5 Tips to Help You Conquer Track Promotion

How well did you last release hold up? Did you double the number of listeners that you had on Spotify? Were you added to more Spotify playlists? Where did you struggle the most through your promotional process?

Today we’re doing a deep dive into how you should be structuring out your promotional tactics to help drive your release home and get the most out of your track.

Many producers will either:

1. Disregard promotion all together


2. Not even know where to start

Usually, this puts a producer in a position where there’s so many things to do that they ignore the process altogether and settle for a “Check out my new track on Spotify!” post which ultimately does NOTHING for them.

Follow my guide in this episode and I’m sure you’ll have a stronger release than ever before!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to setup a successful promo plan
  • Steps to your promo plan
  • What kind of content to create for promotion
  • Why your promotion is falling through

and so much more!

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Hey, guys. Welcome to Elektronik. Dance Money. You’re number one Business resource for making money as Elektronik. Musicians and producers. What’s up, everyone? Welcome back. Another brand new episode of electronic dance money. I’m your host, Christian Aceto. I hope everyone is kicking off the new year, right? Starting to get back into the swing of things, producing music, working on your business and marketing stuff. Let’s get right to it and start the show. Today we’re going to be discussing five tips that are gonna help you with promotion track promotion. And this is kind of gonna dip into an extended version of getting more streams. Because if you properly promote your music, you’re gonna get more streams. So this is one that I see producers completely disregarding or they just don’t know how to go about promotion. So here we go. Five things that are gonna help you step up your promo game, conquer it, get more plays, get more fans. The first tip we’re going to be discussing today is starting to come up with a promo plan. Before you actually start releasing music. This promo plan is gonna be your guide. It’s your Bible for your release. It’s gonna be what you follow step by step. It’s so important to create a promo plan because it has all of your calls to action. And, you know, spend a few days coming up with this or maybe even a week, and do some research while you’re creating your promo plan so you can figure out exactly what the best plan of action is gonna be for your release. You’ll want to set up the first week of promotion. Second week, third week, fourth week, et cetera. However long you want actually promote the build up to the re release four and then there should be a post release plan that you also have in place. So let’s say you promote for four weeks leading up to the release. If yourself distributing or the record label, you can reach up to the record label and say, Hey, I’ve got this promo plan When can I start promoting how many weeks before the release and they’ll let you know, and then that can determine how much you want to actually promote after the release and there might. There’s gonna be differences from building up to the release to when it’s actually released and you’re doing the post release promotion. But it’s key to still have post release promotion in there because you’re creating all this buildup in all this hype. While you also want to end that on a high note and continue the promotional process so that the train keeps rolling, especially if you get a lot of which we’re going to get into this later. Pretty saves on Spotify. Then you know that you’ve got some mote momentum going with your pretty early. So in your post release, you should be going a little bit harder for the for 23 maybe even four weeks after it’s released to try to get more streams, get more fans. So then they’ll be there for your pre release stuff and all that promotion, and then you can see how it kind of continues on from there. So so, as we go through this promo planes and the things that you’ll kind of want to set up, it’s for you to decide what is going to be pre release and what’s going to be post released. Because there might be some differences, you know, depending on what kind of artist you are and how you want to go about it. This is convened, completely customized. But some of the things we’re gonna be talking about the promo plan, they’re kind of they have to be included, whether or not they’re pretty release or post release. It’s how you can successfully roll out your entire track. And, you know, I think a lot of the issues that producers have is they’re They’re like, I feel like there’s so many things I need to do for promo, but I don’t know where to start. As with a lot of things, I mean, sometimes you’ll open up a project and you’ll just be looking at a blink screen and go. I don’t even know where to start. User. So many things that I need to dio. Same thing with with promotion, you need to set up a plan that’s in place for you to follow. So you have a guide, so you know what’s next? You know, it’s coming up. You know what you need to do? The first part of your promo plan is kind of an obvious one that I’m sure a lot of you d’oh butts getting the cover Art set up cover our is so meaningful to your release. It kind of gives a listener of visual representation of what they’re going to experience, and it sets the mood for the track. So you need to hire someone to get really good cover are down for you unless you’re graphic artist and you’re already really good at this sort of thing. I always recommend getting an actual graphic artist to create this cover art for you and specifically like find a graphic artist that just does Cover are in just does cover art for Edie Emmys because they’re gonna already have things set up to get you put in the right direction. That way you don’t have to go back and forth the with an artist 567 times to get it readjusted in things changed and especially if you know, if you’re working with a graphic artist that doesn’t isn’t really niche down and your type of music, or even cover our some of them might charge five or 10 bucks for revision. So if you’re not set up with someone who knows what they’re doing, you’re gonna have a lot of issues. And if you spend 50 bucks recover, you might end up spending 50 60 or even 70 extra dollars just on revision so you can get the project that you’re wanting now. If you if you go back and forth with someone that many times that you’re spending that much on revisions, you should never get that far. You should cut them out as soon as you get into a second revision that’s already cost you $20 still not where it’s at. Try to get a refund. I don’t think a refund will work. I personally think it’s a little if you didn’t do your research and chose someone that you know is going to do that, do the right thing for you. Um, then it’s It’s really not up to that artist to refund you. They’re just trying to do what you want, but you might not be placing the right vision for them or they’re just not the one suited for the job on. They’ve already done work. They’ve always put the hours in and tried to help you out, but it didn’t work, so sometimes they might not refund you, and that’s to me. That’s okay. I understand that So do some research. Find someone who is really good at what they’re doing for your genre and ah, stick with them. I mean, they should be able to take care of you. So you want to get that cover art set up Now, the second part to the cover our thing is videos as well, because again, the whole point of getting people to actually listen to your track is creating this emotion through this visual representation, which is what they’re always going to see first, when you’re sharing a link on instagram, you’re probably gonna share the cover or a video, uh, or on Facebook or on tic tac or on Snapchat. It’s always gonna be a visual representation first, so you want to have good cover, are highly recommend videos, whether that’s an animated video of your cover, our or you actually have. Like, if you if you’re playing a show soon, coming up higher, videographer a good one, or try to get connected with the videographer who can hook you up with a good deal. But if you can find a good videographer that does music at venues. Ah, and they’ve done medium events. Hire one for your next show and they’ll get you really good shots. And hopefully they edit as well, and they can get you good edited shots. You got to get some really good shots of you walking around a town before the show and then also at the show of you playing. And that’s great edited video. Or that’s great video that you can take. Edit yourself or hire someone to read it for you and put your track behind it. And you can start promo ing that on social media as well as YouTube. So everything is turning towards video. People are wanting to see things, and it personalizes you on your page a lot more and putting your own music behind that just makes you look even better and makes the track sound even better as well, especially if it’s of a live show. Part 24 Setting up your promo plan is making sure that you have a story behind your release. I know we’ve talked about this in previous episodes, and it kind of stays true and it will never go away. But you wanna have a story behind what you’re releasing, you know, sharing your track on Facebook and just saying I have got a new track out here, check it out and then just sharing the link. It’s not enough You need a story behind your release was your inspiration for the track. Why did you write it? Why should people listen to your track when they see what you write and they see you have a new track out? They should be thinking there had Oh my God, I cannot miss this. I need to check out this track and then you’ll have a link to pre save it or they can immediately go listen to it on Spotify. But the point is, is that you have a story behind that release and you’re attracting people to want to go and listen to your music right away. So want to have that story in place? Then obviously, you know this is pre release. I just mentioned either having somewhere where they could go pre save it or the track is already released. But if you’re, you should obviously already have a story behind everything that you’re promoting, especially during your pre release. So you should have an action for that person to take. Don’t share anything until you actually have and action for them to take. This should be able to look at your post. Say, this is amazing. I can’t miss it. And then they should be able to click on a link that’s gonna allow them to either listen to the track or again pre save it. Some sort of thing like that. There needs to be in action. You don’t want them to just scroll CIA and then forget about it two minutes later, when they’re looking at me. Eames, you’re gone out of their feed, especially if they didn’t like it. They probably won’t see it again until you start until you post another thing about it, so you want them to take an action to that. It might remind them later on in the future to listen to the track. And this is where pre saves or pre purchases come into place. We’re going to get a little bit more into what a pre save looks like end where you can go to get one done, But just remember that there needs to be in action, and if you’re doing pretty really stuff, a pre purchase is perfect for that or pre save is great. Now, the fourth part on your promo plan should be deciding when you should send tracks out to your promo list. We’re going to do a whole episode on pro Melissa. I’m gonna kind of dive into a brief description on what your promo this should be like You should be collecting e mails from every single deejay you meet anyone who DJs get their email, whether you’re just talking on Facebook or whatever. If you’re friends with a bunch of DJs on Facebook or connected with them on instagram when you’re doing promo, send them a message and say, Hey, I’ve got a new track coming out. I’d like to send it to you. Can I get your email to add to my promo list? Nine times I attend? They’re gonna say, Yeah, of course I’m down to check it out, and I’m sure you’re probably already sending these tracks. Tow these guys because they probably produce, and you probably get feedback from them, not getting email for that from them. Greater word documents start collecting those emails, and basically, with this promo release, it’s It’s a promotion list. It’s a list of people that you’re gonna send the track too weeks or sometimes even months before the track is actually released so that they can play in live sets and they can tell you how the releases doing. Um, or though you know, if if it’s doing really well on the dance floor, more than likely they’ll reach out and be like, Yo, this track is hitting really hard. Send me more tracks if you have any, which is a great position being that’s when you know you’re writing really good music. But again, this could be sent out, and most of the time it is. It’s sent out 1 to 2 months prior to the track. Actually releasing um, if you don’t have that much time two or three weeks before is should be perfectly fine. But start collecting these e mails for you to send out to deejays for them to check out and start playing in clubs and festivals and other venues. Now the fifth thing is kind of one. You’re probably gonna want to start out with right from the get when you’re coming up with your promo plan, and that’s when you actually want to start promotion When do you want to start promoting things on social media? This is key. When’s your track being released? If you’re signing with a record label, asked them when you can start promoting. Obviously, if yourself distributing, you get to decide when you want to release that track and when you want to start promoting. Sometimes it might even be a good idea to come up with your promo plan and then send your demos to record labels so that everything’s in place. Everything’s done for that time. And if they do decide to send a track, send them your promo plan and say, Hey, what do you guys think about this? Is there anything you’d like me to integrate? Is there anything from here that you guys can integrate into your promo plan? How can we kind of mutually work on this promotion so that it can get the best traction than it needs? It’s a really great idea. Do that. It shows how professional you are and how serious you take your music, which record labels really want to see. The six thing is kind of a. It’s similar to deciding when you want to promote um, the pre release stuff. This is also when you’re wanting to decide to do Post release promo and exactly what you want to include in that, obviously, you’re going to be doing Post release promo the day it releases. But how often do you want to be doing Post promo? Do you want to do a lot more pre release stuff where you’re promoting two or three times a week, and then when the actual release comes? Maybe it’s just one post week, but those need to be very strong posts. You’re just doing one post a week for post promo stuff. Make sure they’re It’s the strongest pieces in your promotional stuff because you’re only doing that once a week. It’s not gonna be showing up as often. So you really want that to hit home and get people to want to listen to your track. But decide, you know, come come up with a post promo plan. You. That’s kind of a sub plan of your actual pretty release promo plan, and the final thing is to decide when you want to actually submit your track to play lists and blog’s or radio stations or record labels, whatever it is you. You’re wanting to submit your track. Two. This needs to be done in advance 2 to 3 weeks, the farthest you can go back the better. Just so playlists and blog’s have enough time to listen to your stuff, give you some criticism and decide whether or not they want to put you in their content. Um, obviously, you need to guarantee that this track is coming out on this day so that they can prepare for that sort of thing. But if you can give them a month in advance notice that gives them enough time to respond to you. Or if you don’t hear back from them in two weeks, then you have time to follow up and see where they’re at and if they’re still interested now, obviously, I numbered some of these things in your promo plan. But that’s not the order, necessarily the order that you should be going in. It’s gonna be different for most people in what you’re wanting to do for your promo plan. But if you go to envious audio dot com slash promo plan, you can check out the PDF guide that I have there that you can download all you gotta do, sign up on my email list and you’ll get a complete PdF guide of the steps you need to take in order to set yourself up for success for your promotional plant. So check that out, guys, download it. I think it will be a good guide for you and to kind of get you started and what you need to look out for those steps you need to take to set yourself up or success. And let’s recap that real quick. So you’re gonna want to obviously set up your wheat weeks. How how many weeks do you wanna be doing a pre release promo plan? And then how many weeks do you want to be doing a post release? And then, within those weeks, you’re gonna want to figure out when you want to start promoting the track with your cover our or your videos, and then make sure you have a story behind that release, as well as a call to action for people to take to either pretty save it or pre purchase it and then figure out when you want to send tracks out to your promo list for people to start playing at shows when you actually want to start promoting Post release promo and then submitting your track to playlist curator Sze Blog’s radio magazines, whatever it is that you’re wanting to D’oh, let’s move on to Tip number two, which I think should be an easy one for you guys if you if you have some close friends that really support you as well as family, and that’s that’s asking for support from those people. Some of the key ingredients to getting traction on your release stuff is to be making sure that people are sharing this stuff. So that means reaching out for support from family and friends. You know, find like 4 to 5 of the closest family members that you have and then some of your closest friends. I know some of you have 10 15 20 friends that support you and are willing to help share your stuff. So what I would recommend is taking a pen and paper and writing. Try writing down five or 10 of your family members that you know would help support your release and promotion and then do the same thing with your friends. I would try to aim for 20 friends that you know would help support your release and then divide those people up into subcategories for your weekly promotional stuff. So week one thes fry friends I’m gonna ask to share this post Week two, I’m gonna ask these five friends or family members to share this post Week three. I’m gonna ask these five friends or family members to share this one, etcetera. Set these people up for the specific weeks in a chart that you have and then reach out to them and say, Hey, you know, like a month or two have got this track being released. I’ve got a post that I’d like you to share. Would you mind sharing it? All you have to do is go toe Facebook, hit the share button, or put it in your instagram new store. Put it in your instagram story, whatever it is that you won’t want them to do. But just tell them I’ll send you the link when it’s I’ll send you the link when it’s posted. You just need to share it for me. I would really appreciate that. That way you don’t have to go to every single person every single week or every other day, asking them to share something, and then they get annoyed and they don’t want to just fill up their news feed with your stuff. But things are in order, and you’ve got a consistent group of people sharing stuff. If people support you, like your friends that are on this list of people that you want to help promote your music. If they see other people sharing a post that you didn’t ask them to share and they see five or six people that have shared it, they’re more willing to share it without you even asking. They kind of want to be a part of that group as well. So you might actually build some other traction with people. You didn’t have to promote the track, but they’re going to help any way, especially thing, know that it’s gonna help you out. So I think this is a very key one for you guys, is reach out to friends. Figure out who those family and friends are, get a list of them, organized them into which post you want them to share and then ask them to share it. I’m sure they’re more than willing to if they actually support you in their good friends with you or they’re a loving family member. All right, The third tip that I’m going to be sharing today is setting up pre saves and pre purchases like we were discussing before. Pretty saves are starting to become more and more significant with Spotify, especially with their curated playlists that Spotify actually controls. One of the things that they’ll actually pay attention for that is the pre saves. If if you have pretty safe set up, they’ll look at how many people have pre saved it in you. If you have a significant amount people that pre saved track, they’re more willing to put that in their playlists because they can kind of get a good idea of what the streams are gonna look like for this, or if they push it a little bit. How many more streams you’ll actually get from that and how popular you might be within their playlists. Plus, it actually adds to your algorithm for popping up in other radio stations, as well as including the data that your track receives for how many playlists that you’re included in or how many people have added you to their playlist. So the company that I recommend for this is show dot c o. And I think this is an affiliate of CD Baby or even CD Baby Owns showed out CEO. But with showed out. CEO. Basically, what you do is you create a you can create a campaign through there, which actually allows you to run audio ads on Spotify and I heart radio, and that could be really good for you. If you want to, you know, promote your track. You can create a button where they could go pre save that track, which is all done through Show doc CEO. But on top of that, you can create an audio clip of you saying, Hey, I’m so and so whatever your artist’s name is, I’ve got a new track coming out in a couple weeks. Check it out here, look the link to pretty, save the release, and then it fades into the build up of your track. And then maybe you just play the 1st 15 seconds of the drop so that right there is like a 15 or 22nd ad. It’s perfect for Spotify and you start getting some promotion done actually on Spotify, which people can go and click and pre save it for you right away. You can do this on Spotify and I heart radio, which can really help Just push your release to some people that you never would have actually connected with. So not only do you create a pre save link, but you can actually run ads with this campaign targeting your market on the applications that they’re actually using toe. Listen to music. It’s kind of a best of both worlds scenario, so highly recommend showed out. CEO, I don’t think their prices are ridiculous. I think most of their ads air probably, um, either PPC, which is pay per click, or PPV, which is pay per view. So anytime someone views your ad, you’ll get charged a certain amount, and he can set a budget on there so you don’t want to spend any more than 30 or $40 which is not a lot to be spending on ads or, if you want to spend like, $10 a day and set it for a specific date that you want the ad to actually run too. So maybe you want to spend $10 a day. You do that for 10 days, 100 bucks in there. You get some people pretty saving your release. You’re looking really good for Spotify playlists right out to get. Once your track is released, they get a notification on Spotify. Hey, this tracks release or its and other playlist and then they start listening to it right away. And you actually get significant screams from their man. If you can run an ad on $100 for 10 days and get 1000 people to pre save that, that’s 1000 more listeners and possibly 1000 more new fans that watch you start following you on Spotify. So don’t disregard it. Check out show dot seo Do a little bit more research on it. I think it can do you some really good there. All right, let’s get into tip number four, which is going more into the visual video representation of your stuff, and we’re going to be talking a lot about one of my favorite APS, Tic tac. But before we get into Tic Tac, let’s talk a little bit about what you can do to create some more promo content that’s visually pleasing. Leered videos are a big one. If your music’s not on YouTube, you are missing out on some significant traffic for your stuff, especially being added to people’s playlists. Or if you can reach out to some big curator Sze of YouTube playlists, you can send it to them. They can upload it to their account and give you some significant traffic but creating a lyric videos. Great people love to sing along to things, obviously, if you have a vocalist. But people love to sing along to things, especially if you have really nice, visually pleasing lyric video. They love that kind of stuff. You can use this across the board on so many things. Instagram stories, Facebook, Snapchat, obviously tick talk YouTube you can promote and aton of different places. You can create video ads for all of these social media sites that includes just the hook for your track or 30 seconds of the vocal into the drop. And then you cut the ad, asked people to pre save it and boom, you’ve got some really good, uh, pre or post content. I mean, you could do that for the pre release and then post release. You can just have people go listen to the track and add it to their playlist again. You can run these ads on YouTube themselves. There’s so many places that you could put this video content that you could be promoting for people, and you’re in a really good position. Animated cover. Our is another great one as well. Find a good video at or give them the cover. Our intel mu just want the image to move a little bit. You want some texture in there and some movement for ah, an audio loop of your track. That’s 30 seconds long. Maybe 15 seconds, they can add, probably like 5 to 10 seconds of basically a visual loop that people won’t even notice is an actual loop. But then you put your music behind that. Start uploading in tow. I g t v uploaded to Facebook Uploaded to your stories. Snapchat obviously tic tac and, uh, be promoting the release day of the track on that cover art your name, the actual track itself in the music. The third type of video content that I recommend is going straight into tick talking. That’s dance videos like I was talking about hiring a videographer for a show. If you can find a videographer that’s wanting to do a dance video and mention your music or start connecting with the videographer and say, Hey, you know I’m a producer, Here’s my content. Here’s a new track I’m working on. If you’re wanting to do dance video, I would love for you to do it with my music. That way I can promote it for this sort of thing or just flat out higher videographer. Find some good dancers, you know that are willing. Thio jump in and do a dance video for you, an original routine that’s great content for YouTube. Great content for I g TV Facebook. It’s good content for Facebook, but primarily for Instagram and Tic Tac. I think that’s going to be a great one and obviously YouTube extending on the dance video stuff. If you know someone who does Tic Tac who creates content on tic tac, send them your track and ask them to do some dance videos with your track or if you can find some big creators on tic tac and see if you can pay them to do. Create a dance video to your original music. Your music should 100% be on tick talk regardless, cause you never know who’s gonna find that and who’s gonna want to create an original dance to your track on tic tac and overnight, it blows up toe where two million people are using your audio. And then they’re looking up your name on Spotify ing. Seriously. Overnight, you can get hundreds of thousands of Spotify followers and plays, so your stuff should completely be on tic Tac. Find people who can do dance videos where you can post it on your own tic tac page. They can post it on their tic tac page. Or, if you have a dance video created, you can cut that and edit it into minute long clips or 32nd long clips and upload that yourself. So you have original content, and you’re putting your audio on there for people to also create video and dance content with your music should be on tick talk. I won’t stop saying it. You are missing out on a a major market for musicians. I mean, half, I’d say more than half of the content on tic tac is just music. Most of the sounds, it’s fucking music. This is the future of music promotion. It’s people promoting your track for free if it blows up. If you get the right people to share your track and create videos with its free promotion, you reap so many benefits of just putting your music on tic tac. Don’t regret this opportunity that you have right now. You’re in a really good spot where not a lot of people are still on t tic tac or even care about it. But they will who, once things start blowing up even more so created tic tac account. Find out how to get your music on tic tac. I know if you use Destro, kid, you have an option. You just check a box to put your music on tic tac. That’s one of the easiest ways without even having to create an account or upload anything to it. But get your music on tic tac. I won’t say it again. Actually, I will, because you need to get on tic tac. But Snapchat is another good one, too. If you’ve got some friends that or or even fans are on snap trap. You can put these types of videos on Snapchat as well for them to check out for 24 hours. You guys know how Snapchat works. It’s just like instagram stories. It’s just like Facebook stories. So Tic Tac for most of this video promotional content, I I think it’s gonna be the best one. Obviously, YouTube’s a great one, Um, and then, you know, throw some stuff on their fur Snapchat as well. All right, this is the last tip for the episode, and this one is going to be more for the advanced producer, the ones that have a significant amount of fans or building a lot more traction with their music. And this one is focused on shows and your post release process and is more than likely going to be the very last step in your post promo plan that you’re going to be implementing. And this is all about talking to local venue owners or local venues in a specific area, specific city or a specific town wherever you’re at, and what this one is all about is showing the people who are listening to you in that town so if you’ve put all of the things in the place that I’ve talked about today and you’ve done a promo plan that last eight weeks, four weeks pre release, four weeks post release and you got some good traction on the release. Let’s say you got 2030 40 maybe even 100,000 plays from that track from your promo plan. Take a look at your analytics on Spotify or whatever app you have, or wherever you’re promoting your music the most. Take a look your analytics and see the location of where you’re getting the most place from. And I know you can do this through your artists profile and Spotify. But let’s say you had 10 or 15,000 plays in New York City and you live in who knows Maine or even Florida or hell where I’m at in Texas. If you’re getting a bunch of plays in New York, this is a good opportunity for you to start looking at some of the venues out there and start connecting with some of the bookers there. Some of the venues and some of the promoters reach out to them and get acquainted with them. If you can find them on Facebook, try to add them on Facebook and then slowly build your relationship with them there. If they add you on Facebook star liking their stuff, commenting on their stuff, sharing their stuff don’t quite message them. But let them recognize who you are in your name. So when you jumped their inbox, they’re not kind of thrown back. Like who the hell is this person? But once we’ve kind of established that relationship, by the way, you can do the same thing on Lincoln as well, which I highly recommend. Um, sometimes just right out to get an email won’t do it for you. But as you start to kind of build this relationship for a couple months after your release, you can start talking them like, Hey, you know, I’ve got this track that I released a couple of months ago. I’ve got new track coming up here. I’m looking for some more venues to play at. Here’s Ah, here’s a screenshot of of my analytics from Spotify. I’ve got, like, 10,000 plays in New York. I think I might be able to bring some people in the door through show like this Do you have anything where I can open up or play a midlevel slot, something like that. But the important thing is is to build the relationship first before you ask for these kinds of things. But this is going into promo because this is a part of the track that you’re actually you were actually promoting. Once you see that you’re getting significant amount plays in specific city, that’s kind of that kind of shows to bookers and people who in venues that Oh, this person might actually be able to drive ticket sales and might actually be able to get booked or might actually be able to bring heads in the door, and they’ll enjoy them. So pay attention to your analytics, tracked the analytics for the for specific cities on like, a spreadsheet or something, and start connecting to some venues you want to play at in these cities and get to know these people and build a relationship for them so that you can present something like this to them and they won’t be so standoffish, will actually take it into consideration, and you might actually be able to start booking out of state venues, which is very important. You’re getting significant place in your local scene. It’s even easier because then you can go out to the shows of the people that you that are throwing the parties you want to be playing at. You can go to the show’s shake. The people’s hands get to know them in person. Get to know the artists, the promoters, the bartender’s just like Shawn Johnson was saying, an episode 15 you know, get to know those people at the venue and then show them the analytics. You’ve got proof. Hey, look at how many people are listening to me in the city. I’ve got a bunch of friends that I will come to the show. I’ve got some family. I’ll come to the show. I can actually sell tickets and bring people in the door. Can I get a gig here? Obviously, you don’t want to just write out right away. Just be like, Can I get a gig here? You want to be a little bit more business minded, you know? What can you offer? Obviously if you have, if you show the analytics, you can offer heads which are very important. So that’s it. This is the end of the episode, but bridging off of that last one. The next episode I am super excited about. We’ve got so called productions coming into the next episode. It’s a handful people who run a production company out of Minnesota. These guys are killing it. They saw an opportunity in the market for the small community that they have. They started running shows and they’re paying artists. They’re making good money. They just started in 2018. They’re going to come in and share their story. And we’re gonna be talking about how to get booked for your first gig, how to get opener slots, how to get midline, er slots. How to get headliner slots. We’re gonna be talking about all of this in the next episode, and then hopefully we’re gonna be doing either apart two episode to that one or just another episode later on. And basically what will be going into is how you, as an artist, can start your own production company so you can start throwing your own shows, booking your own artists and starting a business that way, super excited for it. It’s gonna be a really, really, really good episode Jam packed with a lot of information, guys. So stay tuned for that one head too envious audio dot com slash promo plan to get your free PDF guide to Promo It’s gonna have all the things we talked about that need to be included in your promo plan Going rate and review the show on Apple podcast Guys, I’m still looking for some more reviews. I’d love to know what you guys think of the show. It helps me out. I really appreciate it, as always had to facebook dot com. Check out the community Elektronik Dance Money Community had the envious audio dot com slash Episode 19 to check out the show notes, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Take care and happy producing.

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