want to get out of here and go to Thailand. puking next month that like, I’m fucking going I don’t need to worry about selling a car anymore. So So ya know, using a website like exfat really helps a lot too if you want to,
is that e XP at
or is it XP at? I’m gonna go Google here real quick and see if I can find it. But yeah, no, it is just people who like gone to different countries tell you what to expect, like oh, it’s relatively safe if you live around here yada yada yada. Okay, interesting. So I’m gonna
be trying to convince my girlfriend over the next year to to move out of the country now.
Man if she had that I wish like, you know, like my ex was on that but for her her business was like she had to be in Canada, she had to be working there. So like, the idea was already kind of coming into my head even before the breakup, but it really really like solidified after because I was like, man, there’s nothing tying me down anymore. I can, I can go. But ya know, like, there’s a ton of online resources as people who’ve done what you’re trying to do. Like, even if you just like look up on online Like a community of like a nomads, people like traveling abroad working from abroad, there’s a ton of people. Like I’m sure that if you went to Google right now and you looked at all how to live in Thailand, like there’s like thousands of blogs explaining, like, Hey, this is how you can do it. These are the places you can live in, check out these hotels, these restaurants, these internet cafes, that was like going deep into that, because I was like, I was actually really set on going to Thailand and but then like, I was like, You know what, like, no, like, I’m gonna start off slow. I’m gonna start off with Ecuador and and maybe next year, I’ll go to Thailand. But um, but But yeah, ya know, like, if anyone who’s trying to do this, like, I would just say, Man, just just do it all that fear all those doubts you have in your head like it’s good to make you like I feel like I’m a stronger person now for I feel like I have less fear to do things out because I’ve proven to myself I’m like, Oh, my fuck I did it. And I’m actually thriving right now. So like, what else can I do? And it just gives me more confidence to do other things. So like, I would have never imagined myself hiring an assistant and now it’s like, no, I feel like I can I can do is I can train the person properly. I can invest his money and even if it doesn’t work out, whatever I fucking did it. I try it out when you
learn you, you’ll learn shit from that too. You’ll you’ll have experiences to take on for the next time you hire an assistant.
Exactly. So my advice is just fucking do it take Nikes advice and just do it.
Yeah, yeah, no, there is I mean, fuck fuck what your mind is saying if you’re afraid to do if you’re already thinking about it, and you have the opportunity to do it, just go and fucking do it, though. I mean, honestly, like, worst case scenario, a silent you know, take away if you’re moving to a third world country like that. Take away the fact that you could get it robbed, you know, if you do research and you find a safe area to live in it then you can you can almost guarantee that you’re not going to be put in that situation. So then if you’re not going to be put in that situation, what’s the next worst case scenario? And this is actually what the what Tim Ferriss has to do. He has a few different scenarios that he has to do worst case scenario for and I I think one of them is like, well, if you have to leave and come back, like what’s the worst case scenario, like, at that point, the worst case scenario literally is you’re there for a couple of weeks, and then you move back you just pick up another plane ticket and go back home and then it’s like, oh, fucking Well, if people make fun of you for that, or like, shit on you for that, fuck them, dude. At least you had the balls to try it. You can turn around and say, Well, what the fuck did you do? What have you done? Because I don’t see you trying a ballsy shit like that. You already are on another nother level with those people and you know, it might not work out for you and it might not be what you expected or what you wanted. That’s o. k. All that matters is that you tried to fucking do it. And you went on and you’re no matter what you’re coming out a bigger and better person out of the experience.
100% agree, man. Like and like even now like people like people will respect you a lot more to like, like people like I’ll get to you. Yeah, I was like, where are you? Because, you know, I’ll put stories up on my Instagram on my comic or like, like, what are you doing over there? And I explained, I was like, wow, I could never imagine myself doing that. Oh my god, like, Wow, it just and you you think cuz now this has kind of become normalized. I’m like, I’m used to this now. But I’m like, yeah, you know what I used to think like that too. And it’s, and you kind of become an inspiration to some other people to
it. It is very inspiring. And that’s why I wanted to have you on this episode. Because if your story is extremely inspiring, and I guarantee you there’s hundreds of producers that are listening to this right now that are possibly in the same situation that could pick their shit up and leave and still be okay and be living their dream. And you know, part of what Tim Ferriss says as well as he talks a lot about what you’re the nomadic loves lifestyle, but he traveled all throughout Europe. I think through those three years, he was not in one place for more than a month. So he built a wildly successful business that was making like, I think he said he was very making six figures a month on it or something and insane amount of money all while traveling through Europe not ever being in one place at one time. So this right here he did it just with a laptop that is on it. That’s all possible. It just it really comes down to not to you know, get into the Gary Vee stuff but what the fuck are you going to do about it? Like how are you going to spend your time and invest yourself into what you want to do because you can fucking pick your shut up and leave and go start a wildly successful business. Like I said the beginning now is not that there’s no better time to do now COVID aside because it’s difficult to travel with COVID ignore that. Once that shit is gone. now is the best time to do it. flights are cheap as fuck right now, if you can play COVID it’s probably going to slow down at the beginning of the year of 2021. If you can buy cheap flights and plan your shit out in six months a month. around February or March, get the fuck out and go live your life,
huh? And you know what one of the biggest fears I had to coming here was like, oh, like because I built a pretty awesome studio back home like amazing acoustics room. It sounded incredible in there. And I was like, I’m like, Man, I’m going to be moving to some other quiet like, what am I going to do? Like I can’t bring my big ass monitors with me. I can’t bring my big ass sub subwoofer with me. But like, you know, as a producer you can adapt I bought these like little shitty PreSonus areas he finds a cost like a few hundred bucks. I bought this sub pack that has changed the goddamn game. I love this guy that thing man, this is incredible. And like it’s helped out my low end mixing like massively it’s made producing more enjoyable because I don’t need to like crank up to sub bass and annoy everyone. It’s like I could just do it like comfortably here. And and yeah, it’s like as a producer, you can have a mobile setup. You can have like a little laptop, little MIDI keyboard, bring your Apollo interface. Your little crappy speakers can all fit in one suitcase on there 50 or 60 pounds whatever your restrictions are for Air Canada for me it was 60 pounds. So so yeah no, like you can totally do it you can tell if all they should it you know get stolen or something, whatever it was just, it was just maybe like a few hundred, not a few hundred but maybe like under $1,000 with the gear aside from the Apollo the Apollo is like 12 or 1300 bucks, but you can bring like a crappy little Focusrite interface or you I don’t know why I bought the Apollo like I have another like other audio interfaces, but I brought that one because I was like, Oh, I might need it for now. I don’t even know why I bought this mic. Like I’m not recording anyone but I’m glad I did because I think we’ll do this podcast with you. Yeah, but yeah, but but ya know, that was my biggest concern too. I was like, oh, how am I going to be able to get a proper clean mix or produce without being in my studio environment, but he was also part because as a producer, you want to get inspired. You want to like change your environment. Yo, let me tell you that when I came here, my fucking creativity was coming out of the ass bro. I was like ideal to fly out because because I’m not I wasn’t used to being in my dark little home studio basement with my acoustic treatment set up and everything like no I was in a completely different environment which is inspiring like view that I have with the mountains right now and and man it just affect my whole sound completely changed like I went from making like really like sad sounding music and now all my music I was like it’s more upbeat it’s better energy and it’s like when you get bored is like oh well go fucking rent on some other place a good on Airbnb for like $20 a night and like a pimp and an Airbnb and get your creativity juices flowing inspiring again, so and it’s like which aboard was country fucking pick up and go to another country and get more you know? Yeah, so and it’s like, man, like I was already getting so pumped up because like before COVID started I was able to do a few things in this country. But yeah, just hearing the sounds of this country and I was like, all like, I want to make music using some of these dope bass sounds and but unfortunately, you know, everything being closed down. I wasn’t able to, like, go further into that, but but ya know, so all those fears. I don’t think you got to worry about it. Yeah,
you know, and I do want to be specific too. We are talking to those people who are wanting to go do This thing you know, what we’re talking about here isn’t for everyone. There’s plenty, just as many people who this is for there’s just as many if not more people who this type of lifestyle is not for in might not be good for you. And that’s okay too. Like, what what is the the key important thing to take away from this episode is that you should be doing what you want to do that makes you happy. If you’re needing a specific change similar to Danny’s situation, that might be what you need and it changes your entire life. But it could also be that you listen to 110 minute segment about this about us talking about your diet and all you need to do is change your diet and your entire lifestyle is changing. You’re beyond happy now. That is just as you know, that can be just as important as just picking up your entire life and moving it to a different country. So you know this what we’re talking about here isn’t necessarily for everyone. But if you think you’re one of those people, man, do it. Research, read the four hour workweek figure out how you could do what Danny’s doing and you know what? Maybe you don’t pick up your entire life. Maybe you just take a month hiatus and you go live in Thailand for a month and check it out and see what it’s like. So you know, you don’t have to change everything forever. You can just do a one month hiatus where you go and live in another country and hang out see what it’s like and if you’re like, you know what, I don’t think I want to go back well then you can go back sell all your shit and then you know move to Thailand at that point.
100% and you don’t even need to leave the country because honestly like there are cheaper places to live in Canada like I could have gone to a burrito it’s dirt cheap to live in a burrito. Nobody wants to fucking live there. It’s cold as hell. Nothing to do there. You could just go to a burrito or even like for like me like going like the outskirts the GTA which is like the general Toronto area. So moving out of Toronto, like moving like, like you can do that as well. It’d be cheaper leather as well. But but ya know, I feel like that alone is good enough because I think a lot of people still have the misconception of like, oh, if you’re a producer like you got to be in Atlanta, you got to be in LA, you got to be in Toronto, you got to be in New York, you got to be in these big musical houses where it’s actually really hard to live in there. It is stressful to live in new cities, because, again, like the cost of living, like the competition and everything around you, like for me, I realized that like, my market isn’t in Canada, like I’m getting more sales from the United States and Australia, Germany, UK, like, I’m like, it’s it’s global. It’s worldwide. Like I don’t need to be fucking living in his cultural hub where it’s, you know, it’s super expensive living and especially now with COVID going on, you know, the benefits of living those countries aren’t even there anymore, because you can’t even go out and network for you guys opening up for meat so kind of close out over here. But for those like five months, where everyone was in quarantine, the benefits of living in LA weren’t available to you like, you know, no, they weren’t.
You’re paying
the LA tax. Getting the LA benefits and it’s like, you know,
LA is talking about completely locking down into for like over a year like it’s insane what they’re talking about about still staying locked down. And if you just moved to LA in February and you want to be you want to be a big producer, well say fucking goodbye to that.
Yeah, I mean the reason why Joe Rogan’s leaving is the reason why Elon Musk is opening up a plant in Texas. I mean,
in Austin, I mean, Joe Rogan’s moving here to Austin right now. I’m in Austin. Yeah your tech Yeah, you’re in a great deal if I
were to cut the state I’ll actually looking at Texas. I was looking at Austin or Houston. But but ya know, I I love what I love what your state is doing, man. Like, I wish I wish I was American and I was like part of your state, bro. Like, a lot of Canadian things. Like it’s becoming very snowflake and very soft. And I’m just like, yeah, yeah, but But no, I love what your country is doing, man. I love what? I love America. But we are going off a tangent. Yeah,
it’s, it’s uh, yeah, it’s a weird thing. I’m not optimistic about Joe Rogan. Moving here to Texas. I think a lot People from LA are going to follow Joe Rogan because if you want to be successful now in that world you got to be around Joe Rogan. So I have a feeling a lot of people are about to move to Austin from LA. I’ve been feeling they’re gonna you know, they’re gonna flip Texas to be blue and be very much so like, California which is i? i don’t i don’t think it’s gonna do well for Texas. So I already told my girlfriend I was like,
well, let’s prepare to move out of Texas in about five years. Oh,
we’ll see what happens but no way but um, I think that might be it man.
Uh, what what do you what would you like to plug I just saw
yesterday, you posted in your story and I think on your Instagram page. Some rapper had bought a couple of tracks or something for his EP and dude the track that you had posted up his was in I’m assuming you produced it. It’s fucking crazy. Good old
If I loved it I immediately went to Spotify and added it on my playlist. Fucking Thank you man anyone wonder what that track is called a fever by an artist called wormer w e r m er but but you know he bought the beat I think like a few months ago sent him an email saying hey thanks for purchasing this beat anything I can do let me know anyways I just one day like this two days ago I woke up so yesterday actually I woke up site him he tagged me in something I’m like oh what is this and I checked it I was like wow this sounds fucking incredible and I went out of my way to buy the song. So I had the mp3 download the cover art create some quick little video and then put it on my my Instagram Stories kind of promoted with some cool motion graphic that kind of reacts to the beat and stuff and and fucking had people friends and like other people like well, this track is sounds awesome. And he was like just he was really happy with that too. And he was like, man, we got to work more together and stuff. I’m like hey like I offer customers cluesive b packages if you’re interested I can send it to you sent it to him he’s like yeah we’re definitely gonna work together once we’re done with this release promo we’re gonna fucking lock in LA hell yeah bro so it’s like doing something nice for them because like he tagged other producers to I don’t know if they’ve dm them and whatnot but I was really happy with the song and I was like I want to like promo this on my Instagram stories and now never know we have a project coming up together soon so
dude that fever track is just 80s so I mean that it’s the the the quality of beats that you’re making and the tracks that you’re making is unreal. When did you make did you make that track while you were in Ecuador?
Know this one that came out like a year ago or maybe you’re in an
80s so I’m curious to hear what you’re producing now that track is just I’m it’s unreal. So yeah, go check out the the EP by wormer love sick love six slash sick of love EP did just came out what I’m guessing like the other day or the other week,
I guess yesterday. I think it literally yesterday. Just yesterday
it’s fucking great go listen to it it’s incredible Is there anything else you want to plug like your website or anything where people can buy beats from you or get mixing a mastering done from you?
Yeah so actually I’m not taking any more mixing and mastering okay it’s only for existing clients from like back home who like we have projects together we’re still working on but I mean it does any artist or anyone listening to this and yeah if you want a custom exclusive beats you can visit my website www dot cinco sound calm there it links you to my productions that I have like songs that are finished with people and also it gives you sorry it sends you to my beat store as well so all my existing beats if you want to license something, it’s all there as well. I mean, that’s about it. I mean Instagram, it’s at cinco sound but like I’m barely active on it. I’m wanting to actually start revamping as a reason why I hire that assistant. So, so yeah, if you want to get in contact with me that you can message me through there you have any questions or anything I’m always happy to answer them. Hell yeah,
dude thank you so much for coming back on this is fucking awesome you know we’re probably getting we’re gonna have to do make this like a yearly thing Have you come back on we’ll find a subject to talk about and this was awesome dude I loved having you back on your story is fucking incredible what you’ve done is it really is awesome. I’m so happy for you. I’m so proud of you, man and you’re killing it and just keep up the work dude.
fuckin appreciate it bro. I love what’s what’s happening with YouTube man like, I see a podcast going up consistent. I’m like, dude, that’s fuckin it’s like just competition anxiety. I’m like, Okay, now I want to go. I see this. I see is that making moves? I gotta make some moves to now so yeah, so yeah, man. It’s great talking to you, bro. Always great energy. So of course, we want to have you back on here again in a year. Maybe I’ll be in Thailand or some other or Brazil. Oh, hell yeah. I’m so down for it. Hell yeah.
Well, Danny, thank you so much. I appreciate it will
connect soon. And everyone. Thank you for listening. We’ll we’ll talk to you Guys later peace out. Hey guys, thanks for checking out today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun with Danny here. If you want to go ahead and join in on the Facebook discussion that we’ve got for electronic dance money where we talk business stuff, go to facebook.com look up electronic dance money community had to Envious audio.com slash Episode 34 to check out all of the show notes and head on over to Apple podcasts to rate and review the show. I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys so much I can’t wait to see on the next episode.
Take care and be safe.

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