EDM Promo Lists & The Key to E-mail Marketing Part 1

In previous episodes, I’ve mentioned the use of promo lists. I’ve even go so far as to suggest it be a part of your promo plan.

But what is a promo list?

It’s pretty simple. It’s a list of e-mails that you use to promote your music, before it’s released. But this isn’t just any list of  e-mails, this is a list specifically for DJ’s and producers, mostly DJ’s.

These are tracks that they receives weeks, or even months, before your track is released to the public. They take these tracks out on the road and perform them for you live. It keeps their set fresh, while promoting your name and your music.

Check out today’s episode and learn what a promo list is, why it’s important, how to grow one, and everything used to implement a promo list.

In part 2, we’re going to talk about the important of a mailing list for your fans and/or clients!


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What a promo list is
  • Why it’s important
  • How to grow one
  • Software used for e-mail marketing

and so much more!

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Hey, guys. Welcome to Elektronik. Dance Money. You’re number one business resource for making money as Elektronik musicians and producers. Hey, guys, welcome back to another episode of electronic dance money. I’m your host, Christian Cas Ito. How’s everyone doing? J. I’m doing pretty good myself. I’m actually getting some streaming stuff set up, so I want to start pushing out more video content and I want to do some video aspects for the podcast to upload to YouTube and Instagram as well as tic tac. Ah, you know, those platforms are very personal, though, so I want to make sure I get my set up, right.

So I just ordered some lighting. I’ve just got a little webcam that will probably be recording video with. I think it it shoots a 10 80 30 frames a second. So it’s not big issue, I think My biggest issue, though, is lighting. So once I have a good lighting set up, I think we’ll be good to go on that video content. But regardless, I am starting to not only stream games which you confined on the twitch channel I’m about to give you, but I’m actually going to start streaming my weekly production sessions. I usually produce about 2 to 3 times a week. Sometimes I only get one production session in, But I still you know, like I’ve said in the past, I’m not a huge producer. Um, I know how to ride a track. I can definitely write a track. I I enjoy mixing and mastering a little bit more. I think it’s important to work that writing muscle a little bit, you know, work on production skills as well. It can all tied together, especially when you know you’re working with clients, and they might need some help with some production tips or whatever. Regardless, But I am starting to strain my production sessions, which run anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Ah, I’m going to be doing those streams on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday is gonna be the longer stream. Ah, but Friday’s about an hour in Saturday’s about 2 to 4 hours, I think, is what I’ll be streaming my actual production sessions. So if you guys are interested, head over to my twitch channel for envious audio. That’s twitch dot tv slash envious audio. That’s where I’m gonna be streaming production stuff if you guys have any production questions, mixing questions, mastering questions, anything like that, you guys can talk to me, live on the spot, interact with me, check out this stuff I’m working on and throw some feedback stuff out. And then, you know, if you’re into gaming goto envy, go to my envious audio twitch channel on there you can find where my gaming channels you can check out the games. I’m gonna be straining a little assortment of different games that I enjoy playing, Um, and that’s kind of the stuff that I do on the weekend because I don’t really work too much on the weekend, so you guys can catch out those streams and hang out with me. But let’s get to the actual show today. Last time we had so called productions on, and we talked about getting booked as a deejay in your local scene, and kind of how do you work your way up that ladder to becoming a headliner and possibly getting festival slots. Today, we’re going to be talking about something that you know relatively falls along the lines of deejaying, but it’s more pertained to your music and again getting more people toe. Listen to your music and this topic is gonna be promo lists. What a promo list is how to go about creating one growing your promo list. Why, they’re important. We’re gonna be discussing that. But there’s gonna be a part, too. So this first part is the hold. This two part series is really about email marketing, the first part being promo lists as producers and DJs. And then the 2nd 1 is going to be actual email marketing to your fans and why that is so important, because I’ll save that story for the next episode. But I’ve got a buddy who’s currently kind of going through a transition from one name to a new artist alias. He doesn’t have an email list, and it it it can. That’s kind of fucking him over right now. So once I kind of share the light. Once I kind of shed the light on that. I think you’ll understand why it’s important to groan. Email list, um, and a prom A list. So without further ado, let’s get into what exactly a promo list is Now. It’s a promotional list of e mails that you have that you’re gonna use to promote your music. So let’s say you’re a producer and you have a new track coming out. And again, this is this was part of the promo plan package that we talked about a few weeks ago. Where I haven’t in there were, you know, when should you send out your track to your promo list? And that’s kind of for you to decide, especially if you’re working with a record label, cause just about every record label has a promo list. They should at least have a promo list if they don’t think twice on whether or not you actually want to release with that record label, cause that kind of says something about how they’re actually gonna promote you. If they’re not sending your track out to a bunch of DJs and other producers who can potentially play your track and give you feedback on how it’s going in a club or a festival or on the road, then how are they actually gonna promote your music online and out to the public? In any case, if you do have a record label that doesn’t really and you know most of time, those record labels are actually gonna have a big promo list with a lot of DJs and producers who are actually playing shows who actively lookout for promotional emails or have a radio show where they can play your track on their radio show, Uh, or even bigger producers in DJs that you would never be able to reach without this record label signing you and sending it to their promo list, their eyes getting on you. So the record label doesn’t have this promo list in place, but you do, and you’ve been building it and growing it yourself personally for years. You’re in a good position because you can sign with that record label, and it’s not gonna affect you too much because you’ve got this promo list, a waiting for your response and waiting for your track to get sent to them, and people will play your stuff out on the road. But anyways, yeah, promo list is, and and essentially an email list of producers and DJs that your track gets sent to before it’s released so they can go out and promote it for you. They complained in clubs A lot of the times when you I’m sure a lot of you’ve gone to a show. One of your favorite artists. Maybe you’ve seen them 34 or five times Every time you go there, they’re playing tracks you’ve never heard before, and a lot of times there they aren’t even tracks of There’s its tracks of their friend to. Or maybe they got a track from a record label from a pro Melis that was sent out three or four months ago, but the tracks not going to be released for another three or four months. Sometimes they get sent out a year before the track is even released. And you’re hearing these huge artists play these crazy, awesome songs and there it’s an I D. You can’t find it anywhere. And a lot of times it’s just a promo track that’s out, Um, really building up hype. So when that track comes out, everyone flocks to and goes, This is the track we’ve been hearing Oh my God, yes. So it can build a lot of tension for your release, sending out tracks that early feelings. They actually get released in their finished product. But why is the promo list important now? Obviously, if you’re sending out promotional content. It shows two other producers and DJs that you’re active. You’re you’re wanting to be a part of this. You’re wanting to make this into a serious thing. Not only that, but if you send out a consistent promo list every few months where it’s a new track, that can really build up a lot of trust in you and respecting you as a producer, and you never know if a bigger if you have a bigger artist on a promo list or you know it relatively bigger artists or hell, even a smaller artist that’s on your pro Melis. That might be friends with a bigger producer. And they forward that email to that bigger producer who maybe owns a record label on yourself distributing this track and reach out and say, Hey, you know, we actually want to sign this or even that bigger producer reaches out and says, Hey, I want to collaborate on this with you. Lots of opportunities can come from having a promo list with an assortment of DJs and producers that you can just instantly send out one email, this track it sent around, and boom, you’re already gaining traction on the release because people are playing in clubs and venues and they’re sharing it with friends. And once that track is actually released, they can share it with their friends and say Have been playing this on the road. This track is amazing. It’s in my playlist. You should put in your place. You want to build up this hype and notoriety with these producers and pro Melissa or just a great way to do that, to share your new music coming out before anyone else here is it. They get a little exclusive and who doesn’t like an exclusive track. So let’s talk about growing your pro Melis, because I think this is going to be the most difficult part for a lot of you younger producers or, you know, even some medium level ones where you don’t have this in place at all. You’re not. Collecting e mails can be very daunting, you know, like I’ve said before in previous episodes as well, it’s it’s like when you open up a fresh new project and there’s just a blank screen. You’re already exhausted just looking at a blank screen going Where do I even begin so If you aren’t collecting e mails and you you need to start, it’s like, Well, where do I even begin? First step is to go through your Facebook friends list. Who do you know on your feed? That’s a producer or D. J. That you are an acquaintance of that you’re actually friends with. Shoot him a message and say, Hey, I’m growing a promo. Miss, would you mind if I added your email to my email list so I can send you new tracks before they’re released? Most of time, they’re going to say, Hell, yeah, I do it. And I’m sure if you’re talking to them consistently, you’re probably already sending these tracks. So giving them the final product for free. Just sending him an e mail. I’m sure they’re more than willing to do that. But if you’re not an acquaintance of a lot of DJs and producers on your friends list, and you just kind of have them as friends, do what I’ve talked about in the past wouldn’t you try to connect with someone new, start liking their self Well, First of all, make sure you go to their profile. They’re set to follow and maybe even see first. So you see there post all the time whenever they post. So you can like their stuff, comment on its start talking to him and getting a conversation going and then slide in there D EMS and build that relationship for a couple of months and then say, Hey, can I add you to my promo list? I guarantee if you build the relationship and you establish it first before you actually asked to add them to pro Melis, they’re going to say Yes, you’d be very surprised how many people would say no and then just get there first and last name in their email. Add them to your email marketing software and you’re You’re good. Now we’ll go over software next, but let’s focus more so on the growing aspect. So this is going to be the key. Here’s just combing through your friends list on adding people there and same with on Instagram. Or, if you’re on tick talk, talking to other DJs and producers, and we’re not or read it whatever. Now, another good way of getting people on your email list right away is, you know, with some of the software that we’re gonna be talking about. You can create landing pages to collect emails, and you’ve seen this a 1,000,000 times. It’s the It’s the thing that when you go on someone’s website and they ask you to sign up for their newsletter, you type in your email your first and last name you hit, submit, and then you get email two minutes later. Welcoming you to their news like that is what it is. You can also create landing customized landing pages where someone clicks on a link and they get directly sent to a separate page where they tell you what’s in whatever it is you’re downloading and signing up for their email list before. If if any of you have gone to any of the things that I’ve asked you to sign up for my email list for to get you know the promo pack the promo plan one, she or any of the other things that in the podcast I’ve said Hey, go to this link and sign up for my email, blah, blah, blah. Any of you guys that have done that, that’s what I’ve used. I’ve used the software. I’ve created a landing page and I just asked for your email, your first and last name, and you get to download whatever it is that you want for me. So if you are trying to collect e mails from other DJs or producers that you don’t necessarily know, and maybe you’re gonna post it on a subreddit or in a Facebook group, if they allow you to do that, whatever it is, if you’re just trying to collect emails from other DJs and producers for a promo list, it’s fairly simple to do. In this case, I think the best thing to do would be to already offer up a track or even better, offer something like your anthology. Because if you’re already giving these producers and DJs your tracks for free and you have 10 tracks out totaled given 10 tracks to collect that one email that could pay off tenfold. Just that one email you never know, especially with what we’re gonna be getting into in the next episode in Part two for email marketing. So offer them something like your entire anthology to sign upon their email list and tell them, you know this is a promo list, so you’re gonna be receiving all future releases before they’re actually released completely free. A lot of producers will take you up on this, especially if you’re a good producer. And that’s the other key point here is that when you’re sending out these tracks to promo lists, you need to have good tracks. You know, these air tracks you’re releasing. Like I’ve said before. Your tracks need to be good before you release them. This doesn’t mean you need to release every single track. So it’s important to keep in mind that if the track isn’t good enough to release, it’s not good enough to be sent on your promo list. And likewise, it shouldn’t be sent out on your prom a list. If it’s not being released now, you can add some bonuses and where you know, these are all DJs. You can say, Hey, this is a track I’m not releasing. This is an exclusive just for my promo list. Here, you guys go take it Now. That’s another really good marketing tactic and keeping those people happy, sending them just straight exclusives. No one else is going to get these, and it’s a really, really fire track. Um, and Then maybe later on two years down the road, you say, You know what? I do want to release this and you actually find a big record. You’re bigger as a producer and you find a bigger record label that actually want to sign it. Then you’re It’s a really good position to be in because people been playing out this track for a while now, and it’s if it and if it’s an exclusive track that isn’t being released. That kind of allows thes DJs to be able to play it for longer periods of time rather than a release track where they can really only play it for four or five months before everyone’s already heard it. And they don’t really care for listening anymore. They want to hear new stuff so it keeps. It keeps the the deejay set fresh and alive. Now let’s say you do want a bigger artists like a you know, someone who’s a top 100 D J or something like that, Like someone who’s full time they’re touring artists, they’re just they’re big artists that you’re not where you’re probably not gonna get to give your email through landing page or email, you know, shooting them Facebook message There’s another tactic you can use. Basically, what you need is their email. That’s that’s really all you need. Toe kind of initiate this conversation. And first, let’s let’s just start with collecting the email. How do we find their email? Well, I like to use hunter dot io. What you could do for this is basically find their website. Let’s say it’s Armand Van Buren. You want Armand Van Buren’s email? Armand’s emails a little bit, probably gonna be a little bit more difficult to get and you don’t. The bigger the producer, the harder it is getting their email. But basically all you have to do is go to a website called hunter dot i. Oh, h u n t e r dot i owe hunter dot io allows youto put in the u R L for a website in it collects the email addresses, associate ID with that website and other Web sites as well. So I’m actually on 100. I owe. Right now. I put in Armin van buren dot com and the e mail that came up. Now, if you don’t pay for premium, it’s gonna blow out some letters, but you can very easily determine what the email addresses this one is. This is me at Armand van buren dot com. So once you have that email, you now have access to this person. You have direct access, you take their email and you’re going to send them an email. What’s gonna be in this? Email, this email? Like I said, this is where it splits into two different ways. You can do this now. You can do the way that I like to go about this and starting a conversation. Starting your conversation with someone like this is a little bit more difficult, though, especially like Armand Van Buren. But if you check out the ah, the four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, he mentions how he has emailed some of these insanely big people world renowned people, and gotten a conversation started with them and what this is. This is his process through the whole thing. He finds our personal email, and he gives him a three paragraph long email detailing how he’s how he knows about their work and appreciates what they do. And then he asks one question. One simple question. That could be answered through one or two sentences, but it needs to be a thought provoking question in something related to their work or life philosophies. And if you can get a response from them, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can immediately ask for help. All that that is doing is planting a seed for them to answer future emails. This is the way that I like to approach it because you aren’t coming off, Asshole. Hey, look at me, me, me, I want it. I want to take from you and applied grow myself. It’s you’re wanting to build a relationship with this person, So this is what I recommend you do. Send them a three long paragraph E mail explaining how you know them, how you appreciate what they dio and then ask them one simple, thought provoking question that will get them tow, respond to you and respond to future emails. And the second thing you dio is a little bit more sales E. But it might work more than the previous one. If the artist is too busy, they might just say, Sure, they you don’t want to answer the email real quick or whatever But basically what you can do is send them an email and say, Hey, this is I know you are I’m also a producer and D. J. And I was wondering if I could add you to my promo list. Here’s some of the tracks, like currently have that you can download to play, but I’d like to add you to my promo list for future releases. Sometimes you’ll get a response. That way, Tune will say, Yeah, go ahead and add B. I really like this stuff. I just think the conversation starter is a little bit better. They’re more willing to interact with you and want to get to know you more because you want to take the time to get to know them as well. So that is the two best ways to go about getting a bigger producer deejay on your promo lists. The key factor there is just finding their email. I highly recommend hunter dot io. It’s free to use, but you know, there is kind of somewhat of a pay wall. You don’t need necessarily need to go through that pay wall, though, but again, with these tracks that you sent to these producers. They need to be phenomenal fucking tracks. I mean quality high enough quality that they want to play them because that’s what you want. You want to get them on your promo list, not for your future releases when they get better, but you’re now releases when they’re great now. So they have something to play to their fans and they’ll wanna work with you. That’s all. Point of getting these guys on your promise. You wanna work with them? You want to open the door up for opportunities. So let’s get into the software used for these things. So you’ve got a few that are some of the biggest ones? Um, male chimp, constant contact ins. Oh ho, those air kind of the Big Three email marketing companies. There’s plenty of other ones out there as well. These air just kind of the more more well known and used ones. I personally use male chimp. I love it. Most of these are free to use. I know male chimp is I’m not sure about constant contact in SoHo. Male chimp is free to use for up to 2000 e mails that are in your email list and if you haven’t been able to monetize 2000 people and pay the $10 a month to increase that. Ah, there’s something. There’s a bigger issue with the way your marketing stuff. But I mean, you know, obviously with a pro Melis, that’s kind of more with the next episode when we actually get into the marketing side to fans. But for like a pro Melis, you might need to increase that. You probably don’t 2000 emails for DJs urging Senate. I mean, that’s a crazy amount. That’s so that’s a That’s a small army working for you, promoting your music, playing in the short time that I was like, You should probably be able to start monetizing off that based on you people actually listening to your tracks on Spotify once they’re released. The nice thing about sending through something like male chimp is you won’t get flagged as spam. So let’s say you just use your normal Gmail account and you add ah, 100 names. Your your account’s gonna get flagged as spam in your e mails are going to start heading to the spam folder. That’s the major issue, and especially if you forget to buy carbon copy people and you just carbon copy everyone. They can all see everyone’s e mails. That looks really fucking terrible. This is not the two thousand’s anymore. You can’t just do that and get away with it. You should be using something like male trippers. Ojo are constant contact because you can add all the e mails list in there. You can send out one email marketing that just could send two. They get sent to their promotion older. So it doesn’t you mark this payments in their promotion folder? It’s not out of the way they want to open it. They will open it. Trust me, a lot of people do open an email. Marketing still fucking works. It’s fantastic. This is what record labels use. They use mail trip. They use oh ho use concert. They use these email marketing campaigns for their pro Melis that could send out to all these major artists. People can unsubscribe from email list if they don’t care for it anymore. So you won’t even hear from them. You won’t get a, um, an aggressive email sent to you about how they don’t want to be on your email list. They’ll just they’ll hit the unsubscribe buttons done. You can see who’s unsubscribed, who hasn’t, who’s opened up, e mails, you crazy and analytics who’s opened e mails, what they’ve clicked in the email, How many times is they’ve opened it so you can create other campaigns that are directed towards the people who have not opened up that email so you can send them a reminder. Um, there’s a lot of stuff you can do it, and that’s kind of where I’m going to leave it at, because in the next episode we’re gonna be going into a much deeper dive into those Softwares and all about you know how to grow your grow your mailing list for your fans, how to properly promote and market through your email list to get way more streams. I mean, I’ll just leave you with this preview. If you have 20,000 fans on your email marketing list and you have a new track come out, you can instantly send them reminder saying, Hey, I have a new release out added to your playlist on Spotify, and even if 1/4 of those people do that, that’s 4000 streams right away and they’ll probably share with their friends. But the point is, you’re more likely not going to get in front of 4000 eyes on Facebook on your Facebook page or your Instagram page, even even if you have 20,000 followers. Instagram and Facebook are now pay walls to get in front of your fans. I mean, that’s just how it is. So with email marketing, you can get directly in front of them for Marie. But that’s it today, guys. Thank you so much. I appreciate everything. Head to Apple podcast to rate and review the show Elektronik Dance Money Community on Facebook. Look it up. Join us. Um, you can head to twitch dot tv slash envious audio, check out my production streams, asking questions, hang out talk music. The lots of fun. Thank you guys so much. I’ll see you guys next time. Take care

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