#110 – How Finding The Right Job Can Make You a Better EDM Producer

#093 - 3 Ways You Can Start Leveraging Other Accounts

In this day and age, finding the right job can be difficult, but not impossible.

“The right job” means you have balance in your day job and your hobbies outside of it. You need flexibility, support and more importantly, something you enjoy doing every day.

It might sound like a pipe dream, but it is doable. If you hate your current job, you don’t want to miss out on this episode. It was made for you.

Speaking more to this topic, there are really 2 types of producers. One that hates their job so much that they use it to fuel their passion, or the second that hates their job and let it ruin everything around them, including their music.

If you are the latter, then you need to find a way to get yourself in a position to love what you do, and that’s what this episode is all about.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the right job looks like
  • Thinks you need to balance in your day job
  • why the right day job is important
  • How the right job can make you a better producer

and much more!

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Udemy – https://udemy.com

Electronic Dance Money Booklist – https://enviousaudio.com/booklist

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