EDM Promo Lists & The Key to E-mail Marketing Part 2

This week is a continuation from the last episode! When I first started my business, I had no idea how effective e-mail marketing would be.

I was one of the many that had the belief that e-mail marketing was a sham, it didn’t work. It was worthless and had no value.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong about a subject! E-mail marketing is a conerstone to my success, and it can be the same for you. Whether you’re a producer, or run a business involved in the industry. It will be one of the most effective tools for you to utilize.

Wanna know the best part…


In this episode you’ll learn:


  • Why e-mail marketing is important
  • How it’s effective
  • How to build an e-mail marketing list
  • How to manage the list
  • The proper way to write e-mails

and so much more!

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Hey, guys. Welcome to Elektronik. Dance Money. You’re number one business resource for making money as Elektronik, musicians and producers. What’s up, guys? Good morning. Well, it’s morning where I’m at right now. It’s specifically 7 51 in the morning and it’s early for me. I’m not a morning person, but podcast must get done.

 Got a busy day. So we’re starting off early, and I’d say there’s a pretty good way to start off the day with a brand new podcast episode. It’s part two of pro Moelis and email marketing, but today we are specifically focusing on the email marketing side, which is, honestly, one of my favorite things to do. It’s something that I’ve learned to love over time. It’s grown on me. When I first started, I saw it as a house on a pain in the ass, and it’s no longer that anymore. Now, are you thinking well, Christian? Why would I have an email marketing list that seems pointless? Email marketing doesn’t work. It’s 2020. You’re wrong. You’re completely wrong. Not on Lee is a promo list effective, which we went over that topic last week. Why a promo list is effective and I hope that I was able to convince you. But if I can’t, then I hope the thousands of record labels can, and especially the record labels, you’re wanting to be signed to the bigger ones. I guarantee they have a pro Melis. Actually, I only have to guarantee. I know they have a promo list. They do this. Other producers that I know and DJs that I no, do this and they get success from it works hell. In fact, I have Nolan, who is who was on just a couple weeks ago from SCP Productions. Remember that little episode where we talked about how two get booked for your first gig and work up the food chain? Well, I signed up for No. One’s pro Melis because I saw he had one. Now, granted, I’m not a deejay, but I just enjoy new music, especially from producers who aren’t huge because that’s where the new talent is. And I want to be on the lookout and support those people. He sent out an email. I can’t remember if it was last night or the night before, um, about a new mix that he did. His herd mixes he was Volume 13 have heard Yeah, Oliphant’s heard Volume 13 with a Mercer as a guest mix as well. Killer mix. Fucking awesome was really good. So good that I shared it on Facebook. I got him a little bit more exposure to my audience, so you never know who’s gonna see those e mails. You never know who’s gonna support you, and it’s important to be prepared to have someone support you. And if Nolan didn’t send out that e mail, there’s a good chance I never would have saw that if he just posted it on social Media. Because I don’t frequent soundcloud enough and just start scrolling through it. You might be a person like that, but a specific deejay that you want to play your track might not do that either. They might not be scrolling through Sound Cloud all the time to find new tracks. It might be that they’re a part of so many pro Melis already that they get enough pro Moe’s every week that they have fresh new music to be playing whenever they want in sharing and supporting. So get a promo list. But let’s but step away from prom a lists we’ve done that we worked on that last episode. That one’s over. So let’s move over to email marketing lists, which is on the same page as pro MMA lists in the sense that you’re going to continue to use this email marketing software that we talked about, you know? Zo Ho Male chimp Constant contact If you’re signed up on these goat that again ah, highly recommend male chimp For newer users, it’s very straightforward, easy to use and it’s free up to. I think it’s like 2000 emails. It’s what I use love, mail chip. Really great product. So you’re going to continue to use these in Crete campaigns to basically send out to an email list of people who sign up for your email list. So let’s first get into why an email this is important for you know, if you’re running a business as an A TM producer or you are just an E T M producer and your wanting to up your marketing, get more organic fans because that is what an email list as it’s Argh! It’s organic. This is what it’s it’s Ah, it’s a list of people who want updates from you consistent updates from you. They want you to be immediately messaging them and being in their inbox so that they can get direct updates from you and check out the new stuff that you’re sending them. If someone signs up on your email list, it’s because they want something from you. They want something more with social media and how their algorithms work. And, you know, Alberto and I kind of went over this in Episode three, when we’re talking about branding on social media, If you make a post on social media, there’s a good chance, especially if you have a business profile, which you should. You get better analytics. You can set up pixels and stuff for you to run ads. Anyways, if you don’t know what Facebook pixel is, go check it out. Don’t go do some research on it. I think I’ve talked about it in previous episodes, but it’s ah, it’s a way for Facebook to track your website visitors so you can directly run ads to those people very, very important. Um, tacked it. I’m sure if you’ve gone to my website, if any of you guys have gone to my website. I can almost guarantee that when you went back to Facebook, you saw my face pop up and say, Hey, do you? Are you finishing up a tractor? You need mixing, mastering work done. That’s my Facebook pixel working. That’s what that is. If you look, if you research a product on Google and you click on that product and then go back to Facebook and I see ads for that product, they’ve got a Facebook pixel set up. A lot of people think that Oh, my phone is listening to me. Well, no, it’s because you google the specific thing and you started to look more into it. And now the Facebook pixel has you in depending on how much money is being thrown at that ad, you will either immediately see it or you’ll see it like the next day. So your phone not listening to these or Facebook pixel set up on websites. So if you look at a specific product, you will get ads for that specific product. It’s all about staying top of mind, and we’re getting completely off track here. Email marketing works because you are getting directly in front of your target market, whereas when you make a social media post, there’s a there’s a there’s a high chance that the algorithm is not going to show you, too. The people that want to see your content, you’re you could have the biggest fan in the in the entire fucking world, your die hard fan that buys all of your things and will continue to buy all of your things until the day they die. However, they won’t see your stuff because the social media algorithms will not let them see your stuff in their feet. A lot of that has to do with the now paywall that is involved with Facebook and now Instagram. Because Facebook owns instagram, they want you to pay money for you to get in front of the people that already support you. So it sucks. It sucks. But if you can manage to throw some ad money at a little free thing that you’re going to give away to people if they sign up for your email marketing list, you can now avoid the algorithm altogether. An email list is something you own. It’s tangible. It’s it’s a physical list that you you have yourself that cannot be taken away from you unless the subscriber unsubscribed from your email list or asks to be removed. And this happens not as frequently as you would think. But the point is, is that you don’t want to be killed by the algorithm. If you can get their email, you can get directly in front of the people that you want to be in front of that you need to be in front of. And here’s the other thing is, you know, these social media sites. They’re not gonna be around forever. You know, my space dead Facebook is dying. Instagram kind of dying a little bit, you know, it’s it’s not what it used to be. Tic tac going up going way up. And it’s difficult when there’s a new social media site that pops up like Tic Tac and you don’t have an email list, and now you have to go on to that social media site and regrow. You start from scratch again. You start from zero big goose egg and posting this. The other social media sites might not do anything. Why? Because the algorithm the algorithm, will drown you out. They won’t allow you to get in front of the people that you need to get in front of, especially if you’re promoting a nut bees that that you’re promoting another social media site on these social media sites there especially gonna kill that post above everything else because they want to keep you and there and your fans on their platform. So if you’re promoting saying, Hey, I have I’m on this site now, too. You can go check me out here, Follow me. They’re going to hell, no, Get out of here. We don’t want people to leave, But if you haven’t email marketing list of you know, let’s say you’ve got 20,000 people. You can send out one mass email to 20,000 people saying, Hey, I’m on tick talk now go follow me an overnight. Let’s just say that 10% of those people go and follow you over. Now you have 1000 new followers, and that helps with that social media’s algorithm to get you in front of more people. Now, I would say if you have a high percentage of an open rate, um, on e mails which you know, if you have started to run an email marketing list. You’ll know that when you send out e mails, you get all these different analytics. You can see the percentage of people that open your email, the percentage of people that click on links within your email. You can see the number of reopens. You can see the number of opens by people on your email list, so you get a lot of really nice analytics. Now let’s say you have Ah, hi, open percentage of e mails and there’s this new social media site that everyone’s raving about. You know, I said you sent out an email to 20,000 people in only 10% opens up. You could probably get a little bit more you could. Probably not. I’m being very conservative. I would say, if you’ve got a dedicated base of people and you’re open, rate is high and they really follow you for your stuff and enjoy your stuff to probably get something more like 50%. That’s 10,000 people that will immediately go follow you on this new social media site. These social media sites aren’t gonna be around forever. If you don’t have an email list, you got to start from scratch when you go back on them, and that’s painful. You know, I’ve got a friend right now who is a fairly big producer, and he’s currently going through an alias. Change. He’s kind of He’s changing up the genre. They producers, and it’s It’s not the complete opposite from what he was producing, but it’s a pretty significant difference. You know. He’s going from more of, like, poppy, future based stuff to really aggressive, hard dub step. And if you’re a fan of future base, it’s a little bit different to go straight to dub step. It’s kind of a whole different scene, and he doesn’t have an email marketing list, so he can’t tell everyone. Hey, I’ve got this new alias, I’m going under I’ve got new music coming out Soon go follow me on these social media sites and he’s got like, 200,000 form or listeners on Spotify a month a month. He’s got the fan base, but his Facebook posts and his Instagram posts on his original artist page. They’re not getting the traction for people to go follow him at his other alias, so because of that, he’s having a tough time signing tracks with record labels. His tracks are not the issue. We’re kind of talking about this, and really the bigger issue is the fact that he technically quote unquote, doesn’t have the following. He does have the following on his other alias, and he can get any tracks under that alias sign to just about any single label that he wants to, because he can go to them and say, Hey, I’m gonna get 200,000 people. They’re gonna listen to this in a month and that’s really marketable For these record labels, it’s not marketable. If they, if he has a big old goose egg on his new social media sites, doesn’t have a single track out under this alias with a big goose egg on Spotify with using have an artist page because he has no tracks out. Do you see how that’s an issue? It’s a major issue for him. If he had an email marketing list with all of those monthly listeners, let’s say he has 200,000 emails. It would be 20 times easier for him to send out a mass email and say, Hey, go follow me on these pages and he can go to these record labels and say, Hey, here’s proof that these are organic people. I have an email list with all these e mails, these air legit people. That’s why they I told them to go follow me. You can see that in this email here, and they’re ready to listen to my music. Look at my previous e mails when I would send out a mass email about a new track that’s coming out. How many people would click the link? 40,000 people would click the link to save the track, and then when it actually released 80,000 click the Link to Go Play the track. Immediate. 80,000 plays just from that email. Very powerful, very, very, very powerful. Email marketing works. And here’s the thing, too. People change their social media sites. They get rid of some, they make new profiles, they do new things. This this happens. I know I’ve done it before. I’m sure you’ve done it before or some of you have done for. You almost never change an email. You might have alternate e mails that you use for different things, depending on what they are. But you’ll always have your main email that you probably started when you were in sixth grade. You were 12 years old and you’ve had now for 10 or 15 years or even 20 years, while 20 years ago you were probably using a well. But I do know there are people that still use a well, which is insane. I can’t even I can’t even believe that’s like That’s a dinosaur Now a well is dead. Your email doesn’t change. Your social media sites will change. Your pages will change. Your profiles will change. You might delete them, create new ones. These things will change. But you’re the email that you use well, almost never change in. Same with these people who sign up for your email is specifically fans. These emails aren’t gonna change. You’ll have him for ever. The problem will probably keep them. I can guarantee that because it’s too much of a hassle to go back through every single thing they’ve ever signed up for and put in a new email pain in the ass. So this is a key factor for why email marketing works. I would love to shout out the six figure home studios. And in this episode they did. It’s Episode 70 the best free marketing tactic in the Galaxy, and it’s about email marketing. It’s that episode is one of the inspirations for why I wanted to do this episode. It’s actually the main inspiration for me getting into email marketing. It’s a really good episode. I highly recommend you guys go check it out if you don’t trust me or believe me about email marketing, they have a guy named Your Demon Benediction, who is a professional email marketer in the audio world. He’s probably the best one, but he comes on and talks about email tactics and how email marketing works and why. It’s important, so that might kind of solidify what I’m talking about here for you. But Chris Graham, one of the cohosts, talks about how he had an email list of something like 30,000 people that he was collecting over the years but never did anything with until he met Bure been. And when he met your been, he was blown away that he had this email list that he wasn’t doing anything with, and Bure, given in the episode, talks about how the equivalent cost for your Ben himself because he runs ads and he says it cost him. I think anywhere between, like a dollar 50 to $2 per email. Four running ads like that’s how much it costs to get email through an ad. If Bjorkman were to buy that email list of 30,000 people, it would be over $90,000 nearly close to $100,000 that he would pay for 4 30,000 emails. That’s the worth of those e mails. And Chris goes on to talk about how when he actually started to use that email list because he had this fear and this might be a fear of you that you’re getting that. Oh, well, I don’t want to seem spammy. And that was Christmas fear. Well, you’re not being spammy. There’s people sign up for your email list expecting to get e mails from you, especially if you put that North notion forward. Hey, you’re going to get e mails for me. That’s okay. He was worried that sending one email out to 30,000 people, every single one of them would shouted him and yell at him and tell him to get him off that email list. Well, there was really only, like, six people that said, Hey, I don’t want to get any e mails from you Six people have 30,000 after he started emailing him and after he started emailing them within like the first week he got people that he hadn’t talked to in five years immediately start buying masters from him because he’s a master engineer. So they start scheduling time to get masters from him, people he hadn’t talked to in five years. It was immediate, immediately he was making money off of this email marketing list. And he he said that he’s made an equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars off of those 30,000 e mails just from staying, keeping people up to date, e mailing them weekly about new stuff and giving them new stuff. And he’s staying top of mind for these people. So when they think, Oh, you know, I’ve got a track, I’m finishing, I need to get it, Master, they go, Oh, Chris has been emailing me a bunch. Let me e mail him and I’ll get him toe work on this project because the last time he did something for me. It was amazed. The same thing happens to you as a producer when you’re working with fans. If they loved your last track, they can’t wait for that next track. So when you start that promo process, that pre release promo process, they’re getting amped up, they’re ready. You send them, save link or Spotify boom, you got him. If they like your shit, you have got them immediate streams when your track releases, especially when you’re keeping them up today because life is busy. People check their e mails every day, every day. If they don’t check in periodically throughout the day, they at least check it once, maybe at the end of the day or at the beginning. I know I check my e mails like 20 times a day, my business email and my personal email. People like when they get stuff for them in just then. If I haven’t convinced you yet, there may be no hope. So anyways, let’s get into building an email list for yourself as a business or a producer. And you know, the thing about this with a business, too, is that you have to stay top of mind for your clients to consistently come back e mailing them products or not necessarily even products. Just useful tips and tricks is the key to staying top mind and them wanting to work with you more, especially if they’re getting something out of the relationship. And that’s the key part. There, too, is the giving. There’s a really good book called The Go giver that I’ve recommended before. I’ve recommended it plenty of times. Go read that book and it will. This next part will make a lot more sense to you, but you need to read the go giver. If right, I shouldn’t say need, um, I don’t I don’t want to talk in absolutes, but if you read the go giver, you’re going to get a lot of really good insight into what it’s like running a business and how you should properly run a business. The go givers really just all about giving right away, helping people give without expectations. And with that, you’d be surprised how much is given back to you because you’re lending a helping hand. People really appreciate that, and they recognize that it will pay back dividends more than anything else will ever pay back. So let’s talk, though, about building your email list as a business and a producer. The first step, I would say, is to create some sort of free product for people to use, and I’ll use myself as an example here. Do you use serum? Are you constantly looking for new sounds on spice? Well, if you actually this is legit, too. If you want to go to envious audio dot com slash sound pack, I’m giving away a free sound packets. 30 sounds something like I can’t remember, I think 10 base leads or 10 based sounds five leads, five plucks some pads and something I think I can’t remember. It’s on the website, though, but if it’s 30 free serum sounds that you can use royalty free designed by me, these air sounds that you cannot get on spice you cannot get on any other website. You can only get them from me. That’s it. So these air very exclusive sounds. If you want these, you can go to envious audio dot com slash sound pack. Right now, you can sign up for my email list and you’ll get that free sound pack completely free 30 sounds for you to use. Normally, the sound packs this sound packers like. I think it’s like 15 or $20 on my website so you can get it for free, though, if you go and sign up for my email list. So so that’s what I mean by giving something useful way for free now. Obviously, my target market is you guys producers. That’s who I want the sound pact to be given to. That’s who I want to sign up on my email list because all of my emails are directed towards producers mixing tips, production tips, mastering tips, marketing tips. That’s who I’m directing everything to you guys. As producers, I want to help you. So you have to think about who’s your target market. If you’re a producer, obviously your fan a fan of the specific genre that you produce, so you need to figure out what you can give to them that they’re going to love and to get them signed up on your email marketing Lis. Now you also have to kind of think about what is worth it to you. If you have five tracks out, maybe giving away your entire anthology for free is worth it. Maybe you sell merch, and you’re willing to give away some stickers because it’s a low cost to ship those, or you can do some sort of just pay for shipping. So you might. Let’s say you have hats or beanies or shirts, and you’re willing to lose a little bit of money on shirts, but it’s worth it to get people signed up on your email marketing list, you can say Just pay for shipping and put the shipping costs in there. Maybe it’s like $6.7 dollars. They can get some merch. Plus, you’re going to give away your anthology of five or six tracks or give a couple of tracks. Maybe you’re going to give away an unreleased track that they can’t get anywhere else, and you’ll send this to them and they’ll sign up on your email marketing list. Or better yet, if you can’t afford to lose the money that you invested in your merch, maybe you just do a giveaway. You say, Hey, I’m going to give away a merch bundle. This includes a beanie, a hat in a sweatshirt, and then all of my anthology toe, one lucky winner. All you have to do is sign up on my email marketing list. People like that. That’s a lot of good free shit. Maybe maybe lose $100 there. In return, you get ah 100 emails that 100 emails contar NW into hundreds of streams later on down the road or thousands of streams, which can then return your give you a return of investment. That’s the key thing there. You might lose $100 now, but you’ll get a lot more later. I think I give away is probably going to be the best way to do that. But, I mean, if your business use my example, if you’re a needy M producer, that’s running a business. Maybe you sell sound pack, so you’re going to give away a sound back a small sound pack or free to get people sign up on your email list so you can then advertise for sound packs later on. Now that’s the key thing there. Later on, let’s talk about the e mails that you’re going to be sending out because this is probably the most important part of the episode is the types of e mails you’re going to be sending out now. In that episode of the six figure home studio, your Vin mentions that you want to create sequence. It’s It’s called a sequence these air automated e mails that will be sent out in sequential order and you should have a welcoming you. That should be the first email that is immediately sent. When someone signs up on your email marketing lists, they should get a welcome email from you talking about who you are as a person, what you do and what they’re going to get out of your email list. The important part with thes e mails that you’re going to be riding is to keep it personal. People want that. That’s how Imo marketing works. The best is when you keep the whole thing personal to you in you’re not really faking sales e about it. You wanna right with stories, create stories in your e mails that people can follow. And and with that, you can kind of leave these cliffhangers for each email. When you’re talking about a story. Oh, well, check out next week’s email where will continue where we left off on, You know, whatever dream. Maybe you’re writing a dramatic story about a lesson you learned. Or if you’re a producer, you could be writing a story about how you wrote this track. And this could be a part of your entire email promo plan for the four weeks leading up to your release, where you’re talking about your track and what your inspiration behind the track is and how you came up with the idea for it. Maybe it was because of a heartbreak. Well, you can kind of go into this story about that heartbreak. You can start with how amazing the relationship was when it first started, and then the Rocky Road, you went down until the end of it. With the heartbreak, people can follow this dramatic story that they can relate to, which is very important. It keeps him on the edge of their seat, and it keeps them returning. And the same goes with, you know, if you’re you have a direct service that you’re selling to someone or a direct product that you’re selling to someone when you create these 1st 5 e mails as a business, create a story of a lesson that you learned and That’s what you’re teaching these people through these five e mails. I can use mine for an example. In my welcome email I talk about when I first met my mentors back in, like 2014 I was a rush into producing, like, a year into producing, and I This is the first time I had ever gotten real criticism. I went over to their studio. This is the first time I’d ever seen a real studio. First time I ever saw Q Base, which I now completely producing, and I talked about when I showed them my track. That was it was terrible. It was the worst track ever butt in that one session, I learned things about producing that I still used today. They still teach today that are still true today that still work in our effective and are very important in the way you produce music. So I talk about this story. I go over this story, this experience I have for the 1st 5 e mails and I go into all the things that I learned. This includes layering sounds when to use compression, how to use compression song writing and keeping things simple. There’s there were. There were key things that just really drove me as a producer. That helped me out more than anything else did in this one session, and I talk about it being like I had no idea what I was doing. These producers showed me that I had no idea what I was doing. And I don’t want you guys to feel that way either. I don’t want you guys to because, you know, I took it well. I take criticism really well, but some of you might not take criticism very well, and so you can learn these lessons through me instead of having to go through the heartache of doing something wrong for years until someone shows you. So that’s how I have my 1st 5 email setup and in those I give stuff away. In the first email after the welcome email, I talked about layering sounds, and I give away free e book for you to follow as a guide to layering sounds, which changed my life the way I layering sounds. Is it? It completely changed the way I produce music. So this is what I’m talking about when it comes to writing these emails and this is how it works is when you start to change it from a sales tactic to you wanna teach someone something or you want to share an experience with someone you wanna write things as a story. It keeps these readers engaged in coming back for more, and it makes this marketing so much more effective. So when you have a call to action, there’s so much more willing to take that call the action because they know you, they can relate to you. They respect you, and they appreciate the work that you do and email marketing. You know, I will say it’s not easy. It’s a lot of work. It’s gonna be feel really daunting. It’s gonna be difficult, but it’s, you know, take it one step at a 10 at a time to you 11 piece at a time. Create this five email sequence. Spend right. One email a week spent five weeks. Uh, send that sequence to you can send every single email in that sequence. In one email immediately. Read through it. Send it to some friends. Um, have them read it and check it out. Get it edited by someone else so that they can check your grammar and whatnot. Ah, and see how it looks. See how it runs. Make sure runs well, It makes sense. The story kind of flows and everything connects. And once that’s ready, then you’re you’re ready to start building this email list. Or if you already have this email list established, you’re ready to start sending these e mails out but tested out first. See how it works. See how it looks and take your time. Take your one email a time. Don’t stress about it too much. Um, I don’t want to create a sense of urgency that you need to do this right away or else you’re not gonna be successful. That’s not the case. I think, Ah, an email list is important to success. But it’s not immediately important. It’s not. If you don’t do this right now, your your world’s gonna end and you’re never gonna be successful. That’s not how it goes, however, you do want to get it done at some point. The other thing that I like to do to that I learned from Graham Cochran over at the Graham Cochran show I’ll put all these shows in the show notes over an envious audio dot com slash Episode 22. One thing that I learned about an email list from him is to write one email, 11 marketing email a month, a product that you’re giving away or selling. Now, if you’re releasing a track a month, that’s what this marketing emails for everything else here, you’re teaching people something or you’re giving something that’s that’s kind of the point of this email marketing list is you’re giving something you’re telling a story you’re teaching, but then, every once in a while that’s one email a month, 12 emails a year. You’ll be giving them a call to action to help you out to buy a service from you to buy a product from you. Whether that’s you know, if you’re mixing, mastering engineer, maybe that’s a master from you. Maybe that’s mixing if your producer that’s a fan going in, playing your track on Spotify or adding it to their playlist on Spotify. But make sure you include once a month. That’s 12 emails a year that you give them a call to action. Hey, I’ve got this new product. Come check it out. Obviously, I think, you know, create a story in that, um, how you came up with the idea for the product or why it might be important for those producers because you learned something that changed your life and the way you look at things. And so you decided to create this service for people to use for you producers out there. I do think it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult to come up with content to use into right, But do a little bit of research on content you can you can use go sign up on other producers, email lists and pay attention to their e mails. Check out what they’re sending and look at that. Remember steel like an artist that I’ve talked about a 1,000,000 times, which you should go read. You can also find that on the show notes. But steel, like an artist, look at their e mails. How are they going through things If you’re on my email marketing lists and you run a business in the industry, look at how I present my e mails. Go sign up on my email marketing lists and check it out regardless, email marketing is important, and you should do it if you don’t want to. I think you should rethink it. Go listen to that episode of the six figure home studio if I didn’t convince you here. One quick tip to that I want to mention with emails. Actually, before we go is you will constantly be updating the automated e mails that you have the what you’ve written in that sequence. So just cause you write one email doesn’t mean you should keep it that way forever. When you learn new things going in, update the the the copyright that you’ve written update your e mails and your sequences and make better writings just like you get better production. Sometimes you wanna go in and updated track, do the same thing with your e mails. That is it for today’s episode. Guys, thank you so much for tuning in, and I really appreciate it. I do want to mention that because, you know, the podcast is doing pretty well. I found out just this week that I think it was last week we charted number eight in Russia for how to ah, number 11 in New Zealand for how to And then we’ve been up and down in the charts in Canada. I think we peeked at, like, 33. So the podcast is doing really well right now. I’m really happy with it. We’re not even a year in. We’ve got We’re nine months in to the podcast, so I want to give back to you guys. My listeners head over to Apple podcast and leave a useful review. Now this doesn’t have. This doesn’t mean it’s a good review. You could leave a bad review, but as long as it’s useful, it’s. I wanted to be useful for other producers who are looking for a show for them to learn stuff from. If you don’t think that this is this show present that in a useful way and you might get chosen. But the point is, you know, leave a review a useful review for other producers about your thoughts on this show, and I’m gonna be choosing one lucky winner in June for the year anniversary, and you’re going to get a free mix and master now, this is Ah, March 4th of 2020. So if this is if you’re listening to this in March of 2021. Unfortunately, the giveaway is over, but who knows? I might be doing one again for year two. You’ve got three months. Had to Apple podcasts leave just a useful review. Good or bad doesn’t matter. But I’m gonna be choosing a random winner. Who’s going to be getting a free mix and master for me in June? So go over and do that. Can’t wait. I’m super excited to work with one of you guys. I’m sure you’re very talented, and it’s gonna be really exciting to check out some of your work, as always had, too. Envious audio dot com slash Episode 22 to check out the show notes. If you’re on Facebook, look us up the electronic dance money community and join that to get a little bit more direct access to me. You can ask me questions, business questions, mark being questions or just have conversations with other members about business and marketing. Like I said, envious audio dot com slash sound pack. If you want a free sound pack to sign up on my email list, you’ll get a good example of how I run my email list and how you can run again. Thank you so much. Take care. And I’ll see you on the next episode, which is going to be a crazy good one. We’re gonna be talking about ghost production. No.

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