Everything You Need To Know About Performing Rights Organizations (PRO’s) with Brock Shinen

Everything You Need To Know About Publishing Rights Organizations (PRO's) with Brock Shinen

Brock Shinen from Shinen Law and Indie Music Success comes on the show today to discuss everything you need to know about performing rights organizations.

We’ve talked a bit about companies like BMI and ASCAP, but today we’re learning it from a real practicing lawyer.

We dive into why PRO’s are around, how you need to register your music, why most of the labels you sign with don’t register your music, as well as why you need to be careful with remixes and mashups.

Get the scoop in this unbelievably packed episode full of knowledge!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What a performing rights organization is
  • Why you need to register your track with PRO
  • How to register your track
  • Questions to ask record labels on if they register your track
  • Legal liability of remixes and/or mashups

and much more!

Episode Links


The Harry Fox Agency – https://www.harryfox.com/

BMI – https://www.bmi.com/

ASCAP – https://www.ascap.com/

SESAC – https://www.sesac.com/

Shinen Law – https://shinenlaw.com/

Brock Shinen Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/brockshinen/

Indie Music Success – https://www.youtube.com/@indiemusicsuccess

Electronic Dance Money Booklist – https://enviousaudio.com/booklist


Book Links

The Go Giver – https://amzn.to/3pdcmFw

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