Branding and Networking and Income, Oh My! Part 2 feat. Los Padres

Part 2!!! Los Padres are back once again with EVEN MORE knowledge to drop on you!

Supplemental income is such a massive topic and we spent so much time last episode on branding and networking, that we had to make it a part 2!

So without further ado, get ready to learn the ins and outs of what supplemental income is. What it looks like, how to approach it,, how you can use it to leverage your music career; and so much more!

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What’s up everyone? Alright, we are going to do don’t know, if you’ve been a listener of the podcast for a while now then you do know but those of you who don’t know I’ve been running a giveaway giveaway of sorts. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it, it is a giveaway. So I’m giving away a free mixing and mastering lesson to one of the listeners who gave a useful review on Apple podcasts. So we’re going to be sitting in a zoom session mixing and mastering your track. This is a value of up to 300 plus dollars. Unfortunately, those of you who didn’t get any reviews in until I mean today, episodes coming out today, June 26. But right now I’m gonna roll I’m gonna include a drumroll here And the winner is
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The whole lesson scheduled I’ll send you my mix prep guide, and we’ll get going on that super excited to work with you. Again thanks everyone else for leaving reviews I really appreciate it and I look forward to more episodes in the future and hopefully another giveaway thank you again guys and have fun listening to this episode with los padres.
Yo Yo, yo, yo, what is up everyone back with part two with los padres so excited for this one. It is gonna be a good one again, last episode went over. Very well got some good responses. You know, I actually forgot to tell you guys that that night. So I was I mean I was on a crazy crazy like adrenaline high.
all damn day I was so I thought our conversation was so good before during the show and after and I knew it was gonna be a great episode and then that well and then like I hit the 3000 downloads it was coming up on the year long the year anniversary and then I got an email from a listener just like talking about how how much they love the show all she saw was like fuck this is that’s awesome fucking day yet so fucking good and now I’m even more excited we just had a 20 minute pre show conversation
now like fuck, we should just recorded that and just let that shit ride because, man I’ve been getting together with you guys as always I appreciate that. It’s always a good time so I’m super excited for this one we’re finally getting get into the topic that we kept saying that we’re going to get into
I’ve los padres have already introduced themselves. Do you know and Carlos in the last episode they talked about
Their background and their history in music. So if you don’t know about them, please go listen to that episode especially because like I said, we dropped just ridiculous amounts of knowledge on there. So go listen to part two or part one. But today, we’re getting into the supplemental income side of things. And you know, before we started recording, we were talking about different types of marketing tactics with like social media and where the best route would be to go for you guys. And then I started mentioning Oh, yeah, I’ve got my Google Ads certification. I’ve got landing page design certification. I’m working on Facebook ad certification right now. And we were discussing about like possibly meet Gino and I getting together to talk about these things and how I could basically add value to you guys. How can I help you guys out and this goes right into what we were talking about last building a team because this is what happened. It gets us
point in your I mentioned something that I think we all agreed on, which was the fact that you, Carlos, you were saying, it might be the fact that you might not have the knowledge about stuff, but I brought up the point, it might not even be that you don’t have the knowledge, it’s the fact that you guys are doing so much that you can’t spread yourself so thin. Therefore, you haven’t done much research on these different marketing ideas. And we were dipping into the ideas of like, tick tock and so you might not have done a shit ton of research on you know what it is, you know that the platform is growing, you know, that there’s an audience there and you know, that you can utilize it, but excuse me, how to utilize that you might not have that information, whereas I think I have a good idea about it. I spend quite a bit of time on Tick tock, unfortunately.
But, um, but uh, uh, so this goes into building a team and how you can pay for that team, which
A lot of the times you might not be when you start building a team, you don’t usually you don’t get to a point where it’s like, Alright, I’m playing these festivals now. And I’m getting like, it’s not a necessarily overnight thing where it’s all of a sudden, you’re booked all the way up, and you need to hire these people. It’s a gradual thing. Once you start seeing a small bit of success, you go, Okay, I see where I might be able to utilize someone who’s in a better position to do this specific task. But, again, you’re not at that pinnacle of your career where you’re making all your music, or all your money for music, but you still need to hire someone on and what’s going to pay for that is more than likely going to be supplemental income from another source, or a different career or a part time job. And this is, I mean, a lot of times this is just a day job that a lot of musicians have Carlos, why don’t you do you want to get into what you’re doing?
Current supplemental income is to help pay for your career. Yeah, absolutely. So I’m currently I’m a firefighter badass. It is.
What a badass. Yeah, it is one of those Panama scheduled type of careers where, like flight attendant, you know, you could be working for three days, but you got four days off. And then you go back to work for two days, and you got four days off or whatever. Um, and it was always so attractive to me because I had family members that were in the fire service, and I saw them with the allotted amount of time to pursue other things, other business ventures, other hobbies,
maybe even a second career. And I knew from pretty young that this was going to be something that was going to enable me an opportunity to do something like double dipping.
Um, and there’s a bunch of careers out there that you could do that with
Some people work from home in it. Some people are flight attendants, you have like me firefighting, and it’s really just provided me an opportunity to be at work, do my job, get my paycheck, take that kind of that income, manage that income and take a portion of that and try to make sure that I’m investing it in the most positive way into my music. And sometimes it takes a little while, you know, you got to make sure that you’re good on the homefront. But we can’t be naive in 2020 and think that you know, you’re gonna turn key a super,
super producer in a week because you know, that’s just not the fundamentals of how this stuff works. Everything is backed by some sort of financial input everything definitely Yeah, I can I wouldn’t hundred percent agree with that. I
You know, I I heard so I listened to I don’t know if you guys listen to Joe Rogan experience at all but I did into the show. Yeah, I dip into the show occasionally like when there’s a guest I really like and I can’t remember what guests Joe had on the show but he talked about a theory he has or an idea he has that he thinks any committee, any upcoming comedian or new comedian who wants to make a career should follow and I think it’s, I think it’s a I think it can be applied to musicians, young music musicians, specifically I’m talking like 18 or 19 year olds. Once you start getting into like the late 20s to your close your 30s if you have a girlfriend and they’re wanting to settle down, then you have to really kind of like think about Okay, what’s gonna bring in the bills or what’s going to pay the bills, and how are we going to pay for a family because I got it at some point. You do have to grow up and if you haven’t
Made it to a specific point where that, you know, your career is re paying for that stuff you do have to take a good hard look at that. But he brought up the idea that don’t have any job that you can’t throw away tomorrow and get the same exact job the next week, if you want to take your career seriously in like, be ready because and I think that, like I fight with that idea, because in a sense, I do agree with it. And I actually wrote about it in one of my articles, but then on the other like on the flip side of the coin, I’m like yeah, but like it is it is a sensitive subject where it’s so I mean, we talked about it last episode, the the idea that you’re going to be this huge touring artist, and making all this money and doing that all by yourself and doing that with just within like five to 10 years. It it doesn’t happen all the time anymore. So you do have this issue where if you’re worried
These jobs that you can just throw away tomorrow and you might not be making all the money you wish you would be making. When you get to that point where you’re late in your 20s and you look at your resume and you do want to settle down with someone, you do have this issue where it’s like, you know, you don’t have the experience in any sort of specific field that’s gonna make you enough money. So it’s like, you really got it, you got to walk a fine line here. But the plus side is is a lot of the stuff that I talked about on the show and like I was discussing with you guys, I don’t have any college background. Neither do I didn’t go to fucking school at all. I was the worst student I, I think, I think, in when I took geometry and like, shit, what grade was that? I think sophomore year I took geometry when I took geometry. A shit I can’t remember. I don’t even remember. I don’t even remember when I took geometry. I think I failed.
And my teacher was so cool that he just bumped my bumped me up a grade to let me pass so I didn’t have to do summer school or anything. And then I left midway through my junior year to do online school. And I was in shit like algebra one, maybe, maybe algebra two, like I don’t even think I, here’s the thing is I left I never did math again after that. And then it was about two years ago, right before I launched my studio. I thought I want to be computer programmer and get into like writing code. So I was gonna do online again to go to college online, but I needed to pass calculus in order to do it. And so I was like, Okay, let me start doing pre calc and I started doing pre calc and I was like, wait, I don’t know and I realize Holy shit, like, I’d never passed whatever Algebra I was taking in junior year. I never passed that and I know
Ever. So I would have to go back to like junior year math. Yeah, take that, to learn everything to get to the point where I could just pass precalc and then pass calculus like it was, it was fucking insane. And I really I was like, I can’t do this. I’m terrible at math. This is not what I’m good at. But because of my experiences, and because of where I’m at with my business, I was given the opportunity to like, learn about marketing, to learn about Google ads and this and get my certification, all this stuff, which, and then I’m actually applying this stuff and it’s working and doing well. And therefore I can build up a portfolio and go into this field that I didn’t get a degree in that I just worked out for my own personal business, and you can apply this with the music as a music producer, and then I connect with other people and help them out with their businesses and add their stuff to my portfolio to the point where I can go to these jobs where I’m gonna be made I like I have a
potential to be making 50 to $60,000 a year from on an idea like on something I didn’t go to school for that I spent, I spent 30 or $40 on courses that are like legit certifications you get from them. And it’s, it’s put me in, I mean, it’s put me in position where my business is now growing and then it’s gonna put me in position where I can actually get a job doing something that I fucking love. And I’m, I’m 24. So that’s awesome. That and this is what I’m talking about. Like, you can get these shitty jobs where you don’t you might not be getting paid the money you want to get paid. But if you say if you if you save your money properly, like you were saying invest it in the things that matter and that are going to be positive. And you take the aspects we talked about in this podcast and you apply them to your own production career and find something that you can start learning that you could
When you turn 28, you have a portfolio where you can take that to a business and actually make a good living and you have room for growth and doing something that you like that you love. And maybe you’ve it’s benefited your personal music career, but then you’ve also lend lend a helping hand to other producers to help them out to add to your port. So, like, there are things you can do with having these throwaway jobs, so long as you gotta be fucking working. You can’t be like, I’m going to work this throwaway job and be half assed at music. And if I do it for 10 years, I mean, that’s just fortunately that’s not how it works. You have to apply yourself in these settings. That was a really long, but I wanted to get that out but no idea I love I love it, man. I mean, I can I feel you man. I never went to college. You know, I never went to college, everything that I have as far as being a firefighters, a certification type thing. A lot of physical stuff, but you know what I knew that it was going to perform
Find me time right and time is money. So how can I make sure that I’m, I’m creating an opportunity for myself So, dude, I totally can relate. Yeah, it’s with like Gino Sorry, I’m gonna get, I’m gonna ask you what your supplemental income is, I don’t want to feel like I’m leaving, we’re leaving you out or anything. But, uh, with the other thing too is like, personally, I’m never when I have kids, I’m never gonna push them on to being like, you have to go to college because that didn’t. My parents were like, this is my sister went to college, she got a degree and she’s not using her degree currently, and she’s been at school for like three years now. And now she’s paying her debt off. And I saw that and I was like, I’m never gonna do that, like what I want to do I can’t go to school for it’s not gonna benefit me in any way. If you go to audio engineering school, the only thing you’re getting, you’re paying like upwards of $100,000 to literally get connections that might not
necessarily work out for you. Whereas if you just do what we’re doing right now, again, networking, like you can take you even further for free. And like, it’s the whole sense that the idea that you need a degree to get anywhere in life is I think it’s wrong. Except for obviously, if you want to be a lawyer, if you want to do like fit, like, there’s obviously specific careers where it’s like, yes, you have to get a fucking degree for that because if you’re an a, as a doctor, like you’re it’s a completely different field. You can’t just be like, I’ve got a certification Now, that’s not how it works. But when it comes to like marketing, a fucking degree that when businesses are hiring someone to do marketing, they don’t give a shit about your degree. They want to see results. What have you done, what have you? Do you have an internship or you worked on a project that like in your office? Yeah, by this amount, because that’s what they want to see.
See, they don’t give a shit about like, well, I’m at a school and just got a degree, I guarantee what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be pushing paper for the first four years, while they slowly bring you on to stuff. Whereas if you have spent that four years learning a craft, building a portfolio and like actually showing that you know what you’re doing, it’s gonna work out so much better. I mean, oh, by the time some of some of my friends were out of college, I was already like, in my fourth or fifth year in my career as a firefighter. So, yup. And you know, what, they still have to go and bob and weave through the rat race to try to get their job and, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a really, really insightful thing, like we’re coming to this new era of YouTube can pretty much teach you how to be a surgeon if you want it.
I’m exaggerating, but it’s probably true. You can fix an engine. You can. Yep, yeah, it’s in. It’s incredible. I mean, I’ve fixed I’ve replayed it.
replace this okay growing up I was never a neither my dad or I were ever hands on people with cars YouTube taught me how to replace my starter it took a couple of hours but I replaced my starter my car not knowing what the fuck to do and it’s I mean shit like that where it really is I mean changing my brake pads that a lot I guarantee you majority people would not know that you need to take the cap off of your brake fluid before you push in the fucking caliper wherever Yeah, so you don’t bust a brake line like no one would know that they need to do that unless they watch a YouTube video and unless I mean someone taught you but that’s you can do just about anything now with YouTube with these different educational centers online like Udemy which is where I got my certifications from, go to Udemy they almost weekly have most of their courses are $200 each, almost weekly. They have 80 to 90% off sales where you can get these courses are two or three
hundred dollars for $10 $12. And you can it’s a 30 hour course where you can get a certification and shit. my buddy’s doing one right now it’s a 48 hour course that is all about c++ coding for video games. And they take I mean, it’s a very, very in depth course. But super useful if he wants to get into that field and he can figure out how to start building his own games and then work for three years Bert like doing something he loves building his own portfolio and then go to a triple A gaming company and show them and get a job. Sure, he might get in the lower ranks as a junior developer, but the point is, he’s in the fucking door. Yeah. So yes. And without getting a degree with just spending $13 on a course on Udemy it’s I mean, it’s, I can I can go on and again, I can go on forever about this stuff as well. But uh, Gino, what do you do for supplemental income? So for myself, I’m probably
Not the best example coming off this conversation because I went to college. I went to college right off the bat in high school and I went but the intention is, the destination is the same as answers you guys. However, the journey was very different. So I went to college, and I went for music education straight off the bat. And I just wanted to just become a cello teacher, I’m sorry, music teacher, or high school that was like my first and foremost dream, and I never had anything else changed. But then as the course went on, I’ve had parents that have always drilled me as always having like, hey, do you know I always have a plan B, to sort of just in case you know, this music thing doesn’t work out no matter how crazy and you know, and driven I was my parents had to keep me in check with really like reality when it came to being a music musician, because they’re like, you know, dreams are going to pay the bills. So with that being said, I took Hospitality Management as a plan B option in college and that is what sort of carried on
My years of supplemental income ever since I
shoot, when did I start I want to say I’m 21 years old, is when I started working at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. And that’s over here near Disney. And that’s one of the luxury properties here. And that’s like a totally different thing than what I’m doing kind of like Carlos. He’s a firefighter during the day, and then he’s Batman at night. You know, like, I always say, Man, he does this he does this thing, um, but I’m the same way. And that in a way, it’s kind of nice, mentally and obviously financially what we’re going to be talking because you get your balance of you know, social life and you get out with your, you know, you talk with your co workers and such like that and they’re also paying your bills and such. So it’s kind of nice That being said, but you have to always you got you got to keep things real, you know, you got you got to know that hey, if you want to dream big, you got to know like, you can’t just jump off and you’re gonna land on like some sort of like Sony management deal. That’s just not how life works. It’s just not how it’s gonna work. And that’s you got to you got to work. You got to start at the bottom
The barrel and you got to go at it. And for me, I’ve had many different detours in life from music production of being trance, to being big room to being things that I’d never thought and now meeting Carlos, he’s like, great, take all that which you learned and just grow on it and just build on it. And that’s what I guess what I’m trying to say is take all that experience that you’ve learned keep building on that because like educate and so knowledge is power at the end of the day when it comes to this and that’s what’s going to get you pushed really through the rat race with this music production game is all that knowledge that you build, I mean, sure enough, you can get money to pay for things but you know, you gotta you also have to build knowledge with that being said so for me like I said, I had to build an education for production under the under the roof with YouTube University just like you guys did. And I learned through the kinks through through just homies, you know, through friends and I think I mentioned it to the last episode. Zack, you know, a good friend of ours taught me the ins and outs of sound design and the foundation and I built my music production catalog a lot through that
You know, right after a couple some projects and so I was still working in a hotel the whole time, and I was still doing that making my money and putting that into my music and a lot of people don’t know that and that’s not something, you know, I’m not going to be outspoken about it for a lot of reasons, but at the same time, that’s just something that I want to make sure like before I fully invest myself into music full time. I got to know that you know, I gotta be real with myself and I got to know this is gonna become real and I think
Oh, go ahead. No, no, no, go ahead, go Nah, no.
Gino has a really good point. You got to be able to water the crops, right? You know what I mean? Like, it’s cool. If you have the seed, the seed is the dream. The seed is the desire the the seed is the motivation, ambition, but, you know, let’s say you’re in a drought. How are you gonna? How are you going to see that crop come to growth? How are you going to see that vision come to fruition? No one likes to talk about this and music man. No one likes to do it. And and there’s a lot of broken relationships that come with this because
When you’re making supplemental income, you depend less on people who may take advantage of you. Okay? And I tread lightly with that because we all have or we all will experience that one day there. It is inevitable. It’s human nature for people to try to level up. And when they see an opportunity, especially if you’re bartering first always, there’s always sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt, but there will always be social climbers that will take any sort of opportunity that they can possibly find, to get them up a social ladder to get to the next level. So exactly what you said leveling up. And one of the things like
in relation to what Gina was saying is, we both prior to developing those boundaries and getting on this production venture. We both were in other things, right? other music projects, maybe other religions.
chips were built. And sometimes
it could be.
It could cause a little bit of turmoil. Like for me, there was a period where I was sleeping in the back of my car, but I still had a career. Right? And it was because I made piss poor decisions on my love life, my management of my money. Yeah. But then two years after that, I took what I was making with music. And I was able to and we could touch on this later, but I was able to take my ghost production invoices on PayPal, go to a bank, take my supplemental income checks, and show that I had
X amount of money coming in just through ghost production to build my first house. Two years after sleeping in the back of my car. That is the truth. And it It came from a failed relationship
and unfortunately, that’s
what it took to kind of put me over the top and really take focus and take a hold of how this is really gonna work. Yeah, you you hit a you I mean, it’s I want to say rock bottom sounds bad but everyone’s rock bottom is different. You hit Like, I hit my I hit my rock bottom when I was shit like 18 or something and it was it was it was bad it was I was in a very bad headspace I made very, very bad decisions. Luckily, it wasn’t anything legal. It was just personally with my family. I made very bad stupid decisions and I hit rock bottom and when I hit rock bottom, that’s when I actually started producing. Once I hit rock bottom, I was like, Okay, I found this thing where I can put positive I can put my positive and negative energy into but like, turn it into something positive and producing music and that’s when I started I was like, Alright, time to fucking buckle up. So it’s time to grow up and stop being
I grew up very, very, very fast. And I forced myself in that position. When I was like 1617, I was hanging out with kids that were like 20 and graduated from high school and shit. And a lot of those friends were from the wrestling team, though. So like, I wrestled with them, they graduated, and I continued to hang out with them. So my parents knew them. And they’re still my best friends today. But I wasn’t hanging out with kids at my high school, I was hanging out with these kids that were way older, and I got an opportunity to see them fuck up. And so then I didn’t have to make up make those fucked up decisions or choices when I was their age. There’s a very key thing that you’re talking about here that you haven’t mentioned, but I think it’s a very it’s a nuanced topic. And it’s the fact of like, just taking ownership and responsibility for the choices you’ve made, and how you’re going to turn that into something into positive light. If you want to make the decision.
going full time as a music producer, or you just that’s your goal, and you’re gonna have these throwaway jobs. And you’re okay with that you need to accept the consequences that come with that long term. If you don’t, if you don’t write down the pros and cons, both short term and long term, and you don’t take a moment to really think those things through, and where you could put like, think of the highest point that you could possibly be at in 10 years following that path. But then look at the negative like look at like, if you’re at the worst case scenario, where could you be at and you have to make a very logical choice of is that worth it? Can I accept those consequences if things don’t go the way I want them to go? What’s the can I accept the worst case scenario and I think that’s something that you need to do like yearly it’s not a one and done thing because you might change your your mind, especially as you grow and change. You know, I actually it’s funny that we’re talking about this kind of stuff. I
I watched a TED talk that kid kuti did back in 2015. And he went back to his high school in Shaker Heights. And he basically talked about his life story. And when he was 20, he left Cleveland and went to New York. And he was he was talking about how he was a hustler. He always had a job. He never did not have a job. He was working it jumping from clothing store to clothing store, but again, like I said, he was in these jobs of Do you throw away jobs these these clothing store jobs? And he I think he said in 2006 he actually he didn’t talk about this in the
in the TED talk, but I fall I love kid Cuddy. I followed him for a long time. And I think he’s a very interesting like case study because he’s had such a massive impact on hip hop and his music in general, so different from all the other rappers out there. But his story especially is very interesting because in the TED
He talks about how much he wanted, like he wanted this thing. He wanted it so bad. And there was when he was in, he was working or he was at a record store looking at CDs and he saw someone he saw a gleam of a Jesus chain and looked over and it was Kanye West. This is in 2006. So we approached him introduce himself and he offered his mute music and Kanye said no. And then he’s like, Alright, well, I’m gonna be working with you sometime soon. And this was when he was like 23 or something. Three years later, I think it might have been two years later, he released his first self titled EP, which had the day and night track on it. It got released through some record label, I can’t remember who it was. And it ended up in Kanye his lap. Kanye heard it and immediately signed him for an album release which was man on the moon which is undoubtedly like one of his Yeah, like yeah, the great it’s it is such a good fucking album and has
I mean, the pursuit of happiness is on there day and night. Solo dolo like there’s so many I quote soundtrack to my life like there’s iconic songs that literally the very first little turning on some of those right yes. The very first electronic track I heard was the clickers remix of day and night. Oh, so like vast transformed my world of music and it’s but he he wanted this this path of being a musician so fucking bad. And he got to he got it by working his ass off and investing his money into his career. Yeah, into his music career, but always hustling always working, always having a job and that I mean, I follow the very same would I, I got a job as soon as I fucking could when I did. 15 Absolutely. I mean, the economics that’s another thing that people don’t really want to talk about. The sooner you have a source of income, the sooner you need to take 10% of that is
And put it away. Because guess what, when you release a song, yeah, it’s out there, but how are you going to promote it? How do you think you’re going to promote it?
Who’s going to design your graphics unless you’re good at you know, all that. But those things, those come at a price I mean, those are services that help you get that and, um, I don’t want to like for segue us into that this part but that’s how you can start to see the supplemental income come through with like streams, right so like, you’re Tate, you got this job, you’re taking X percent of your income, you’re investing it in your releases, your releases go from 1000 to 10,000 to 50 hundred 500,000 streams, and now you’re getting this mailbox money, um, which I love that term, because you literally just walk to your mailbox and you got to check for X amount of dollars and then
If you’re somebody who’s hustling really hard, and you got 10 of those a quarter,
you know what I mean? Now you’re turning your
day to day grind into a really, really, really prosperous profit. The there’s, I forgot who said the quote, I can’t remember who said the quote and I’m gonna butcher the quote anyways. But it’s like, you know, you’re successful when you can sleep and you’re making money like you’re, you’ve made it you’ve made it when your money is working for you, when you’re not working. Like when you’re just you’re it’s passively being made in the background. That’s when you’ve made it. And I, you know, personal finance is the most important topic that should be taught to every single kid. By the time they’re 18 that they’re not taught and it’s very unfortunate and they get stuck in these. They get trapped when they’re 18 years old.
Even when they’re 21, and they start getting offered these credit cards and next thing you know, they’re $15,000 in credit card debt at age 20. And they’re not going to pay those off, and they might even go bankrupt before 25. And they can’t buy a house until they’re like 35. So it’s, it’s very unfortunate that people get wrapped up in these situations. I’m very, very, very lucky to have very minimal credit card debt and the fact that that’s under control and that I now have savings built up. I’m even more fortunate that my girlfriend who is amazing, and many of you probably hopefully know her by now her name is Marty. She’s in the financial world she works for to financial reps for Northwestern Mutual. She is one of the most sought after assistance in that office because she is insanely good at her job. She’s incredible, very good with finances. And we talk I mean, it’s a constant thing that we’re talking about in our day to day life is about our finances and in public.
positive way, not in a negative light thinking about, okay, we can’t buy this because we’re saving money we’re trying to pay off our debt like, and we’re making very conscious and
good financial decisions that I don’t think a lot of couples have. Or just a like kids have with themselves. If you’re struggling with personal finances, we did Marty and I did an episode together where we talked about personal finances. We talked about how to build your budget, how to build your emergency fund. And then there’s a third topic, I forgot what it was. I think that was like Episode 24, maybe 25. I think it was 24. And then I also wrote an article about that. And if you’re on my email list, currently, there’s your right now as of yesterday, you’re in a three day campaign marketing campaign where I’m emailing you about each one of those subjects. So if you’re on my email list, look out for that. I think this is a topic that people aren’t talking about. It’s very underrated. Yeah, very so good. I mean, if in this is the way Marty and I started out the episode, what it was who
Do you know that is successful that is, that has bad personal finance, unless you win the lottery or just someone passes away that hand you off a bunch of money. You’re, you have good personal finance, like you’ve set yourself up for success. And the other thing too is however you handle your personal finances is exactly the way you’re going to handle your business finances. So if you’re if you have terrible personal finances, and you start making money for your business, that’s going to translate right over and all of a sudden you’re those checks those those the money that’s coming in the mail that’s working for you passively. You’re spending on a bunch of stuff that’s probably not what you should be spending your money on. And next thing you know, you don’t have money and you’re like, Where’s all this like? I’m getting all these streams, where’s all my money? I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m still working this day job. I’m living paycheck. Nothing is worse than living paycheck to paycheck. And then on top like having the again. The other thing too is the cycle.
logical effect that debt has on oh my gosh, hell yeah, bro it’s both both in I’m sure a lot of people listening to this know what I’m talking about because I guarantee a lot of you are my age and you have debt whether that’s college debt and you’re like this it’s not getting it’s not getting paid off just that like depression that is that is involved with that and he’s it in anxiety and then I don’t know if you guys I’m sure you guys have but anyone listening if you’ve ever paid off a credit card, or yeah he the I mean it is an instant mood changer. It’s like, Oh my god, this is like a huge weight lifted off your chest, you feel happy, you’re like you can just take on the world. So don’t just rat and start wrapping up that debt again. But there’s something that feels really good and same with savings. So I didn’t have savings for Sorry, I’m going on these long range
But I I didn’t have savings for years. And then I met Marty and I just started building my savings within the past year, year and a half and
I had spent a majority of my savings on something and then I was going to take the stimulus check that came in and basically put it that what I was gonna I was waiting on my stimulus check. I was like, This is taking too long. I’m impatient. I have the money in savings, I’ll just spend it put the money back in my savings I was down to
I don’t even it was only a three to like 500 bucks left in my savings account. And I was like, Oh, I was freaking Yeah, like having a meltdown. Like I don’t have the fucking money if something in before I didn’t have a savings. I was like, Ah shit, like, whatever. Like I didn’t think about savings. But now when you have money in savings, it does something to where it’s like you You do have this just in case money. And when that starts to deplete, you start going Oh, fuck, like, Oh no, how did I live like this before in the in the last episode, we
with you we briefly spoke about, like psychological impact that music is right. So the other thing is when you have those things built up a small cushion or a big cushion, and you go to a music professional, let’s say an a&r literally invites you to the building in New York or whatever.
Somebody is going to ask the question, how much do you have to invest in yourself? Yeah, and let me tell you something. If you they’re not necessarily asking you because they want that money. They’re asking you to see how serious Have you taken yourself, to see how willing you are to have capital to invest in your own dream that you’re pursuing. Right. So like, it’s really important. Like I’ve had conversations with people when I’m broke and they don’t give off talk about me, bro. Nothing. The music could be great. They don’t care. Well, when I have the money, the conversation steamed see
to yield something and I’m not saying that they asked for $1, but they take you more serious. And whether it’s $100 or $100,000 you are pure reflection of what you can. How much you love yourself and your ambition. Oh, by the way, you treat your finances as well. And I it’s just like, it’s just like grooming yourself or taking a shower. Like you’ve got to treat your body. Right. But you’ve got to treat yourself economically. Right as well. And other people will see that, you know, the, it’s, it’s, the question is more so like, Okay, if, if you’re not willing to invest in your own dream, why should we? That’s, that’s the point. All it is. It’s okay. How serious are you about this? Okay, how are you going to invest in yourself? And you say, No, I don’t have anything to invest. They’re gonna go Why would we invest in you then? Makes no sense why you’re not taking
yourself seriously. So why why are we going to take you seriously? And it is like a it’s not so much. I mean, they’re like we said there are social climbers. And you’ll have a sense where if people are asking that question, some people will want that dollar and those a lot of the times it’s it is those social climbers, but a lot of the time it is just they want to see like, are you taking this shit seriously. And when they see that you are investing, they go, Okay, this is someone that we can invest in, we can trust that this is probably actually going to go somewhere because they’re on this different path than the average SoundCloud rapper who is asking for a record deal after not having done anything for anyone but themselves and not investing any other money besides a $50 master. So I mean, it’s,
it takes time. Time is another thing where it’s right on. It’s a little quick little story. I want to end this
Is 100% factual? Okay,
I barely had any money in my bank account. I was in a relationship that had just ended, I was living with a friend. And, um, somebody threw a bone out there. I was like, Yo, I’m going to this networking thing out of state. Um, you’re more than welcome to come. Unfortunately, all the rooms for this convention have been booked up. But shit. If there’s like a pull out couch or something, you’re more than welcome to come and I’m like, Damn, can I even afford a plane ticket to get to this place? And I immediately turned it off, right? And I was like, Alright, thanks, man. I appreciate that. Well, you go through like a bank statement and you realize that you spend that much money on the weekends in a bar, right? That I could have bought that plane ticket. So I go, okay, instead of going out this weekend and trying to drink my anger.
it away. I’m gonna get this plane ticket, fly to FOMO go outside anymore have
FOMO you want to be with your friends we’re having a quote unquote good time. Exactly. So for what I spend on drinking in three days, I was able to get a plane ticket super cheap. I wasn’t picky about when I flew and I just got there. And I barely had any money still. So my money’s been dwindling. I get to this place and I meet my friend and my friend is super excited that I’m there. And he starts to introduce me to these other people that are at this convention. And I go Yeah, but you know, where am I going to sleep? He’s like, man, they don’t have any pullout.
beds in our room. I slept on the floor for two days, bro. Two days on literally. Literally, I’m not joking. A resort floor. Okay. Barely these other people are sleeping comfortably in their bed. Okay.
And day one happens online.
Tam, like, I shouldn’t be here, I should be back home, blah, blah. Day two comes around, and I start to bump shoulders with people who make things happen. Okay? And I’m like fresh in my face up and I’m like, Hey, good to see you again. I saw you yesterday. My name is blah, blah, blah, cool. Day three comes around. And now I’m talking to people about remix opportunities, and opportunities that would have never came to fruition. Had I decided to, you know, dwell dwindling my agony and whatever it was, I was going through personally, right? Five years later,
I’m still working with these people. And my relationship with them is stronger than ever. And I wouldn’t trade anything for the world. Like I literally did had no money and I felt pretty broken as a producer, but that one opportunity changed everything and I literally hope your listeners just take this one piece of advice. The supplemental income is the greatest foundation
You can create for yourself because it can create opportunities even if it feels like you don’t have a million in the bank you know $10 to your name is $10 more than some people will ever see you know yep that’s it’s a it’s very valid and very true. I mean this is how I was when I was talking to Dennis when he was on the show from no face he was talking about the
yeah shout out to Dennis and no face because they’re fucking badass over there. There’s Max and Dennis are they I mean talk about a grind dude. Yeah, right. Do you want to talk about work ethic go back and look at Dennis and Max because they’re insane. Yeah, they make me feel like I’m a lazy piece of shit.
he was talking about when he was plugging stuff about the no face boat party in Florida. And I was like, I got off the call with him. And again, it was it was like our call. I was on such a high where I was like,
Awesome, like, this is the first time I’ve had a major person in the scene on my show when I had Dennis on and I was like, This is fucking great. I’m so excited for this. And then I was like, I need to fucking go that boat party cuz I wasn’t even seeing it as like a chance to go on a vacation I saw as a business opportunity, I saw it as there’s gonna be no face artists there, Dennis and Max are going to be there, I can actually meet them in person and shake their hand and talk to them and other like there’s gonna be other fucking people there that I can talk to and in get to know and like you’re saying rub shoulders with and that’s gonna open up the floor for conversation. It might not necessarily mean anything business wise in the moment because it’s a very short timeframe. But that means I can add these people on Facebook and like the relationship that I built with Noah it can be built the exact same way through liking their content.
engaging with it and then finding things that I have in common with this person and building a good relationship with them and then finding out how I can add value to them. So it’s like they’re in I was thinking was like, you know, how much is that going to cost them. And then the thing is, is when you have those types of opportunities, sure, you might have to invest a few hundred dollars, but the amount of money that you’ll make back from that one investment is, it’s it’s just like education. It’s unbelievable how much I mean, the amount of money you can make back from that, depending on what you do is nearly infinite, right? You got to be able to take a gamble on yourself and you got to be willing to take risks. You got to get the guy this is another thing that I just recently learned. I know we keep going like all over the place, but
you know, the world is going through a crisis. We’re going through so much as humanity.
But one thing about investing
In yourself is taking a look at what opportunities present themselves in order for you
to try to yield something in return. So I say I tread lightly here because it’s a topic that not a lot of people want to talk about or have spoken to about. But it’s money, right? So and it’s money related, and it’s something that I’m exploring right now. So, stock market, okay. You look at a really hard hit on the economy.
And you look at stocks like Spirit Airlines, and they traded at like 50 bucks a share. But back in March, they were as dead as low as $7. Right. So if anyone had told me
how to look at the stock exchange to grow money, the seed, right, maybe in March or April when they stopped flying, I would have bought 100 shares seven
hundred bucks. But I would have made
five times that when they get back to their 52 week high, dude, I had no idea about this. And people around me are doing it, musicians are doing it. They’re literally investing in a market not only to help the economy, but they’re investing in a market because it’s at a point where 100 bucks could turn into 500. Overnight 500 can turn into 5000 I’m not joking. Overnight, it depends on when you get in and stuff like that. But no one ever spoke to me about that. No one taught me those things. And, and here I am trying to play catch up. But those things happen a few times in your lifetime. And those are opportunities that you could really take in yourself. Obviously I I hate to see society where it’s at, but economically
comically If I had known this a year ago, I would have taken every penny I could find and invest it to try to flip it. So then that money I take out goes right back into my music now obviously disclaimer day one if you want to invest money into the stock market talk to a fucking financial firm I am not an accountant Yeah, we are we’re not financial experts me I be the first rule is always have an emergency savings built up before you do that kind of stuff. And also only invest what you’re okay with losing cuz if you’re not okay with losing $1,000 don’t invest $1,000 it could be a very bad time for you totally cool if we cut this clip.
Um, well, the other thing is, you know, the only reason and I, I this is this is my this is my personal belief, my personal philosophy. I do believe the only reason why anyone has any in any sort of financial
situation is most of the time your own damn fault. And this is this goes it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes but this goes into being accountable and being like responsible and owning up to your actions that might have gotten you in a situation and not blaming an outside source because let’s be honest, like you have the power of will I mean you can do what you want you can I mean, if you want to fucking build up a shit ton of debt and credit, you can do that. And if you’re in that situation, no one pulled out your unless someone literally stole your identity. No one pulled out your credit card and spent $200 at the bar last weekend like you did that you made the conscious decision to do that. So don’t blame someone else for your financial savings. When I mean however, I will. I will say like I think the credit card companies are fucked up because they consciously go after 18 year old kids who don’t know shit about money.
Get them wrapped up in debt. I don’t think that’s good. I don’t think that’s morally right. That’s a different conversation. But you are I mean, you’re the reason why you’re in your financial situation more than likely. I mean, there’s obviously it’s a very nuanced conversation. It’s not binary it’s not good or bad. There’s complications with things whether that has to do with health or family or whatever.
Gino, what do you What experience do you have with investing in yourself and your own career? What was that looked like over the years? So for myself, this kind of dates back to I guess for previous projects, I’ve always, always since I’ve had my nine to five job put aside of the of the income that I’ve had to always put into music and that’s always been, the percentages have always changed throughout the years, but I’ve always made sure that the money that’s always going to the side kind of splits into things accordingly and that goes into either promotion into to the songs
I would be releasing all the way up until like even the the photoshoots that we would have going into the singles that we would be promoting into and that goes into something we would forecast six months out. And so I would have to, you know, think a little bit more long term than I would like and this was something sort of new to me so you know, whip out the Excel spreadsheets and all that other stuff that you would, you know, typically do for this kind of thing, and that’s what sort of set me kind of set up really intact for for a lot more serious things with low spy that is, and even a previous project I had with fino these are things that you know, I really had to really want to get organized because I wanted to make sure that the money that I was investing was going into the right place into the right things and even into the right people you know, and this goes into you know, the people the friends in the context that you make, you know, whether they make you a teaser video, whether they edit something for you and this was something kind of not to get too into it, but when I was really you know, learning the production game I wanted my I really had a high expectation for my songs.
Stuff like that. So I didn’t master my own songs for quite a bit, I would just mix to like a certain point. And then I would just outsource it to a good friend of mine to master. But then it got to a point where I was like, You know what, let me take matters into my own hands. I learned really like my own thing about mastering and then I kind of dove into that. And even in fast forward, you know, years later quarantine mode, you know, we’re at 2020. This is for, like you said, we said the last episode for some producers, this was a blessing in disguise. You know, granted, we nothing ever happened to their friends and whatnot, I took this opportunity to learn things that I would never have wanted to ever learn, you know, and with the busy schedule that we had, and this could include software’s and things that you would never have to believe, you know, Adobe software is and all the way down to all these other things. And this, you know, you save so much money and do to doing these things. And so with all that being said, the money that I was investing kind of got smaller and smaller and smaller throughout the years because I wasn’t kind of throwing it all over the place and putting it in the wrong places. And so
You know, is it is it not all kind of comes down to time management, you have to have time management skills because if not, you are totally, totally just screwed. And so that’s I think, I don’t know, but it goes into like systems do you have there I personally have a systems day where I literally go in and I look at every single system I have, whether that has to do with like looking at my accounts payable, so all of my finances like all the subscriptions I’m paying for I log all those on a budget spreadsheet for my business. Same with all the money I’m making. I do all that stuff in one day. And I look at how can I automate these things? What skill can I learn to to spend less time on this and make me more money? And it’s, it’s the same thing with like, like you said, with mastering Do you mean as a producer and I’m talking to the audience, as producers Do you have a day where you’re spending time learning a specific craft that will make you spend less money whether that has to do with like mixing or mastering
That will allow you to spend less money on that topic and be able to improve your personal skill so that you can do it yourself. So you can spend less time either waiting or whatever it is and just get it done. And you’ll I mean, when you learn a new skill like that, that will actually make you money. I you can’t put a price tag. Absolutely. Are you got? Yeah, are you spending time getting good at something to make your workflow faster, because faster workflow makes more achievable things, it’s even the exact you can flip it to it. What’s more valuable to you your dollars or your time, a large majority of people will say time and it may be that you suck at mixing or you suck at mastering and you hate it. You just outright hate it. You don’t want to spend your time doing on it, doing it. So it’s better for you to invest your dollars to get that thing done by done. Get that thing done by someone else, so that you can invest your time rather than your money.
And it’s something that maybe and that time you expand your investing that in a different skill that’s gonna make you money and in different sense, like we’re talking about, like my Google Ads certification, maybe you you want to get into that and you want to run ads, or your music production on Facebook or something. And so you decide to outsource everything, outsource your mastering. So you save an hour to two per track however many day in whatever and instead you’re spending that time learning how to get a Google Ad certification or Facebook ads certification to so that you can get more streams so that you can put that in portfolio and show that to a music record a record label or something so you can work for like there’s it’s endless the shit that we could talk about, about how your supplemental income with both I mean now we’re getting into like time but both your time is money and money is time, both your money and your time like the way you spend these things. These resources can drastically change the
The path that you take and how short or how long that path is for you to see success in your career. And since we’re getting into, you know, that sense of thing of success, let’s talk about the probably one of the most important topics probably the one thing that all the producers listening to this show are looking forward to and that is going full time going full time is a topic that will always be talked about that I think everyone is striving for in the music business, you Everyone wants to go full time with music, if you don’t do it the right way. It can be very stressful. Renting can be very fucking chaotic. And, I mean, if you’re not taking your shit seriously, and you’re not running it like a business you it’s gonna be a bad, bad, bad time for you. When do you quit a job? I think it’s very touchy. It’s very complicated. So
I would say,
when you find yourself, like you said, when you find yourself making money while you sleep, when you’re not actually moving and when you’re not
wasting your energy on certain things, that’s a really cool indicator. I really liked that analogy. I think it’s true. I think if you can find a way to do that, that could be like one sign of, Hey, you know, let me step step more into leap of faith. Exactly. Um, but, you know, in all reality, a lot of the music industry, majority of the music industry is not going to give you health benefits.
You’re not organized organizations. You can go to Yes, you can go to But anyways, go on. I will. I do agree with that. Yes, but I, in my personal opinion, I think I think I’ll always
Be in my career, because I’ve kind of planted myself in a situation where firefighting is like my second job. I still do music more than I do firefighting. Well, it’s probably something you really enjoy doing. Yeah. Why not do if you don’t know. And I mean in between calls and stuff, you can ask Gino I’ve literally sent him snapchats of on the way to emergencies and stuff like that. And I’ve had my laptop in the fire truck, where I’m literally making music.
I’m not joking. Yeah, I’m not joking. There’s never a minute so. So from my my perspective, I don’t think I don’t think there is a point where you say hey,
I think now I’m just gonna quit my job. I think maybe an opportunity could present itself. And then you could say, Hey, you know what, I’m gonna do this. Um, but, you know, I was able to find a source of residual income or sorry.
Passive income through remixes for official remixes. And, um, that’s given me the humility to take that money reinvested in this project, and continue to do this until it gets to a different platform. And once that platform closed, then I guess I can reassess everything.
But my personal advice would be,
you know, definitely look at yourself 10 years from where you’re at, you know, are you know, are you gonna want to buy your house? Are you gonna want to build a house? Do you want a nice car? Are you gonna have kids? All of those things? This is something I asked every single new client that I have. I asked, there’s there’s two questions I asked. What are your goals, one to five years from now, both personally and professionally. And then I asked, What what are your goals five to 10 years? So I asked those two questions and specifically asked
Professionally, because it might be that I’m talking to a younger producer who says, I’d like to have a family when I’m 3032. And I’d like to have this, this and that. And then I have to have the conversation of Okay, well, what’s your career? What’s your job right now? What’s paying the bills? And they tell me, they tell me what’s paying the bills. And then my follow up question is, could you see yourself in that career forever? And that a lot of like, I asked these very simple questions, and they really start thinking about shit that they haven’t thought about before. And if they can’t answer that, yes, they can be in that career forever, then it’s like, Okay, well, we need to start thinking about Okay, yes, this music careers, obviously, that’s what you want. At the end of the day, that would, that’s great. But then we have to talk about if you want to go full time with music, what are alternative paths within music, where you can make money still doing the shit you love, whether that’s working for a record label working for in a talent agency, like there’s so many different paths you can take where you’re still working in music, but there’s a legit career in there and
You know, sometimes you have to have that tough conversation. It’s funny that like, I don’t I think none of these, none of these producers come to me thinking that I’m gonna be asking these questions and they’re like Jesus Christ.
Like, I thought I was just gonna get mixed from this guy, but I’m like, No, we’re fucking like, we’re looking at your life and we’re gonna, I want to do whatever I can to make sure you’re successful. And I don’t want to scare any of your listeners. No, no, he’s talking. I mean, I’m gonna be up front. I’m 32 I have a house just had a baby. She’s not even two yet. And I’m married locking a door.
So door, you know what I’m saying? So yeah, like that. It did take on your time timeline. You’re very, very accurate with what you’re talking about. You know exactly. How to really get the information out there. It wasn’t until I was about 30 that I really started saying, Okay, this is when my life’s gonna start to change. This is kind of the things but it settled.
Don’t have a family, right? And your values change. Yeah. As soon as you have a kid, or even get married, it’s no longer about you. It’s not at all. It’s not even close about you. It’s about especially when you have a kid, it’s about the fucking kid. And at that point, you might get to a point where you’re like, I don’t want to be touring. I don’t want to be on the road. 200 days of the year, I want to be, I want to be growing up with my fucking new baby. Like, I want to see my kid walk, I want to see my kid talk. I want to be there for their graduation. Like you want to be there for these major life events and your values. instantly change. And you might go, yeah, I can always produce but I can’t always like my kid only walks for the first time once my enemy says their first word once you know, like, yeah, it’s so true. It is so true. So and it makes you work harder. You know, like, my wife would when you have to put food on the table. Exactly. My wife gets to stay home because she’ll she and I have this really good
relationship with me and my music. I, like you’ve seen I have a home studio. So I lock into the home studio, I get these projects done and you know what she gets the benefit of staying home one of us gets to be with our child 24 seven. So, um, you know, I definitely want to encourage your audience like, dude, you definitely can make it, you definitely can find the resources to make this income. And it’s fantastic. You know, once all those things line up. One of my ultimate goals that I’ve realized more and more over the past year or two, like one of my dream goals is to be able to run my own business full time and make all my money working from home so that when I have kids, I can homeschool my kids. Always be with my kid right? That that is awesome. That is what I want and I can’t do that. If I’m sorry.
slacking off. If I don’t have good personal finances that translate into my business, like I can’t do these things, I cannot set up the best possible future for my child, which is a very hypothetical and theoretical child
makeovers up pregnant we’re not planning on having kids for some years now. But that’s like that’s what I want. I want that future for my kid and this is the this is where I see I can have my cake and eat it too. I can do the shit I love with music make a good living off of it if I make the right choices and I can also be with my fucking kid like I could be with like kids always and I’m not because I want to helicopter parent but because I want to, they’re my fucking kid. I want them to learn specific things. I want them like I think the public school system completely failed me. And I don’t trust that and I think a lot of kids feel that way to the public absolutely has failed them and and I have different viewpoints that I don’t agree with.
With the public school system in the US, so it’s like, I have these goals and visions for my family and what my family will look like. And I think my girlfriend does as well. And I think we some, I think we agree for the most part. She’s like, fuck that homeschool and stuff. I was like, I don’t care if I have to do it.
That’s, that’s what I want. And so and she’s cool with that, as long as you know, she doesn’t have to be stuck doing all that kind of stuff. And I don’t think she wants to be she doesn’t want to work at home all day. She likes being in the office and stuff. But, uh, going off that I mean, it really is about like when you get to a point looking 10 years into the future and realizing that your values might change too. So you might not want to go full time but if we’re going to give if I’m getting it, me personally, and I think we discussed this in the
personal finance episode, if you’re gonna if you want it if that’s what you want, you want to quit your job and just be music full time. Definitely don’t fucking do it without saving $10,000 in the bank minimum, you
You gotta have like six months of emergency rent six months of all of your bills paid, that’s including groceries, that’s including going out and having fun, that’s including restaurants that’s including entertaining you paying your rent, your water bill, your electric bill, everything your car payment, gas, all that shit needs to be saved up for six months, and then you’re in a good position to take that leap of faith. The other thing too, though, is like don’t have debt. I mean, you don’t want to not have a job and then be trying to pay off debt that like that can be very stressful. Now obviously, if you have a student loan, it’s a little bit different because that shit usually doesn’t get paid off for 20 years, like a fucking mortgage. But
you just need it, you know, pieces of Humble Pie really to be honest with you when it comes down to it. You know, a lot of people think that you know what they see. And it’s unfortunate to the younger generation, what they see on the internet is exactly what’s really happening but there’s so, so much that happens behind the scenes and that’s that goes down to an
investments to the person even taking that photo that just posted that content. And that’s what they don’t know. And that’s the money that you have to put behind that quality you know, so you know, it’s just it goes beyond you know, so many levels of really investments but on that but like you said, you know, take a certain amount of time, you know, even a couple years to be enough you have to get a second job or a year to really shut down but you put that money to the side you will thank yourself years later down the road you really will so yeah, it’s I mean it lifts a giant like just weight off your shoulder and that brings that you make a really good point there Gino that, I think is the issue with today in society and live the way like with media and stuff is just the fact of everyone is taught to think so binary, as if there’s not nuance in everything and there is so much nuance in the world. And so but so many people just think binary they think good or bad.
They think it causes this issue where kids think that if they just do this one thing if they show off on social media or wherever they’ll have a lot of friends and people that like them but no they don’t like it’s not that binary there’s so much more to it there’s it’s there’s so much more to just looking successful and actually fucking being successful because let’s I mean let’s let’s talk the fucking truth here let’s let’s chew gum and walk at the same fucking time because it’s there’s there’s so many things that are running on and running in the background. And if you’re not if you don’t catch it, and you don’t realize that there’s a you gotta like, you gotta look at the real world. Yeah, we all get trapped in that social media outlet. We live for a moment or two vicariously through the people we look up to like, Oh my gosh, how amazing the dobutamine from the likes you get, how dope would it be to be on stage and have fireworks go off? I mean, I would I wouldn’t do that at one time. And I was like,
Okay, he’s awesome. You get a high from it you get like an addictive high from it because you’re like absolutely, but I was jealous for so long until I achieve that. And and dude that that takes a toll on your health, your mental health. And what we’re doing is we’re living vicariously through each other through jealousy, animosity.
You know, you see people posting with like, I don’t know Lamborghinis and Ferraris and you know, we have made that such an image of success. But little Do we know that person’s working three jobs and they just paid for a 12 hour rental, they don’t even own it. And then they used their three jobs to pay for that photo hoping to get a sponsorship from something that never comes. And now they can’t pay their cell phone bill because their cell phones off. So, you know, living vicariously through the social media could be a trap.
You’ve if we are quote unquote, woke to this. And if you can see through the potential damage that it can do to yourself, you’re fine. You just got to have that mental strength, mental stability. And one of those things is having a savings. I mean, we’re talking about money. So let’s just talk about it. Think about and think about how like, the true colors came through when festival season was completely halted and everybody was doing these live shows and trying to keep their fan base going and stuff like that, which is a great concept. But how many of those DJs were not able to pay bills because they weren’t
at their next shows, or how many people were struggling because they just how many musicians just invested in something and then their job told them, hey, we don’t need you for the next four or five months. I mean, it is tough. And no matter how
Big their house was on Instagram or is in real life or how expensive their cart is in real life? A lot I saw so many people like, what am I going to do? What the clubs are closed, festivals aren’t doing anything. And it just goes to show you that we’re all human. And that if we all are not investing in ourselves in the right way, in the right manner, things like this could really ruin everything you’ve been building. Yes, there’s times like this. The the lockdown is the reason why Marty and I did the personal finance episode because I saw all of these people that were bitching about finances and freaking and I shouldn’t say bitching because I mean, they were bitching for the right reasons. I think they were freaking out and in a panic and they’re in debt and they went to school and they have a degree they’re not using and they’re paying for that plus they have to pay for the car like and all this stuff and they lost their job.
And I understand where they’re coming from. And this is why we did the episode because we both saw this going on. I had a friend that who, who was like about to lose his job and him and his girlfriend thought was a good idea to pull credit out for a couch. And I’m like, fuck so in and the same guy who I’ve heard bitch about money, and I’m just like, I can’t say much. I tried to say something. But it always comes off as preachy, but it’s, uh, some people, it’s hard for them to swallow that pill and realize that, you know, the finance stuff is probably the most important thing because it’s what is going to be the main stress factor and
especially if you’re a relationship and neither of you have good finances, and you get married, you’re probably going to get divorced because of money. Like and that’s I mean, that’s a major reason for two divorces because you none of you have fucking good finance.
They get wrapped up in mortgages and car payments and credit card debt. And then you have kids and it’s just it builds up and builds up and builds up and you grow. You have animosity towards each other and it just gets worse and worse and worse. Bad.
Um, I think that might be it, guys. Is there anything else you guys want to nail on there, Gino? Anything from you, Carlos. I’m good, man. I think this was great. Oh, man, this is a pretty good episode here. Like I said, I think everybody you know, at the end of the day, you know, I hope nobody here feels discouraged or anything like listening to Carlos and I but you know, still dream big. That’s something I’ve always been since I’ve been a kid and I’m still always going to emphasize that and still push before and I still think everybody should always dream big. But just be real with yourself always at times. And if you do that and have that in your formula, you will always be successful. I promise your dream big work hard but be realistic. It’ll shot and work. Working hard is like
The key thing there there no one went from nothing to the big leagues without working fucking hard. I can tell you right now, Armin Van Buren did not get to where he was by playing video games all day and slacking off. Yeah. And a lot of people will say things, you know, it’s a matter of just doing these things. You know, a lot of people say they’re gonna do these things and say it but you got to execute. What was my execution? Yeah. Always, if you’re gonna say you’re gonna do it, stay true to your word and do it. That’s, that’s one thing that I’ve been very prominent about my self. Personally, if I say I’m going to do something for someone, I’m going to do it. Otherwise, I would have said no, thank you guys so much again. Wait real quick. Do you guys have a new plugs over the next two weeks? This episode’s coming out in about a week. But on the 26th so if you Yeah, so we just turned in the official remix for AJ ours.
That’ll be on nationally syndicated mix show radio like I Heart Radio the Twitter makes it’ll be all over the nation starting what’s today Oh, starting tomorrow notes grad sorry guys are awesome. And um we’re looking forward to some awesome remix opportunities that we have come in. So you’ll actually hear most of our material before it ever hits Spotify or anything like that on these mix show radio these mix shows and shout out to Jay Mac shout out to everybody at Atlantic shout out to Randy res.
Johnson sorachi like all those people who have really been
really good to us and giving us these opportunities.
So we hope that you guys will, you know, tune in and you know, we’ve got this label that we’ve been cooking up behind closed doors with Max and Dennis. We’re going to be doing a live conference with
Dennis on new face on the 27th of this month. So that’ll be the day it’ll be anyone listening to this probably on the 26th I’ll be tomorrow
so if you’re interested if you’re interested in that all of the stuff that we’re talking about in the plugs that they’re putting out they’ll all be on the show notes Envious Audio comm slash Episode 30 all the links will be there to check out this stuff. But anyways, go on. And
you know, working with you, we’re hoping that we can start talking about getting some demos from your audience for this label. Maybe people out there maybe I already know some I’ve some ideas for some people. Yes, send your way. Awesome. Awesome. Fantastic. And, you know, we love your show. We appreciate your time and Gino floors yours, bro. Oh man, just wanted to say thank you for having us and really kind of letting us know speaker thoughts and personal thoughts as well. I’m kind of digging deep into some things that you know, we know that a lot of producers sometimes don’t like to talk about or sometimes
Don’t even know, to talk about and we just like to feed you know, the all this information and experience that Carlos and I have gotten from, you know, completely different backgrounds but we just want to share that knowledge with everybody else. And you know, like I said, not discouraging, but more just motivate everybody else to know that like anything really, you know, as possible and dream big. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t Don’t at all get discouraged by this just understand like, because you’re right, you know, like, some people will look at this and might get discouraged. But honestly, you should feel the opposite. Because you now have unlocked new knowledge that is going to make you 1020 infinitely times more successful than you were yesterday when you didn’t have this knowledge. So just think of it that way. take it a step at a time, like I always talk about and just, you know, apply yourself to stuff but you guys, thank you so much. It was such a pleasure again, I love having you guys on we’re gonna plan for another episode sometime.
In the future where we’ll we’ll get together again because you guys are just I mean, it’s a powerhouse of knowledge.
Thank you brother. Yeah, horse care guys. Take care you say thanks for tuning into this episode guys as always head to facebook.com join the electronic dance money Facebook community. also go to Envious audio.com slash Episode 30 to check out all the show notes, everything that we talked about that might have a link or a specific product or whatever it is that will all be posted there on the episode show notes. Again, thanks so much to a to M underscore productions make sure you reach out to me so we can get something scheduled. If you want to leave a review, go to podcast apple.com and just look up electronic dance money. You can also find those links if you go to Envious audio.com slash podcast. Just scroll all the way down you’ll find a link
to Apple podcast where you can leave a review. Super excited for the next episode coming up you guys. It’s going to be more systems based. So we’re going to be doing a really deep dive into what it looks like to create a full system for your production studio and treat it like a business, run it like a business, and we’re going to be diving into the franchise prototype, which is I’ve been on a rant about this, but anyways, whatever. You guys have a wonderful day. Thanks so much for listening, and I’ll see you next time.

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